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  1. There is a deeper connection between the Heralds and their shardblades than what we have seen. it was stated that the stone shamans would recover the Honorblade when Szeth died. When Kaladin killed Szeth we see the bond severed between him and his Blade. The fact that Honorblades followed the Heralds to Braize is evidence of a different type of bond. In order to kill Jezrien Odium had to use a form of Hemalurgy. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that the person who killed Jezrien gained his Honorblade.
  2. I have wondered If Nightblood was made with a combination of Voidlight and Breath, however there does not appear to be any evidence for this. But there is a meta connection between Nightblood and Odium I have a hard time thinking coincidental: the purpose of the Wrath of God is the Destruction of Evil.
  3. Odium is all about Hatred, Passion and Vengeance, also he is the Void sucking in all emotional pain leaving you numb. While you could twist the meanings of the ideals to match with Odium you could also reverse the Ideal itself: Death before Life. A Singer must die for one of the Fused to live. Or like Taravingian you must kill to gain future knowledge necessary to save life. Weakness before Strength. If Dalinar had broken and given his pain to Odium he would have been remade into Odium's champion. Destination before Journey. Vengeance no matter the cost. House Sadeas chose to side with Odium to gain vengeance for the murder of Sadeas. I know that if we give it more thought we can find more examples of this.
  4. This movie was summed up in one sentence at the very end after the credits. In the end this is still a movie I greatly enjoyed.
  5. Honor's perpendicularity is the Highstorm so that is a direct link between Honor and wind. We could even say he invested the winds of Roshar. Perhaps Honorspren are Windspren that became infused with Honor's intent.
  6. The dictionary.
  7. Ah. I had forgotten trees on Roshar can move. I suppose Szeth would have to look to another surge for widespread devastation. Or he could fight the Lord Ruler next time the everstorm and highstorm bump into each other.
  8. Dalinar Ascends to Honor, leading to a fight to the death with Odium. After the battle Jasnah finds their bodies and realizing she is the true Hero of Ages takes one shard on each arm becoming the new shard Unity.
  9. @Spoolofwhool I probably misspoke when I said gale force winds, but what I was referring to is from chapter 1 of edgedancer: The air she pushed against when moving was holding her back. Lift hissed, then coated her entire self in power. she sliced through the wind, turning sideways as she skidded down the side of the hill. Air slid off her, as if it couldn't find her. Even the sunlight seemed to melt off her skin. She was between places, here but not. No air, no ground. Just pure motion, so fast she reached grass before it had time to pull away. It flowed around her , it's touch brushed aside by her power. her skin started to glow, tendrils of smoky light rising from her. She laughed, reaching the bottom of the small hill. There she leaped some boulders. and ran face-first into another tree. The bubble of power around her popped. The tree toppled over - and for good measure, the two next to it decided to fall as well. from Words of Radiance: they blame our people for the loss of that land. The city that once covered it did range the eastern strand. The power made known in the tomes of our clan our gods were not who shattered these plains. -from Listener Song of Wars, 55th stanza I concede the point here, the idea of aluminum spikes is somewhat random.
  10. The greatest weakness of a fullborn like the Lord Ruler is he will eventually run out of metals. In order to cause this to happen I would suggest a series of long range attacks or attacks that cause widespread devastation. We saw in edgedancer that abrasion alone can create gale force winds, so If you have Szeth increase his speed with gravitation you might be able to have widespread destruction that the Lord Ruler would have to defend himself from. If I remember correctly the parshendi either implied or stated outright that it was the knights radiant who created the shattered plains. Also Szeth hovers in the air and drops aluminum spikes from one thousand feet up making it hard for the Lord Ruler to return fire.
  11. Sell, Kaladin would never stop brooding, especially for a man with glowing eyes. While waiting for the Everstorm the Fused traveled to Threnody to have a dance off with the Shades.
  12. To start off I would be happy if Brandon wrote a 1000 page collection of short stories set on Roshar including the Jasnah novella, as well as a 200 page epilogue to Oathbringer that includes interactions between the Lopen and Nightblood. Perhaps we could see Elhokar as a young boy filled with hopes and dreams playing with his father.
  13. House Venture could subcontract Kandra in exchange for various goods and services. Instead of slaves they might transport indentured servants, a slave could be willing to work for several years in exchange for their freedom. Also if you wanted to have a new start on life someone from house Venture could arrange transport to another world. Another commodity that could be traded would be books. Romance novels from Roshar might not sell well but the Way of Kings could end up on the Lord Ruler's bookshelf. Remember there is always another library. Of course you would need someone to translate books from one world to another.
  14. I must also throw my hat in for Vin and Elend, and Kaladin and Syl. But speaking of hats the truly best relationship in the Cosmere is Wayne and Hats.
  15. Thank you for the clarification. This still leaves big mystery of how or why the Shin could come up with an army capable of conquest. There has to be a reason strong enough to get thousands or tens of thousands of pacifists to pick up weapons and lose all their status in society. I just wonder whether collecting the dead shardblades is enough of a reason or if there is some factor we know nothing about that led to the war.