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  1. That came out beautiful!
  2. Thank you Invocation. She also made a couple more cosmere related songs but they are far too many naughty words to post. I will see if I can get some clean versions this weekend.
  3. I asked the GF to make a song about a kandra who's bones don't fit very well. 10 seconds later she sings this. Slight language warning. kandra.mp4
  4. Welcome! Do you have a few minutes to talk about the Church of Stick?
  5. I posted a few months ago about meeting a lovely young lady who asked me to read to her from Mistborn. Well now we have read era one and Alloy of Law together. Over the weekend she was playing some guitar and making up songs. At some point she asked for a topic. I said "A Kandra who's bones just don't fit very well". The attached video is the result. Small language warning. kandra.mp4
  6. Hello Friends, story time. On Thursday around 2am I was describing something about the Cosmere to a new lady in my life. She seemed interested but we all know it is not actually possible to explain the scope of these books to someone who hasn't read them. FF to 8am, I am reading Mistborn aloud until both of us are loosing consciousness. What a great time! Who knew a woman like that existed? Last night she suggested we build a fire out back. She planned to cook while I continued to read. As the humid West Michigan night went on, a dense fog rolled in. I looked up from the book to notice ash from the fire falling back onto us. She turns to me, surveying the "mists" and ash fall to say "all we need is a red sun". It was about enough to send me ring shopping video-1575902339.mp4
  7. Would it possible to make a more use specific Type 4 weapon? Perhaps a command of "Destroy Fused" while holding on to a mental concept of what a Fused is? Or simply "Destroy enemies" with a concept of Thunderclasts, Fused etc? This may help the sword "understand" better. The problem with Destroy Evil has been, Nightblood doesn't know what evil is. The mind of a Type 4 doesn't grow over time like a person. NB's understanding of evil is static and only as complete as the command when given. I would like to make the command more mentally descriptive of what constitutes evil or an enemy.
  8. You are definitely correct here @Mistspren. Brandon goes to quite a lot of trouble to keep Cosmere physics consistent. He has stated, investiture follows thermodynamics and can be thought of as third universal form of the Cosmere (matter, energy, investiture). I read a rather long post from Brandon on all the work his group did on getting redshift and speed bubbles to make sense. I think it is safe to say any fundamental principals of physics in our world are consistent with the Cosmere, unless acted upon by Investiture. The topic of how Quantum mechanics would impact our story is a different matter. We have had some Quantum understanding for around 100 years. We can postulate what tech may be made possible one day but none of us are renting time machines to extend a Holiday. Perhaps we could speculate a bit on how long Quantum Hoid has understood Quantum mechanics. Of course, that will lead us to speculate on if it matters. If Quantum Hoid has time travel hey may have worked it all out yesterday. Or tomorrow.
  9. I like some of these ideas. Let me spitball with you all a minute. Brandon has been asked if Hoid burned the bead and if Hoid is a mistborn many times. He seems to answer, you have seen Hoid use Allomancy. Does anyone know if a time where Brandon answered directly? I've looked and can't find any. This leaves some interesting questions. Have we seen Hoid use Allomancy more than once? More than one ability? Is it possible Hoid used the bead to make a small, non lethal spike to transfer abilities? This could mean he "copied" a soother or rioter. I'm trying to think about the types of word mazes Brandon uses to give non answers to spoilery questions when an RAFO and also be spoilery... What if the proud owner of a Lerasium spike can "poke" Sacadrians with different talents? The perfect spike theory above makes this possible. The spike will get a new "charge" with each new "poke". This would fit with Brandon telling us Hoid intends to be a Mistborn but not telling us he burned the bead. This also gets around the known fact that Hoid can not seriously injure people without throwing up. Sorry this is kind of stream of consciousness at the moment. I hope the forthcoming table of Hemalurgy give us more clues.
  10. I agree TLR could safely hold Nightblood. I remember Vasher saying something to the effect of, "Denth has far to strong a will to be taken by Nightblood". I submit TLR has a far stronger will than Denth and views himself as a savior of sorts. TLR was the Final Empire's equivalent of a prepper. He knew a cataclysm was coming and stored supplies to save the people he could. That being said, what use would TLR have for NB? I agree with most of the sentiment here, a fullborn with metals and time to practice is vastly OP. The only weakness I can think of is Hubris. 1000 years of being that powerful means never having a real challenge. I would pick TLR over super Szeth in a gladiator competition all day. Change that to super Szeth popping up to challenge him like Kelsier did, maybe a different story. I think it comes down to knowledge at that point. Does super Szeth know to go for the atium bracers? Does TLR know how dangerous super Szeth is? TLR knew Kelsier was a very dangerous Misborn and gave him a casual backhand. That kind of overconfidence could cost him if super Szeth actually knew how to kill TLR. Thanks for this everyone. I've been a Brandon fan for years, first post here.