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  1. These are good questions. I think the important thing to consider is that hemalurgy steals the ability. So what I think it's doing when you Connect the two spiritwebs is that it rips that point out of the donor and grafts it on to the recipient web in the spiritual realm. Creating the spike makes the "scan" or "map" of the donor web, and in binding with the spike, you are Connecting the recipient's bind point with the same bind point of the donor. I think the way this works means you can only do it once per point on the donor, you can't share that specific point. I think you could, however, create a fully blooded spike, split it, and then bind to different points on one or more recipients and get the full effects. Although splitting the spike after the initial "bath" would necessarily weaken the scan, inasmuch as you're losing fresh blood when you do that. It would be more efficient to create multiple spikes from the get go.
  2. Ok, so the way I see hemalurgic transfer is like this: 1. Spiking the donor takes a "scan" of their *entire spiritweb*. The more/better/fresher the blood, the higher the resolution of the "scan". Thus, the heart is a very good place to spike someone. 2. The placement of the spike in the recipient is absolutely crucial, in that it determines which point on the spiritweb you're grafting. The spike holds all possible points, since it's a complete scan, but the point on the recipient is what determines which specific Connection you're trying to make. 3. The metal is also crucial, in that it is what channels the investiture between the two spiritweb points. You can't put a steel spike in a bendalloy bind point and expect it to channel the Sliding ability (although you might get a weird result if you used tin or pewter). Atium creates a superconducting channel to the point (especially if it is pure), and Lerasium, being what allows allomantic powers in the first place, would simply grant all of them no matter where you put it - although there's probably a "best" place on the recipient.
  3. Oh, wow! I'd definitely love to have that.