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  1. I actually like Kaladin because he's depressed. That's a POV I haven't read before. Actually, it's because he's a fictional character that makes it okay to like his depression. In real life, you'd just advise them to go to therapy and hope they get better :|
  2. Yes indeed, it could've happened either way, I'm just theorizing one (of the many) possible scenario that fits the info we have at this moment. I meant that Honor's Intent would compel him into keeping his word truthfully (read the 2nd post of the thread) where Cultivation would've been able to 'tweak the rules' (prune), arriving in the Cognitive Realm or on one of the moons in secret, and in doing so still keeping the agreement of the Shards. As far as I know, all the Shards were supposed to stick to their word about splitting up, but as you've already mentioned, a lot of them didn't. So either their word isn't as 'sealing' (as Odium told Taravangian in OB - yes it could be a lie anyway) or it is sealing but doesn't surpass the Shard's Intention, they are compelled to follow their honour/passion/etc. I think the later is a more interesting scenario that's why I'm trying to find a justification of how a Shard would act in that certain way even though it's somehow 'bound by their word'. I remember something like that and I've pulled the WoB below. It's important to re-read them once in a while because we sometimes remember what we've interpreted out of one instead of what was actually said. Especially since Sanderson seems very reluctant to answer, I think it's important to notice the wording used here. It's talking about 'certain things' and 'in some ways' about a person that 'she knew'. It's as vague as it can get really.
  3. Yes, I know that they were romantically involved, but becoming a Vessel changes a person, a Shard is a very powerful thing. As much as they wanted to stay together afterward, in time they would become compelled to follow the Intention of their respective Shards right? So my completely hypothetical scenario would be that Honor, willing to keep his word, left for Roshar, without noticing that Cultivation was right behind him or maybe arriving in the solar system via another route. I base this on the fact that the Heralds were made with Honor's Investiture only and, correct me if I'm wrong, Cultivation doesn't seem to be involved until the Knight Radiants were created.
  4. Granted, but then Disney buys them. In order to maximize merchandise sales, they flood the entertainment industry with hundreds of unknown heroes with stupid powers that it doesn't matter if it's Marvel or DC. I wish to control my emotions with logic.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong (since I'm not a native English speaker I might be missing something here) but since the original question is about 'when' they arrived wouldn't Sanderson say 'they came together' even if he meant 'they came at the same time' and not necessarily meant they decided to go on Roshar 'together' ?
  6. Normally, I would just read through such a thread but not have the courage to comment, since it feels like I'm in too deep since I don't understand everything (I don't want to waste people's time with my silly questions or remarks). But you did say in the referencing thread that you didn't get much activity in here and I thought 'I might as well say how far I understand this bit, at least it'll bump the thread' and voila. Your newest post will keep me occupied for tonight. Bring in all the info, maybe something will stick.
  7. *gasp* Theory confirmed.
  8. Maybe the mathematical projection gifs scared people away even if your main point is based on the "flattened version" WoB. I think they like their WoBs around here, so I would've started with that first in order to sell it I admit it's the first time I see that WoB and I didn't necessarily perceive 'flattened' as 2D but that 'the dimensions are differently projected from Physical to Cognitive'. So how my mind would simplify it is that Cognitive location is relevant to the 'height of thought' (processing level) existing in the corresponding location of the Physical Realm. So where nothingness exists in the Physical Realm (emptiness between planets) that location just doesn't exist in the Cognitive or is very very small (amounts to how much existence thinks on it). On the other hand, I would even assume that if you had a supercomputer it would manifest as something huge, or at least 'tall' in the Cognitive Realm. Now I wonder what that 'sun' in the Cognitive Realm is... Relative robot WoB you might like: Anyway, on topic now, the idea that Cognitive is 2d and Spiritual is 1d is very interesting (I love simplifications and the reason behind it is a discussion in itself) but I feel that there is something missing, so maybe it's an oversimplification here. Granted there is at least one WoB that says that time doesn't exist in the Spiritual Realm, so that makes it one dimension less than the Cognitive, but we still have (apart from time itself): location which needs at least 2 dimensions, and the 'amount of cognitive thought' ,height, as you've described it in the WeiryWriter inspiration bit. So that's at least 4 dimensions in the Cognitive. That doesn't mean that the Spiritual Realm isn't 1d, you could still project anything to 1d anyway, but it just means that, sadly for simplification purposes, it isn't verified as a fact yet.
  9. Could it be that Honor didn't know that Cultivation followed him to Roshar?
  10. Actually...
  11. This forum holds immense amounts of information but it's very hard to go through each and every one thread looking for interesting theories (especially ones from older books). So I'm making this thread in hope of resurfacing old and lost theories and ideas. Please describe or link personal favourite theories (yours or other people's), theory-crafting posts and ideas below. Here is one I like from @hoiditthroughthegrapevine:
  12. He's born on the top of the social food chain, but doesn't follow neither the 'Game of Houses' (as Thom Merrilin would call it) nor 'Dalinar's Code'. To me, even his pursuit for Shallan didn't seem genuine. I feel there is something else he wants to do apart from playing dress-up and I'm still looking forward to see that. I don't mind if that's Maya's resurrection, but I certainly want him to struggle for it, put the effort in for once. Not because I hate him, but I think it would make a more interesting plot. I used to be bothered by the fact that I find Adolin in a morally gray area. In my mind he doesn't fill fit the KR heroic ideals. But I've come to realise that maybe, the KRs of this timeline could all be a different sort than what was in the past, since Honor is now dead. Maybe there is something more to what's going on in regards to the general idea of 'Radiancy' especially since we know that Unmade have enlightenment abilities. But still, as a reader, I feel that Adolin needs some sort of redemptive path for shirking his responsibility for refusing the throne and for killing off Sadeas like a street thug. (BTW you should've included resurrect but not KR since your third option seems to get a lot of votes.)
  13. What I said about the oil is one pet theory of mine, and yes I think that every Unmade corresponds to one of the Essences. (some of them I've roughly placed on that table) Now what the Unmade were before becoming un-made.. ? No idea. Recently I've been thinking Soulcasting paid a role in it, since Kaza's chapter, maybe even the Sibling, if Urithiru's purpose was a giant Soulcaster. But its pure tinfoil, electrum foil even.
  14. I think she's gone into the oil. Way of Kings, chapter 19 Starfalls; it's the vision chapter Dalinar has of the Midnight mother. Both in this chapter and in the Urithiru chapters in OB we see the presence of oil, because people couldn't use spheres as a source of light. Add that to the fact that the Re-shephir takes the form of 'black tarry substance' I'd say she's strongly associated with 7th Essence - Tallow. (from the ten essences reference)
  15. The Nahel bond gives the Radiant the surges but Syl said that it takes back something as well. I've got a feeling that spren 'steal' the character traits that make them sentient from the Radiant they are bonded to. So whatever was ripped out of Maya when her first bond was broken, that part was something unique of that Radiant person. Tbh, I'm not even sure if it's a nahel bond forming. Maybe it's something else.