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  1. Intro/Disclaimer - Read me first - About me - Why?... Goals and Plans (as of 2/13/20) Here's hoping to successfully check back in about a week. Also feel free to discuss anything I mention, make suggestions, etc. (ack it's 10pm I have to run to bed XD)
  2. Sharp, stompy boots.
  3. Gonna give a hearty recommendation for Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell. It's book 1 out of a 6+ series, so yay. The first half moves pretty slowly, but then you meet the giant incredibly bloodthirsty flying squirrel who is a "business partner", not a familiar. It's good stuff.
  4. I have a playlist called "Yassss". Always has 5-10 random songs I'm currently obsessed with and listening to on repeat. At the moment it has: Crossing Field - Lisa The Violence - Rise Against It Ain't Me - Kygo & Selena Gomez Into the Unknown - Idina Menzel & AURORA She's Kerosene - The Interrupters
  5. I'm at the point where I'm also getting super suspicious of everything. Re-reading Oathbringer. During her wedding prep scene, Shallan is uncomfortable with all the attention and thinks to herself, "At least she wasn't going to end up as queen." And I mean....yikes. Yikes. Yikes. Tell me that doesn't smell of foreshadowing.
  6. Hey there folks. I'm not having a bad day myself, but I thought I'd share something with you if you're going through some dark times. https://www.futureme.org/ Write an email to yourself.....but you won't receive it for years. I've been using this for awhile now (usually when I'm in a sad place and have a lot of questions about who I am and what I'm doing). It's nice now because journaling and dumping my thoughts in writing helps me vent and focus. It's nice in the future because, wow, things.......things change. Not everything. And maybe not what you want. But....it blows my mind the things that were different just a year or two ago, let alone 5-10. Wants, needs, priorities, people.....life is weird. Anyway, try it out. Also I recommend reading the public letters that people let be posted anonymously. They are a beautiful mess of us all being beautiful messes. You're not alone.
  7. Urithiru awakens. Jasnah just killing it as Queen, although I do worry about her potential for extreme, efficient, ruthlessness. The Ghostbloods overall motivation/creed. Hoid. An expedition on the Wandersail. Dunno what for. Finding the Origin, Aimia, etc Information about Rall Elorim. It's one of the few cities we really have so little information about.....except mysterious, creepy sounding fragments. Cooperative Heralds. I don't see it happening, but kinda hoping for it.
  8. Mmmm those color choices *nods nods*
  9. Mmmm an arms race... Remember the two ardents doing flame spren measuring experiments? I think we could see them again, or at least the results of their research. I'm also really hoping for some of Navani's airships (played too much Final Fantasy growing up). Since it talks about new technology I'm guessing it's not about the Honorblades or Dawnshards. Although I think that was used to stab Jezrien must be something recently made, else why not kill the heralds ages ago? (Unless it's all part of some looooong game of Odium's....*puts down tin foil hat*) Edit: Ugh, Nov 17th will be on a Tuesday. My work week will be in shambles.
  10. Brandon's foreshadowing is what I talk about when people ask me why I should read the books I am passive aggressively pushing on them. His foreshadowing is almost cheeky. It's casually dropped in conversations or hidden in a metaphor used as a physical description. Makes the rereads fantastic, however. It's pretty unusual to like a 2nd read through more than the first. Dalinar having a vision of Odium's nine shadowed champion and thinking that there is something terribly familiar about him. It's not subtle, but it's also so subtle. It's like....foreshadowing misdirection. "Who could it be? Well it's someone familiar to him that he knows really well.... HMMMM". I didn't get it at all. XD
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JJtJhHwpKdow01n2-bsT3scVvqJd6lZh4uvpNwcslv8/edit#gid=0 This thing's not rock solid, but by its estimates its been ~130 years between Warbreaker and Way of Kings.
  12. So a little story setup: Kindergarten classes took a field trip to this Santa Storyteller thing....honestly it was extremely underwhelming. Santa was looking rustic and pretty neat, but for entertainment he told long disjointed deadpan stories ("Holly the green nosed reindeer" ??? I think he was making stuff up on the spot) and then would play parts of Christmas songs on his guitar, but the words weren't the same that everyone knew so kids were confused. So we've got like 75+ kids looking intrigued but also a little weirded out. The reason I put this story in this thread: At one part he's talking and holds up a small jar with red glitter in it. He says something like, "This is my sparkly love jar. Do you know what I put in this jar? It's something very important, and it lives in your heart." And he pauses for an answer. And into the silence one boy says, in this awed hushed whisper, "It's blood." And Santa turns and looks at him with this concerned look. And there I am frantically trying to smother the giggles.
  13. But they're different things, I think? (math, music, and/or physics are so not my skill set). I don't even know what questions to ask that make sense.... Are cymatics and sets related? Waves? Functions? (wave function is a thing, right?)
  14. So we know the overall map landscape of Roshar is related to Julia sets, making it all......spiral-ish. I'm wondering if that has carried over to other aspects of Roshar, such as marbled skin patterns on the Parshendi/Fused or the ever spiraling symmetry of Cryptic heads. The Cryptics in particular I could understand, with their interest in math principles.