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  1. Jodie Foster - Ironsides Sam L Jackson - Cobb Ellen Page / Jennifer Lawrence - Spin Cara Delvingne - FM
  2. Lift/Wyndle Lopen/Rua
  3. Has Taravangian been mentioned before? He's old, needs more power and serves Odium ..... Prime for bonding.
  4. Nobody gets the joke And that was my 100th post too!
  5. Not a fan of that idea at all tbh. Radiants need to be diverse to be interesting. I hope it won't be like reading up an episode of "Keeping up with the Kholins".
  6. No. Please no. It looks like a fix for Dalinar family. And nobody, not even Adolin can rival Lift....the best Radiant of all time!
  7. From what I read, high storms were around in Roshar before Honor dropped in. Can you link me to stormfather being there before Honor? Missed it.
  8. Knowing Odium, they'll transform into a Chucky bunny!.
  9. Why would Honor create Stormfather and just let Tanavast part in and not his own remains? Tanavast creating stormfather without Honor is also flimsy. Either way how did Odium recognize Unity with no knowledge of Dailnar's will?
  10. Nicholas Cage. He could not lose....ever!
  11. Wut? Where does this conginitive shadow business come from? I remember no parts which differentiates Honor front Tanavast. The only mention which I refer was stormfather being a pale shadow of Honor. Nothing else and Tanavast wasn't even mentioned there. For all intents and purposes, they are the same. So you're saying the conginitive shadow of holders of the splintered shards (like Aona or Skai) still exist?
  12. I assumed breath is stored inside a person, unlike Stormlight which needs external refilling. So even within a aluminum room a person can use breaths to awaken/live longer. So Hoid can't really be killed if he's had access to breaths.
  13. That is precisely what intent means, a generic description.
  14. I found Stormfathers reaction to be curious. He's not sure, yet accepts the words. Feels like it's part of something that honor was part of. You see the trees but not the forest thingy. When Stormfather says this hasn't happened before, Dalinar replies 1) This shows Unity is different from Honor due to Dalinar will. 2) If it was so different and new (Dalinar specific) then Odium should not have recognized it, but he does..... 3) it's curious that Dalinar differentiates between Honors remanents and Stormfather soul. Means he's more than just a shadow of honor as described elsewhere. Stormfather may be Honor mixed with a bit of Cultivation. A even more radical theory... The only explanation when all above could be true is when we assume Unity is Adonalsium. It's different because Dalinar has taken a step above Honor. This is possible because Honor and Cultivation has lot more overlaps and intrinsically mixed than we know for now. Perhaps Dalinar absorbed some if Cultivation influence (though she's still alive) through Honor. Odium recognizes Unity because it's still an aspect of Adonalsium than Honor. Is Unity referring to Adonalsium? When Odium says "We killed you" he's probably referring to the splintering and killing of Adonalsium and not Honor. (Also Harmony is a subset of Unity. Without Harmony there cannot be Unity ) Perhaps the end result of the series would be to reunite Adonalsium and complete the circle. Possibly at end of Dragonsteel. Dalinar becomes the aspect of Adonalsium and unites all shards back. I'll get back to my drink.
  15. Finger lickin good! - Rock (stew)