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  1. @Emily You hide spoilers by (when writing) highlighting the spoiler then clicking the 'eye' icon next to the smilie emote icon. It will do the rest of the work for you.
  2. And we're not employed Graphic Audio at all! *Looks Shifty* *Runs away* *Hides around corner*
  3. Also, what is this reputation I seem to be receiving? Does it equate to more cookies?
  4. Hard question. I think the most intriguing one is awakening and colour from Warbreaker, I'm interested to see how other sentient items (like Nightblood) act. Spoilers for Mistborn below
  5. Hmm I like this idea, I agree with most of those choices, only changes (for me) would be: Karen Gillan as Shallan, Natural red head and bringing some Scottish sass along with her. Adam Driver as Kaladin - I'd like to see him in a less whiny role, Kylo Ren is such a whiny little emo. I'm not certain with the choice for Adolin as I imagine him being larger of stature than Lucas Till Also what about John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek) as Sadeas? I think he would really bring a great layer of vitriolic spite to the role.
  6. Hi everyone, Just started posting here so figured I'd say hi. Hi, I've read all Cosmere books and The Reckoners series. Discovered Brandon when I found out he'd be completing The Wheel of Time. Been a huge fanboy ever since, More than willing to chat to anyone and to prove fanboy status here's a picture of my Szeth half sleeve (maybe quarter sleeve, it covers half my lower arm so that)
  7. @Nashan’Elin Thanks for the heads up, New to the forums.
  8. This is not fan art as such (obvious Photoshop detail aside). It's cosplay, as indicated by the posters twitter name. The lady portraying Syl is just a pretty lady, I guess she just didn't fancy strapping her boobs down as is her prerogative. OB Spoiler Below Edit for spelling.
  9. I like to think of 'Nimi' as 'Mr' simply because it makes it so much funnier in my head to hear it as 'Mr Sword'. I doubt this would be the actual interpretation simply because I don't remember anyone in any of the books being referred to as 'mister'.
  10. I've listened to both WoK and WoR on Graphic Audio. These are essentially told like the radio plays of earlier decades. I will say that the characters when I read the books now have the GA voices. I think Dalinar and Syl are done perfectly, I actually enjoyed The Lopen, reminded on Michael Pena's character from 'Ant-Man'. I wasn't impressed by Navani who I think sounded too much like an old lady rather than the strong, Alethi matriarch she is in the books. Special mention to the Narrator, Dylan Lynch, he does the job perfectly. *** Small spoilers for WoK and WoR below *** Chapter: He who Saves in WoR To hear Syl actually screaming at Kaladin and the Stormfather, then to suffer along with Kaladin and hear him speak the third Oath through tears and pain. It sends chills through you. I cannot recommend the Graphic Audio versions of these books enough. For me I've read WoK and WoR 3 times each and listened to the GA of both twice. I find the GA best for when multi-tasking as I already know the story and can listen with half an ear as it were. I do think the prices are a little high, however, you are paying for over a hundred hours of audio and voice actors time. I assume the background ambient sounds are all stock audio.
  11. Get my Szeth tattoo finished in early Sept. I do love the shading work