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  1. Long distance, bulk shipping? Sure. What types? How much?
  2. A recently found supply of metals, located inside a mountain on Roshar, provides a large, cheap supply of hemalurgic spikes, thanks to our expert Soulcasters here at Garmoniya Industries. Instructed in the arts of Soulcasting, and aided by the large supplies of metal, our Soulcasters produce large quantities of Atium, Gold, Brass, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Tin, Pewter, and pretty much every other Hemalurgic metal you can think of. They are also proficient in producing lerasium (imagine what that would do to places...). Spikes can be bought in bulk with a quality guarantee! Just agree to meet us in a secret location to arrange the details. Please, no bodyguards or soldiers! Also, kindly refrain from telling anybody that you're going to meet a stranger alone, unarmed, and in the middle of the dark (I did mention that, right?). Go to Urithiru, and take the third exit to the right. Thank you, and come again to Garmoniya Industries!
  3. Hey

    DONT TRUST HIM. Just look around. I'll give you some examples. Basically anytime someone offers you a cookie, there's probably a hemalurgic spike in there somewhere. Case in point: Click the link. It'll take you to what is essentially their home base. Also:http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/62918-the-art-of-baking-all-new-hemalurgy-free-bakery/
  4. List of things Alcatraz would break: A shardblade Highstorms A chicken Wit's records (most people made fun of in a day, etc.) Jasnah and Navani's minds Adolin's patience A Shard Gravity (Kaladin would be real happy with him then) Need I go on? Bastille vs. Adolin would be interesting. Remember, she faced down gunfire. With a sword.
  5. You could probably get one from any number of people on this site... just watch out for hemalurgic spikes. My Talent would probably be overreacting or being super annoying. One would make me incredibly paranoid, the other would allow me to do what Smedry's do best... Draw fire!
  6. What would happen if Alcatraz and Bastille (along with any other Smedry/character) wound up on Roshar? I think Kaladin or Shallan would be entertained by/overcome with annoyance at Alcatraz. Bastille would probably be entertaining. Someone gets annoyed: Storming Bastille
  7. I think I saw Elantris first. My brother had it, and I was like, what's this? I didn't read it, and I also checked out and started reading Mistborn first, but I didn't finish it. The first one I finished was actually SA, then Mistborn, then Warbreaker, Elantris, and MBE2. They're all incredible, and it seems like he puts more work into each world than most writers (cough, Rowling, cough). Not Tolkien, though. Tolkien spend seventeen years trying to make every detail of Middle Earth absolutely perfect.
  8. I'm the only person I know who only likes certain books in series. The first Hunger Games was the best, Battle of the Labyrinth and Son of Neptune, I actually liked all of the characters in SA (Shallan was a little boring at first, with nothing actually happening, but the character was fine). Sadeas is a jerk, but I feel like Sanderson wrote him perfectly. Every other character has an external motivation and either honestly believes what they did was right or hates themselves, but I feel like he was written entirely to be a huge jerk.
  9. I love how Hoid has systematically made almost everybody (but Siri and Shallan) on every planet he's been too that he's met hate him with enough passion to want to maim or seriously injure him.
  10. It really does depend on whether or not Eragon gets the death words. If he does: Eragon cubrstomps. If he doesn't: Kaladin curbstomps, so let's sing the Curbstomp Song!
  11. Newtella. New'trell'a. Of course it'll manifest on Scadrial. Instant noodles are a thing of harmony, Nutella is of Trell.
  12. A massive hemalurgic spike launcher. It fabricates spikes (powered by a shard) and launches them rapidly. These are special homing spikes, made of a variety of metal. EDIT: These hemalurgic spikes crash straight through the spiritweb of everything, and are made of shardsteel (tanavastium?) and (rayseium?), along with ettmetal and all the other allomantic metals, in addition to normal spikes that just impale things. It can grow or shrink in size to a storm of minature pins at escape velocity (or any other speeds chosen) and has a range equal enough to hit everything in any multiverse ever. The spikes can also be grown so you could hemalurgically spike a planet. Basically, I think it just achieved enuff dakka. Plus the spikes can go fast enough and home in on natural weakness of the aluminum or whatever metal it is.
  13. "I am a stick." I can probably think of others, but I don't have any books on me. These may not be entirely accurate. "Brightness... I believe you stray into sarcasm." "Funny. I thought I'd run straight into it, screaming at the top of my lungs." [Amaram offers to shake Wits hand] "I wouldn't want it to rub off on me." "It?" "Whatever you've been using to make your hands appear clean, Brightlord Amaram. It must be powerful stuff indeed." [Slightly later, Amaram has a look of befuddlement] "You're very good at that expression. A great deal of practice, I presume?"