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  1. After reading RoW Chapter 3 I just had a thought. We know Dalinar (and maybe? the other Bondsmiths for that matter) has the ability to infuse stormlight at will. I’m not sure exactly how much stormlight he has access to, but I’m guessing a lot—maybe as much as that of a Shard. Wouldn’t this make him the perfect candidate to wield Nightblood…he could literally feed it almost limitless amounts of investiture and let it do its thing. However, I don’t really see his character going out on the battlefield and doing any physical fighting anytime soon. Maybe he just has a 1-on-1 stand off against Odium or something. Thoughts? I’m not as well-versed in Cosmere lore as many of you, so I might be missing something.
  2. go easy on me it's my first cosmeme/crempost
  3. Gosh, this book was so emotionally charged for me. I was so sad/frustrated when Elhokar died...there were definitely some tears there. And then there were other parts when I nearly chucked my hardcover across the room.
  4. Wow, it looks amazing!! I'd love to have it!