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  1. I also think that's Shallan and if that's Pattern.. Anyway about the foreground I think that's a wooden trunk of a tree with crystal leaves.
  2. As stated in the Coppermind as well, Stormfather has said: So if the Stormfather is a collective cognition of who/what people think he is, that means that there are people that believe there is a difference between 'Child of Tanavast' and 'Child of Honor'. And the only ones that can say this are the ones that remember Tanavast right? Like maybe Cultivation's Vessel herself?
  3. I love this WoB. Good job @Winds Alight! So, if we take "Child of Tanavast" figuratively it could mean that a difference exists between Dalinar's and Kaladin's definition of honor. Personally, I believe this to be true but since it seems to be a contesting topic, I will not elaborate for the time being. Maybe this divergence can be compared to Stormfather's existence which has changed across the ages due to people's cognizance of 'what the Stormfather is'. In the same manner maybe we can assume that the definition of 'honor' might've changed, evident in Alethi's warlike society in contrast to other Rosharan nations. We've also had other indications that languages on Roshar have changed a lot, meanings added and removed across the ages, to the point of some knowledge is currently lost. On the other hand if we take it literary, I believe there is potential for interesting lore to be uncovered from this idea. Multiple waves of humans arrived on Roshar, so that could explain the difference between Dalinar and Kaladin's heritage, as one could be a descendant of a different wave from the other. I would love to know if this entails a restriction of KR powers/surges between the different races/waves of men... I like both ideas tbh, so I'd like to believe that we might see both of the meanings fulfilled depending on the character point of view discovering this truth. Much like how Christianity's Original Sin, believed to define that all humans were descendants of Adam and Eve, which has divided intellectuals in the past about humanity's origin. I think that Sanderson likes to compare different point of views on fictional often-religious topics (that why we love Jasnah right?) and I think it would provide a lot of points for philosophical discussion.
  4. @deaconI'm surprised that the forum culture I mentioned above has never fallen into your vision. It is the same in almost every theory thread. And I never said I didn't feel good when it was said to me, I'm not that soft hearted I was just a new member getting used to how things work here I guess and I did express my opinion on the matter without any combative attitude. (Certainly I made the mistake of thinking that an Arcanist was some kind of moderator back then, but I hardly took offence either way.) Lastly I never demanded anything from anyone specifically, I just requested proof in case there was any, for my personal curiosity. There is no police holding you down to answer, you can even add me on your ignore list if my presence bothers you so. I'm just here for the discussion and if you don't want to participate it's more than fine.
  5. And yet when I first joined the forums and expressed a theory on a thread the reply I got from an Arcanist was: I don't see why there should be a double standard of expectation to what's happening now. ( The irony is that in that case I just wanted to discuss a theory, which by definition isn't supposed to have proof but is a supposition in order to explain something. On the contrary, here we are supposed to be discussing how we interpret Kaladin which is already described extensively in the books. The proof is in there but somehow people shape their own opinion regardless of in book proof. ) But let's go back one step, there is a misunderstanding, to the use of the word 'combative'. Discussion is not combat. Nobody is attacking you personally, not physically nor verbally. Most of the time there isn't even sarcasm or passive aggression. It's just that sometimes there is a request that arguments are backed up by proof. Is that really so irrational? I agree with most of your post, except from this part above. I honestly never had the impression that Kaladin was possessive or controlling. I'm genuinely perplexed why people, not just you, are expressing this. I honestly want to know if I'm missing some big in book scene that proves this and I just never saw it staring me back in the face.
  6. @Alderant Thank you for your post. I'm sorry you are going through this and I'm glad you are feeling better on some days. You are a good person that cares for even strangers online and your post is proof of that. Especially when you do it on a forum that people seem to misinterpret everything you say, it doesn't change the fact that your own personal intention is purely good. I'll tell you now that I'm proof you are helping others by expressing your own pain, and you'll never know how many more people will read your words, even lurkers, in the future. You have affected people positively with this. Now about Kaladin, depression and his love life, I feel it's very dangerous to even comment because of all the people relating and projecting unto his pain, I feel there is responsibility for even the smallest detail said here, but I'll try. He needs help, from a person that will truly understand him. Logic dictates that will be an intimate relationship, to be understood so deeply, but maybe it doesn't necessarily needs to be a romantic one. (just like how in real life a therapist or a true friend isn't) - I'd personally want this to be Jasnah. But whoever his romantic interest will be, they will have to understand him just as intimately, because it's a darkness that will always be there and they will need to fight it together during the times when it will resurface. It has to be someone that truly understands his internal agony and I'm definately sure Sanderson feels the responsibility of it, of making this character and bringing them in their right state of mind before this romance actually happens. But first and foremost, the most important step is the next one. Kaladin needs to understand he needs help and seek it.
  7. Back on the Amaram topic, it felt that the end of his story came to an ubrupt end because there was information we could've gotten about the Sons of Honor and Heralan, from him especially since Jasnah was now coming into power. So, the fact that he got ousted because he became a twisting-my-moustache villain was such an unimaginative way to do it. And now Mraize can just fabricate the story he feeds to Shallan unobtrusively to thicken the plot. It just feels a little cheap.
  8. I'm talking about really really minuscule amounts of Investiture, trapped in the minerals of rainwater. So small to not notice that Investiture interacts, but on a grand scale of, say, the all the water on Roshar, it would amount to one shardpool. As far as knights and larkins go, we don't know too much stuff about them in the first place, but even if we did maybe the amount of Investiture on the ground isn't enough to make them notice? Just an idea that I'm throwing out there, maybe it will spark something in someone's mind.
  9. What I find interesting is that in the WoB that @Child of Hodor quoted Sanderson took a moment to say that 'shardpool' isn't a word he created and then proceeded to guide the questioner towards a certain trail of thought. I think this points that a 'shardpool' as a word has a flaw that doesn't apply in the case of Honor's perpendicularity. And I think it's the aspect of scale, as in a pool is too small. We know that gems charge up during a Storm so we assume the storm is the Perpendicularity. But what if it's the rain? Bare with me. If Purelake is invested and the storm is invested the common thing between the two is water, but water without crem. So, we know that gems trap stormlight, so what if crem traps stormlight in minuscule quantities to the point that it's not visible? But then roughens up and traps it on the inside?
  10. I think these are some very interesting WoBs about Shallan pointing out that her path isn't necessarily as straightforward as it may seem. You can interpret them however you like, but either way I think they are important to better understand Shallan as a character.
  11. I'm just pointing out what Ico said on Honor's Path (see my first post on the thread). It seems that different people get different interpretations in everything, so your guess is as good as mine at this point.
  12. Alright, let's assume we interpret the WoBs the same way then, do we have one about perfect gemstones being native as well?
  13. Really? I know there is a WoB for spren, but I don't remember anything about surges. Do you have a source for this? Do you mean the Eila Stele? I think that's where I came up with the impression that the humans brought the Surges. But now that I look at the text closely, I'm not sure the wording says either way; nor that the humans brought the Surges nor that they were already on Roshar.
  14. Okay, so this is the moment where we disagree then. To me, it reads that the self that accepts this place without fear isn't the same as the one that accepted 'I'm terrified'.
  15. As it has been acknowledged above, one of Shallan's truths is " I'm terrified. " So, what does it mean when she feels for Adolin?