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  1. I've got to post, even if I probably won't win.
  2. Slightly off topic, but as I was reading this and people are talking about the implications of his killing Sadeas, I can't help thinking that we're ultimately going to see some sort of Trial by Combat. It would fit directly in with the Alethi mindset to have something like that and would suit Adolin. However, there would still be questions of how that would be implemented. I could even see a situation where he revives his blade before the fight, nearly kills his opponent (because he's that good), and uses Regrowth to heal him, thus showing that he is now a Radiant.
  3. Are you suggesting that Nightblood shattered Adonalsium? That doesn't fit the timeline, since Nightblood was created LONG after that point.
  4. I'd be more inclined to the possibility that the Bondsmiths act as something of a caretaker of Spren bonds, either encouraging them or potentially even breaking them if necessary (i.e. one of the KR goes rogue while still technically within the bounds of their oaths). It would explain why there are so few. If this is accurate, then it is possible that he realized that he was able to affect the bonds of more than the KR - that he could affect the Spren bonds of the voidbringers. If they could potentially break all of them at once, it would render them as parshmen. That might even lead towards the cause of the Recreance - what if the KR abandoned their shards rather than completely having their bonds broken (and potentially driving them insane in the process)?
  5. I can't help thinking that Dalinar would fall more under ISFJ. He isn't really an extrovert, especially in the way that Adolin is. He would prefer to be behind the scenes making sure that everything turns out properly. Also, the only area where he is really T over F is battle. Whether he shows his feelings is irrelevant. His emotional response is probably most evident in his visit to the Nightwatcher and his initial decision to abdicate his position. Furthermore, look at how easily he was led into a trap by Sadeas - because his feelings overruled logical thought. (sorry if someone already posted this)
  6. So, I never really thought about it before, but while watching Daredevil this weekend, I came to the realization that Daredevil's a tineye and a Savant at that. Think about it - traumatic event that caused him to snap - check. Super enhanced senses - check. Yep - he's a tineye. So then I started thinking about some of the other superheroes and where they'd fit in in Scadrial and came up with two other realizations. 1. Bruce Banner is a feurochemist or a twinborn pewter/pewter combo. He's super weak most of the time, but then has MASSIVE increases when he Hulks out. Pewter compounding could give even more of an effect long term. 2. Spider-man is Mistborn. Uncle Ben's death is certainly enough to snap, but his Spidey Sense is eerily similar to the effects of Atium (though where he gets his metals is anyone's guess). Then there's the enhanced strength and agility that pewter gives. Oh, and his webs go WAY too straight to not be laced with metals that he can push and pull as he sees fit. He also has somewhat enhanced senses. Sure, he may not know how to affect emotions, but he certainly has more than one allomantic power, which means he'd have to be Mistborn. Anyone else you can think of that would fit the bill of someone with allomantic or feurochemical abilities in the Marvel or DC universe?
  7. I have to admit that something about the new wording of the scene feels off to me. It just doesn't flow in the same way and somehow feels anticlimactic. I understand the arguments both ways. I could understand Kaladin killing, maiming, or saving Szeth. Saving Szeth would have required a much more extensive rewrite and would likely have changed much of the remainder of the first half of the series. As for Syl telling him to get the honorblade, she obviously knows more now than she did at the beginning of the book (as the strength of the bond grows, so does her memory). It is very possible that she knows how important the honorblade is in the days to come and that, by saving it, they have the potential to protect far more people. I strongly doubt that BS changed this simply because he felt that Kaladin shouldn't have killed Szeth. I am certain that he did so because of the plans that he has for the remainder of the series. I suppose we'll just have to wait to RAFO.
  8. I've seen theories that one of the drunk guys in the prologue was Jezrien. Given how several of the Heralds have changed, I agree with this theory more and more.
  9. I'd agree that bonds are the focus on Roshar. You have the references to bonding Blades and the Nahel bond, but I also seem to recall an epigraph that specifically referenced the PLACEMENT of the Nahel bond as being relevent.
  10. There's a lot of good stuff in this thread. I agree with maxal that Renarin is going to be the one to find out that Adolin killed Sadeas. I think that Adolin will be able to keep a lid on it but that Renarin will eventually have a vision that shows what happened. That vision will then make him have to choose whether to out his brother or to protect him. I think that Adolin's killing of Sadeas and what will follow will be enough to break him to the point where he can bond a spren or hopefully to awaken is sword's spren. I think that Dalinar will be the one to keep the honorblade, though he won't use the surgebinding aspects of it - just have it as a regular blade. The Stormfather was very specific that he'd be a Radiant with no Shards, so the honorblade wouldn't count. I kind of want to know why the Shin hold stone to be so sacred. Now on to the more outlandish theories. I think that Elkohar's wife will go crazy as a result of what's happening in Kholinar and kill her children and herself. This would leave Elkohar without an heir and he'll work it out with Dalinar to have Adolin be his heir until he has another legitimate child. Shortly after officially naming Adolin his heir, the truth of Sadeas' death (I can't call it murder, because I don't think it was) will come to light and he'd be stripped of that role of heir. Elkohar would probably eventually go towards making a Radiant (or Radiant in training) his heir, so would have Renarin as his official heir (because Renarin would probably make a pretty good king). Adolin would be returned to his role as heir of the Kholin family, though the relationship with his father would be somewhat strained. I think I had another, but I can't remember at this moment.
  11. I'll start by saying that I have no clue as to the answer for my question. At the end of Interlude I-13, you have the following: Of course, I'm certain that they have held the forms before, based on this, but the question is "When?" Are there any indications that Venli and/or the scholars were apart from the rest of the Listeners for any extended periods of time - at least two Highstorms would have been necessary (along with a great deal of will). If they haven't held the forms before, then are they simply more susceptible to the spren and more likely to acquiesce to the Odium-Spren?
  12. I kind of hope it isn't Skybreaker simply because the name itself is a bit of a spoiler for book 2. I like Stones Unhallowed. I'd kind of like to see the next one titled Truthless. Having "Truth" somewhere in the title seems as though it would be necessary if he doesn't go with Stones Unhallowed.
  13. I almost wonder if Sanderson stuck that in as a reference to Rothfuss - especially given their playful competition.
  14. Lightweaving isn't JUST the illusion, though; Lightweaving is the combination of illusion and transformation. The most visible examples of this would be Bluth becoming more heroic based on Shallan's ability as well as her own changes within herself. Lightweaving is the ability to effect change (transform) through those illusions.
  15. True, but Syl was also deteriorating at that point, IIRC (I could be mistaken). Good to know there's official WoB on us not meeting another Lightweaver. That gives further credence to the second not being Hoid.