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  1. You are granted a very nice doggy except it always has wet fur full of seeds that are hard and sharp. It also seems extremely sad all the time. I wish for a pet mini dragon
  2. What are people's top 2 quotes from RoW? Optional, why? 1. "He said to tell you that we trust you... And love you. He said I should tell you that you deserve trust and love. And you do" (Wit and Pattern) 2. "Venli, they have come back to us! They've forgiven us."(Leshwi) These two quotes had a big emotional impact for me because of the forgiveness for wrongs done in each.
  3. That was epic! Especially since the the Thief and the Drunk personalities were secretly working for Tarvangian the whole time.
  4. @Zorben Your right. Maybe Killers of the West referencing the humans who first settled in Shin instead.
  5. Not that the title necessarily has anything to do with who has the flashbacks but it is Szeths book. Killer of the West
  6. While I would be perfectly happy with a mild reveal for Shallan’s past, wild theorizations are fun. Feel free to judge, but at least hear me out. Shallan is Vendel reborn(who is formless) How this could be possible: Vev, tormented by oaths she broke, the land she helped destroy, and the hero she left behind, searched for a way to forget all what she had done. What would be more devastating to a woman whose traits are healing and caring than to cause destruction. Death was not an option as it would take her back to Braize. She went to the Nightwatcher and asked for a way to forget all that had happened. Nightwatchers solution—rebirth for Vev as a normal human. Proof(are these a stretch? Yes!): Mirror in Kolinar/Vendel portrait: A quote from Oathbringer This is when she is talking with an unmade and looks in a mirror. Instead of seeing her own reflection she sees a dark haired woman with a white tunic. This is similar to Vev’s portrait in Oathbringer. The Girl who Looked up: What if it was a story about travel from Ashyn (where Vedel was born) to Roshar. Shallan takes note of it because some part of her remembers. Pattern’s comment: Pattern make a comment that if Shallan asked him to leave, he would and another cryptic would take his place. The only other radiant whose spren has said that is Wyndle. That was because of her connection with Cultivation/Nightwatcher. Madness: I once read a post about how Shallan is actually mad, they contrasted it to what DID should really look like and how it was different. (Disclaimer: I have no experience on the subject so I cannot expand and for all I know that author is wrong) Heraldic attributes: Vev’s characteristics are healing and caring. I would not describe Shallan as particularly caring for those not in her family. As for healing she has definitely helped break her family apart (even if it was not on purpose). Wit/Shallan relationship: Wit seems shocked to see Shallan the first moment he lays eyes on hers. He knew Vev in previous desolations, he could have recognized her for who she was. Their continued relationship and some of his comments support him caring about Shallan more than others. Nale did not kill her: There was a good probability that the Skybreakers knew about her and did nothing. Nale would not want to send Vev back to Braize only to break and start another desolation. (Shallan’s mother was tipped off who inhibited her body and wanted to send the “traitor” Vev back Braize) The return of formless: Something is happing with the boons of the Nightwatcher. Dalinar regained his memories, Lift is growing older, and at the same time Shallan is starting to remember a part of her named formless. Conclusion: Let me make this clear. Shallan is not Vedel, she is Vedel reborn but her own person. Wit once told her needs to make Shallan stronger. Vedel was her past, Shallan is her future. She needs to realize that what Vedel has done does not define her.
  7. Knights of Wit?
  8. In reading through the prequel chapters of RoW, the Radiant's are avoiding a key issue. They are fighting a losing battle. As long the fused keep returning, there is no way Odium does not win. Everything they are doing are stop-gap measures. Evacuating hearthstone and organizing the war are all aimed at giving humans a little more time but does not effect the real problem. Even the Oathpact was temporary solution, albeit a long one. The Radiant's need to focus on doing something to break the cycle. One way did come up in Oathbringer, a contest of champions. Which Odium has accepted. But no one has talked about it, it seems like the war went on as if the agreement never happened. Someone needs to work on keeping Odium to his promise, they need to stop ignoring the fact that if the war continues as it does they are all going to die. Or they need to find another solution. In my opinion that is more important than taking a trip to gather more Honorspren for a losing battle, or other possible missions. As much as I hate to say it, Taravangian seems to be the only one working towards a future where some part of humanity lives. Not that I agree at all with his way.
  9. I have another argument: How can you say not to something that will provide you with juicy memes every week :
  10. @cappybaro What do you mean by the conquest of champions? I always thought it would be interesting if some of the Radients became Heralds and go to damnation. Book six would pick up ten to twenty years later when the first of the new "Heralds" brake. But I don't think that would be a satisfactory ending to book five.
  11. @BlievI like that line of thought. I don't think the us refers to the Heralds though because that would mean they were awkwardly writing in third person "The age before the Heralds abandoned us". Your mention of the oathpack though is interesting. In my opinion the oathpack needs to be destroyed. It is a losing proposition for the humans. Even from the beginning without torture, imprisoning ten souls for the sake of humanity raises some real moral questions(it reminds me of the great short story "The Ones who walk away from Omelas"). But if the oathpack is destroyed, what hope do the humans have left? Lets assume the us is the oathpack (How is a sleepless part of the oathpack is an interesting question...) What would it mean to redeem the oathpack?: @Bliev One of your alternative definitions, pay the necessary money to clear, could hint that one of the four will do what Taln did--pay the necessary cost and give up their life to eons/years of torture so humanity can prepare. A couple years could do the humans a lot of good. But if it is destroyed first as the sleepless seemed to foretell, redeeming it would mean creating a different pact that atones for the problems of the old and the cost it had on the people who agreed to it.
  12. Lets say she has royal locks. I see only three options: 1) Lin Davar is Ridger or Shallans mother was Fafen 2) She got royal locks in the same way the royal line of Idris got royal locks in the very beginning. 3) (very implausible/but oddly fitting) Warbreaker spoilers:
  13. @theoryspren I am more interested in the us in that sentance: One of them may redeem us, And one of them will destroy us. I don't think the us is humanity as a whole. And if its not is destruction always bad? I have also tried reading the passage as the sleepless being on the fused side an that does not quite fit either. One of the lines talks about how the world became theirs and the fused were the original owners. I could see it as a someone is on the side of the Son's of Honor, they wish for a time when Vorinism ruled the world and that was lost when the Heralds abandoned them. Or maybe another secret society? But what society was also there all the way back in the past desolations.
  14. So technically her mother could have been from Nalthis, worldhopped to Roshar and then settled down with a man who knew nothing about her past? Would that pass on the royal locks?