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  1. This looks storming amazing! Thank you for making the cards and rulebook for this game. I originally choose the glyphs based on the glyphic alphabet, but I like your version a lot better. I've also been thinking about the structure of the game, and there's a few things that I feel could be improved. Notably, I've since found a game called Hive, which coincidentally uses some of the same rules. I'm probably going to use that to clear up some of the edge cases in the rules, such as the separation of groups by a scout's movement. I'll post back when I have some more.
  2. Yeah! I got the Vivenna reference! I knew that Azure was from Nalthis when she used the same "black on white" phrase as Vasher, but for me the moment of truth was when she mentioned having bad experiences trusting strangers. Anyone remember a pair of incredibly jovial mercenaries?
  3. First off, does anyone know the name of the game that I don't think that the name was mentioned at any point. Secondly, I made a game! It's based off of a game that was played in Oathbringer, and other than who was playing it, it has no spoilers. Anyways, I based it off of playing cards down next to each other (esp. wooden cards). The battlefield starts with 4 cards laid out in a 2x2 pattern, with each player having 2 squires. The rest of the cards are placed in your hand (your barracks), giving each player 10 cards. Starting with the first player, each player alternates placing cards down adjacent to an already placed card. Each card has an health value and an attack value. If the health value of the card is less than or equal to the combined attack of all enemy cards touching it (diagonally adjacent is not touching), then you flip that card face down, capturing it. The game ends when either both players run out of cards, one player loses all their cards on the field, or one player loses their king. If it's one of the last 2, then the player whose cards were captured loses, otherwise the player with the most uncaptured cards on the field wins. The Cards: (5x) Squire: 3 Health, 1 Attack (2x) Knight: 5 Health, 2 Attack (1x) Tower: 8 Health, 3 Attack (1x) Scout: 3 Health, 1 Attack, You may reposition this card to any legal space after you place your card. (1x) Soulcaster: 3 Health, 1 Attack, Before you place a card, you may soulcast: Pick an adjacent enemy, if you have that card in your hand, you remove the opponent's card from the game and replace it with your card of the same rank. (1x) General: 6 Health, 3 Attack, All adjacent allies gain +1 Attack while the general is uncaptured. (1x) King: 10 Health, 5 Attack, This card is immune to the soulcaster, If this card is captured, you lose. Note: All the glyphs were created using the alphabet in one of the pictures in book 3.