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    Well I mean I DO like reading. Also hikes, art, and video games.
  1. This is made me unexpectedly happy on a day I didn't have a lot of happiness, can't say how much I needed it.
  2. I'm absolutely going to necro this thread, with only minimal apologies. On of my fav channels, Veritasium, just released a video about how imaginary numbers were invented and it's a mix of math, crazy history, and physics that is worth watching if you're into that sort of thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUzklzVXJwo
  3. More random thoughts I have while brushing my teeth: If I have a tub of water and then add a buoyant object (let's say 10lbs), how much weight/stress is being placed upon the structure supporting the tub (aka floorbloards)? Is it the overall tub 10 lbs heavier or does the object's buoyancy reduce it somehow? And in terms of stress on the structure, would a 10 lb sinking object place more stress than a buoyant object considering it would create a point of physical contact? I'm curious about pools they've built recently in fancy hotels where you're hundreds of feet in the air and it has a glass bottom.
  4. Found this forgotten post of mine so I'm bumping it as I still want answers. Is this a mistake or am reading something wrong?
  5. Congrats man! That's a long hard road, but you did it!
  6. I bought a house today. First time home buyer. I am the most confused mix of emotions. I am terrified and happy all at the same time. (Felt a bit sick!) I have some anxiety and self esteem issues so it took me a long time to accept that it was something I could handle. I have major fears about failing people/responsibilities/etc, which is totally illogical because I don't generally drop the ball. But I worry I will. But today I made an offer and it was accepted and HOLY COW I own a house now!!!! (well a mortgage anyway). And it's cute and a price I can handle in a decent neighborhood and it's got a fence for my doggo and I'm such as mess I am halfway to crying while I write this. I'm also super stressed because....well it's moving. What if my neighbors are crazy? What if the neighborhood goes downhill? What if I.....have anxiety issues? But mostly I feel like I accomplished something big. And that maybe this is my year to accomplish a few big things!
  7. So the Listeners now are apparently allies of the chasmfiends? I thought this was very cool and has the set up for some amazing battles. *Envisions a Listener raiding party riding one into battle* And the greatshells that live at sea are now living warships. This is just so epic in my head. But how/what happened? A few theories, in descending likeliness: 1) There is a spren living in it's gemheart, just like how Rlain's spren was controlling the cremling. Not sure if only corrupted spren can do this, I'm assuming others can as well? 2) The Listeners were able to form a Nahel bond between the chasmfiends and themselves (not a Radiant bond, just a regular bond like is between the chasmfiends and the skyeels). 3) The Everstorm's first storm somehow fundamentally changed them, similar to how it changed parshmen. 4) There is a rhythm/song that connected to the Chasmfiends somehow.
  8. Agreed, especially with all this talk of on Roshar of being unbound (Wit, bondsmiths, crazy stuff happening on Ashyn and possible Yolen?). I think we'll see a lot more of these checks and balances (or the consequences of the lack thereof). I also agree it's a smart move on Brandon's part, or else you just have overpowered literal gods on the battlefield and that just makes for meh writing.
  9. Yes. No, mainly just the dying and being set up as a symbol and possibly creating a religion. Well, actually, Kal is just about as stubborn as Kelsier. I could see him refusing to pass into the Beyond also, stating that there were people who needed him. So dying, becoming a ghost, and returning to life as a caped vigilante?
  10. [spoilers for Mistborn+ and Secret History] It's been a long while since I've read Mistborn, so help me out if I say something wrong, but towards the end of Rhythm of War, Kaladin kept reminding me of Kelsier. Not their characters so much as how other people responded to them. Kaladin was always a sort of "larger than life" action hero, but this really amps up during RoW until people are making the Shash glyphs on their foreheads. It felt a bit cult-ish to me and reminded me of Kelsier and some of the more fanatical elements of the Church of the Survivor. I know Kaladin's not doing it on purpose (unlike Kelsier) and doesn't want something from the people (unlike Kelsier), but I DO worry that there may be a similar final set up for Kaladin in the future...
  11. I just kinda feel sorry for Moash. I don't want a full redemption arc, but I'd like for him to die at peace at least, not alternating between confused angry child and emotionless robot. He's one of the most human characters, even if his characteristics are negative ones.
  12. I don't know if this counts as a math or a riddle or a bit of both, but..... What's the pattern/rule between these 2 chains: 43, 10, 3, 5, 4, 4... 611, 16, 7, 5, 4, 4...
  13. Same! I was like "Oh what a neat title that is" and "Haha, Hoid is funny." Then hopped on the forums and had my mind blown.
  14. I think it's going to less Beating the Big Bad and end up being more Apocalypse Now. We keep learning more about how powers are suppose to have checks and balances.......and how we should be worried that a lot of powers don't have them. I things are going to end up with some chain reaction that threatens the fabric of reality or something. Lot o them crazy unbound bondsmiths running around....
  15. As someone who is sitting around at 12:10am, I can grumpily say probably soon, but not yet. I swear Oathbringer popped up on a phone exactly at midnight last time. Edit: And literally a minute later, there it goes.