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  1. 100% all the way. Initial read I choked up hard. Not even sure why. Animal deaths are rough (*glares at Fable II*), but I think Adolin's reaction scream shook me.
  2. Additional musing: would your clothes change depending on your mental state? If I was relaxed would I be in pajamas, then if amping up for a challenge would it shift to armor?
  3. Mine's more geek humor that no one gets. The other night it was omelette night at our house and I'm cooking. As I pull out two cast iron skillets, I strike a dramatic pose, wave them mystically, and say "I'm dual casting." There is silence and confused stares.
  4. 43% now *dances* I wonder if we're not going to see a pretty large push once he gets the outlines at a solid 100%.
  5. I couldn't find this posted anywhere else. Brandon reads a (tiny) bit for us! https://www.tor.com/2019/07/20/sdcc-brandon-sanderson-stormlight-archive-4-excerpt/ Nothing terribly juicy, a peek into current events with Venli in Kholinar. But I'll take it!
  6. @Emperor Stick Uh, you didn't get very far into AC 3, did you? Well no spoilers from me, but no, Haytham's not.
  7. I couldn't stand AC: 3. Connor was such a pain. Currently trying out Sunless Sea, then going to start in on Witcher 2 & 3.
  8. Currenly playing Oneshot. It's on Steam and I really recommend it. Cute art style, soundtrack's average, gameplay is puzzle/exploring/story based, and......the whole experience is very meta. The main characters are a catgirl named Niko. And you.
  9. 1) I think there is something going on with chasmfiends and chulls and possibly other native crustacean-ish animals. I can't put my finger on it, but something about their life cycle and pupating and gem hearts.......I dunno, but I think there is something plot important about them that has yet to be revealed. 2) I think Dalinar and Navani are speaking in general terms about not having have infused gems and stormlight. 5) I'm leaning towards Illumination, especially in how it works with light or sound waves. The message gems in the drawers are cut specifically to be used with vibrations, so it would make sense that vibrations would also be used to open the drawers. Additionally the stormlight is described to move in ripples, which also sounds very much like some sort of waveform.
  10. Unexpectedly cute! Especially the lil black and white one.
  11. Villains by Necessity by Eve Forward. Read it years ago. It went out of print and copies are like $50 bucks, but now it's on Kindle for like $5 (or free if you used Unlimited). So 150 years ago a small band of Heroes won the battle against the Big Bad. The Dark Lord is struck down, his army vanquished, his collection of evil artifacts destroyed, etc. Good and light flourishes once again. But the Heroes don't stop there. Evil portals are shut down, dark magics are cut off, evil aligned creatures are hunted to the point of extinction. Evil aligned citizens such as thieves begin to leave their jobs and take up roles as farmers, and everything's just SO GOOD.......that it's not. It's all a little TOO good, dangerously good, and a bunch of villains have to set things right. The first half the book (the big set up, a few twists, introducing the characters) is pretty entertaining. The latter half just gets monotonous and very, very predictable. Also pokes a lot of fun at fantasy tropes, particularly Dragonlance.
  12. I see your link, and I raise you one updated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZbChKzedEk But yeah I had the same thought about Shadesmar.
  13. My favorite theory that I've come up with is that Urithiru can only be activated by the combined efforts of a member of every KR order, working together under a Bondsmith's influence. It's in the archive's somewhere, I think about the basement pillar. *lazy*
  14. I took my dog out last night before heading to bed. As I rounded the corner of my house, I was hit by one of the most beautiful night skies I'd ever seen. Over the mountain was a bright full moon, massive reflective halo spreading out, which surprised me since the night was so clear. There was also an unusual warm color to the moonlight, instead of its cool white/blue. A couple of very determined stars (probably planets) shone nearby despite the brightness of the moon. And the fireflies, which I'm used to seeing low in grassy areas at dusk, were blinking away from the silhouettes of the treetops. Words can't do it justice. My jaw dropped.
  15. Today was final work day before summer break and I got all my stuff done that was super stressing me out for the last two weeks! I had two cry breaks for no real reason (tears are like liquid stress, let em out!) and several worries that had been gnawing at me proved to be real worries resulting in a minor panic attack. But everything I needed to accomplish was accomplished! And now it's summer. Sweet summer. I'm not really "excited" as much as I am just relaxed, relieved, and grateful. But I am excited to start some cosmere fanart, something I feel like I never have time for.