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  1. I tried reading Eragon and put it down after a few chapters when I was 16. It’s just not my cup of tea I guess.
  2. I want to join Reading Excuses. My email is [email protected]

    1. Silk


      Hello, and welcome to the group! I've added you to the list, so you should start seeing emails this upcoming Monday.

      If you haven't already read the guidelines, a few things to highlight: It's up to you whether you want to submit on the upcoming submission or not--right now it does look like there is room for this week--but most folks choose to read/critique and observe how the group works for a couple rounds before submitting. Just let me know when you do want to submit so I can keep track of how many people are submitting in a given week, as we cap weekly submissions at five. You're not required to critique every submission that comes out in order to participate; at a minimum we require one submission critiqued for every submission you send to the group. More is encouraged, but we recognize that this isn't always possible!

      One other thing: when critiquing we ask that everybody abbreviate any unique names to an easily recognizable letter or two. This is to prevent any critiques of a work that is later published from showing up on internet searches and generally help preserve our authors' intellectual property.

      Hope that all makes sense; if not, just let me know via DM or post on the forums. Others on the forum are also generally happy to help.


  3. I am not one who thinks social reform at the time would be smart, it’s obvious to me that it wouldn’t work, and it’s not the right time. An assassination would’ve been smarter. I do believe that in some situations that is the best option. I don’t blame Adolin for doing what he did, but I refuse to say that it was ok, and it was right. I’m leaving it at that.
  4. Oops, and thanks.
  5. I can’t see Adolin demanding a trial. He’s not a man of honor. I can only see him doing this to redeem himself in Dalinar’s eyes. I think he will only try to move past it.
  6. I didn’t like Adolin from the start, and it’s not because he’s a normal person. To me, he isn’t, but gosh he’s annoying. His awkwardness is more jarring than it is charming, he’s like a Star quarterback foot ball player, extremely popular guy but also the social outcast. It makes no sense to me. I don’t find him ordinary at all, mostly for this reason. His strange awkward moments are just weird to me. To me if he was ordinary he would be a bit smoother. That wouldn’t make me like him any better though. To me he’s not ordinary, but... just weird. As for his murder of Sadeas, I’m not going to say what he did was right, but I will say that Sadeas needed to die. Adolin did it in a fit of anger, and that is never ok. He wasn’t protecting anyone. He wasn’t acting in self defense. It was very in the heat of the moment. And Adolin saying he would do it again, also not ok. Funny, it seems most of you think either Adolin murdering Sadeas was right or wrong, personally I think Sadeas needed to die, just Adolin doing it in that way was not right. Crimes of passion are never really right, though the outcome of the person being dead, may be good. I just can’t praise, agree with, or condone what Adolin did. And the fact that Wit praised him seriously creeped me out.
  7. Granted but your hair falls out. I wish to live in the world of Pokémon.
  8. Lift/Yanagawn just because it would be cute imo.
  9. I don’t think I’d be able to say words to any of these people. I’d probably hug some. Slap others. Hug and slap a few at the same time.
  10. Yes, that’s right. It was a crime of passion. I suppose it would make his character a bit more interesting to make him Radiant at least to a degree. I have no idea how that would work and am not going to attempt to discuss it. But at least it would give a bit more to his character. Then kill him off in the 6th book or something.
  11. theory

    As one who suffers from depression, I agree, and frankly I’m glad Sanderson has some real life mental issues in his story rather than just magical, like Adien, Dalinar, Szeth, and Nan Balat. Kaladin is really the only one I know about, and that’s why I connect with him so well. I recognized parallels between Dalinar/Navani/Gavilar and Kaladin/Shallan/Adolin in the scene where Kaladin first met Shallan in WoR, the way Shallan described Kaladin as intense, just like Navani describes Dalinar as intense. I love stuff like that, and I’m glad Sanderson is doing it. And the Evi/Dalinar/Navani triangle makes sense too. Sadly, it’s going to take a couple books to really explain what kind of history is repeating itself.
  12. In Soviet Roshar Kaladin’s boots wear YOU In Soviet Roshar ardents enslave YOU In Soviet Roshar storms predict YOU In Soviet Roshar Veden Fashion follows YOU In Soviet Roshar... Taravangian is actually a pretty chill guy.
  13. One of them was me. And no, I’m not taking it back.
  14. Or Adolin getting decapitated... in front of Shallan. I’d buy 1,000 hard covers for that one.
  15. I wonder if Sanderson ever gets letters from fans asking him to kill off characters.