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  1. I'm a sucker for a good landscape. Today had one of those sunrises that just makes my soul ache and I wanted to grab people and make them appreciate it. Extra clear air quality. The mountains were a deeper indigo at their bottoms, but then at their peaks the red morning light was doing that awesome thing where the mountains looked purple and orange at the same time, in a way I can't describe well. Not mixed or in a gradient, but as if two colors were occupying the same spot. Above them the sky was doing a quick fade from pink to light blue, and a flawlessly round, bright white moon just punched through the picture.
  2. This is really neat looking. You did a really good job with it.
  3. Don't know if it's possible, but I'm waiting for some Spiritual Adhesion with Rhysadium: Dalinar frowned at Gallant, feeling a familiar tugging in his mind. It was the same as when he had visited Azir.... He reached out and laid a hand on the Ryshadium's back, a Connection made. Gallant whinnied. Hello friend. Dalinar stumbled back.
  4. Possible derivation from "cream"? cramum derives from a Welsh word cramen, meaning ‘scab’ or ‘crust’, and Collins charts its origins to Breton’s crammen, meaning ‘skin’ or ‘surface’ (Crem collecting on surfaces and hardening?) May also be an offshoot of cream referring to something cream like in texture and color? Got a lot of pale clay in that reserve?
  5. *grabs arm and rambles about how Norm Lewis and Alfie Boe are the ultimate Javert/Valjean combo and how One Day More makes me blubber like a tiny child*
  6. Coming in late to this party. But as my week has been a spiral into depression, you know what, I can get behind Moash. The Elkohar's death isn't Moash's big character scene. It's when he goes to join a caravan and instead gets taken before a Brightlord. Moash isn't full of hatred, vengence, bitterness, or anything there. This is Void Moash: "The world's a messed up place. People are messed up. It's okay to fail, because that's all we know how to do. We're failures, so of course we're going to fail. Might as well stop caring." IMO, Moash's mental state should horrify people far more than his actions.
  7. Shshshsh made me lol unexpected, thanks for that. I will add Rock's family: Song, Star, and little Song.
  8. Wait, I thought Hoid was already aging oddly before the Shattering. Does he have immortality from multiple sources? (I mean clearly he possibly does via Breaths, ferochrumy, etc) But does he have like.....uh....super immortality as a result of the weapon?
  9. Not sure why, but this one always strikes me.
  10. 100% all the way. Initial read I choked up hard. Not even sure why. Animal deaths are rough (*glares at Fable II*), but I think Adolin's reaction scream shook me.
  11. Additional musing: would your clothes change depending on your mental state? If I was relaxed would I be in pajamas, then if amping up for a challenge would it shift to armor?
  12. Mine's more geek humor that no one gets. The other night it was omelette night at our house and I'm cooking. As I pull out two cast iron skillets, I strike a dramatic pose, wave them mystically, and say "I'm dual casting." There is silence and confused stares.
  13. 43% now *dances* I wonder if we're not going to see a pretty large push once he gets the outlines at a solid 100%.
  14. I couldn't find this posted anywhere else. Brandon reads a (tiny) bit for us! https://www.tor.com/2019/07/20/sdcc-brandon-sanderson-stormlight-archive-4-excerpt/ Nothing terribly juicy, a peek into current events with Venli in Kholinar. But I'll take it!
  15. @Emperor Stick Uh, you didn't get very far into AC 3, did you? Well no spoilers from me, but no, Haytham's not.