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  1. Same! I was like "Oh what a neat title that is" and "Haha, Hoid is funny." Then hopped on the forums and had my mind blown.
  2. I think it's going to less Beating the Big Bad and end up being more Apocalypse Now. We keep learning more about how powers are suppose to have checks and balances.......and how we should be worried that a lot of powers don't have them. I things are going to end up with some chain reaction that threatens the fabric of reality or something. Lot o them crazy unbound bondsmiths running around....
  3. As someone who is sitting around at 12:10am, I can grumpily say probably soon, but not yet. I swear Oathbringer popped up on a phone exactly at midnight last time. Edit: And literally a minute later, there it goes.
  4. Rereading the preview chapters and hit 13 where Mraize is pretending to be a guardsman and is acting buddy buddy with Shallan's brothers. And while he's in uniform, he is not really disguised. But.....Haven't they already met him during Oathbringer? I mean I guess it could be refencing a different intimidating Ghostblood?
  5. Pretty sure that someone from Dragonsteel said the rainbow effect was just from the obsidian rock and we were reading too much into it.
  6. It occurs to me that it is actually pretty sane for him to think he is a god, all things considered. Maybe it's an interesting twist and there's a Emporer's New Clothes/ Taming of the Shrew situation. It's one thing to think you're a god when you're Joe Normal and no one else thinks you are. But remember how Ash said the Shin started worshipping her? If Ishar, detached from reality and with intermittent lucidity, not only has multiple people telling him he's a god but also actually has magical powers, then yeah I could see it be very easy to convince yourself it must be so. I'm also really curious about his level of madness. Is he is really as frothing-at-the-mouth crazy as his letter to Dalinar makes him sound, or is that just how he speaks from his position as "god-priest". I mean I don't think he's sane one way or another, but I wonder if some of it is heavy handed for show. Nale and Ash have both referred to Ishar as sort of their wise leader/ go to person for help, which does not sound like crazy god-king. So have they just not visited him in centuries and haven't realized how much his madness has increased?
  7. 1) Let's jumpstart our organic fabrial machine that is Urithiru: Spren - The Sibling Music - The Rhythm of War Light - Infused pillar in the basement Honestly I feel pretty good about the first two as plausible (though we know next to nothing about the Sibling). The Light I'm the most "meh" about. 2) Totally different tangent, but the idea is that the basement pillar should NOT be activated and doing so will have catastrophic events for our heroes. 3) And crazy theory, that Urithiru is a giant musical instrument. Like a church pipe organ the size of a city.
  8. Good catch on Nazh's notebook, I figured the sea wasn't failproof, but dang looks like the drop may already be in trouble from worldhoppers. Also a note on gem color, in the Ars Arcanum recarding soulcasting, Khriss pretty much states So Moash's knife also leaked black smoke in the scene where he kills Jez, which is very Nightblood-ish. I theorized awhile back that there may be an arms race in developing these types of weapons. We don't have a good term for weapons like Nightblood do we? So far it's been pretty unique, but what could we name the category if there end up being more? My ideas were all terrible (DEATHBLADE).
  9. I know Brandon keeps saying Urithiru isn't a spaceship, but I'm not sure I really believe him. Those lift gates and even the lever just scream future tech.
  10. [In my life there are 2 things I lose all self control with: pizza and books. Was going to make a comic, but too lazy. So I write instead. Enjoy? I'm sure some of you who read digitally relate! Also I mention Dawnshard in passing, but there's no content discussion and thus no spoilers.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday, Nov 16th 11:59 pm All is quiet, all is dark. You sleep is comfort. Tuesday, Nov 17th 12:00am A delicate *chirp* breaks the silence. Across the room, a screen lights up briefly. You know what it says. You break out in a cold sweat.....then, with a deep breath, close your eyes. As the screen fades and darkness scuttles backs around, there's a moment of calm....but only a moment. "Read me," the dark whispers in your ear. You ignore it. It laughs at you. "READ ME." You roll out of bed and glare at your device. "I have to be at work in a few hours. I need sleep." "Just a few chapters. A few....minutes." Your laugh is edged with hysteria. "Like that EVER works." "You could just read the Epilogue." "What? NO that's a terrible idea!" "You don't need alllllll that sleep. You can spare a few hours." "Uh, ok, NO. I might have been tempted... EXCEPT for your little friend here!" You point accusingly at an innocent novella. "Hello!" Dawnshard says cheerfully. "Would you like to destroy some brains today?" "Remember that wreck of a night? Binge reading till 2 am? Gibbering in lore? Trying to post on the Shard? I think I wrote things in my sleep. And I was a mess the next morning." "Yesssss.....but what FUN it was." "No no no no no, I am too old for this. I actually like sleeping now. Sleep is amazing." "Hmmm....There's always another secret.....I will give you truths. And I know some juicy ones." "D-d-don't you dare throw quotes at me!" Quotes and images begin to assault you from all sides with increasing speed, drowning out your logic. Journey before destination. I am a stick. Why is there a wall? I'm broken. The sky and the winds are mine. I will rise a better man. Tight butt. Axelicious bloke. Bridgemen aren't suppose to survive. For glory lit, and life alive. Tuesday, Nov 17th 12:01am You whimper slightly, staring at the device across the darkened room. Your hand trembles. ...What will the morning bring?
  11. The Pied Piper of Hearthstone scene? Very nice.
  12. What I found interesting was that they had to go to a specific place to bond. The Luckspren were with the ship for a long time, I don't think they were specifically an Aimian type. But why go all the way to Aimia to bond? Maybe it's like animals from our world who travel thousands of miles each year to roost/mate/feed at very specific spot?
  13. So in searching for golden imagery, I'll add the scene from Dalinar's weirdest/most interesting vision in Oathbringer: I always felt there was some super deep parable going on here. I guess it's symbolic about the cost of having principles, since that's what they are arguing about and are having trouble getting the grain to balance.
  14. Rysn said Change felt like "resignation" and "confidence" and "understanding". I'm leaning away from similar groupings and more towards 4 shards creating something much more complex. Like rock + tree + snake + stream = forest. The Whole is only revealed when the parts are together. On their own they lack context.
  15. I'm going with minor character cut for length.....but yeah, weirdly cut. Why not remove altogether? I mean we got so little information here could honestly be anyone: sleepless, ghostblood, Hoid, totally normal person.