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  1. Back on the Amaram topic, it felt that the end of his story came to an ubrupt end because there was information we could've gotten about the Sons of Honor and Heralan, from him especially since Jasnah was now coming into power. So, the fact that he got ousted because he became a twisting-my-moustache villain was such an unimaginative way to do it. And now Mraize can just fabricate the story he feeds to Shallan unobtrusively to thicken the plot. It just feels a little cheap.
  2. I'm talking about really really minuscule amounts of Investiture, trapped in the minerals of rainwater. So small to not notice that Investiture interacts, but on a grand scale of, say, the all the water on Roshar, it would amount to one shardpool. As far as knights and larkins go, we don't know too much stuff about them in the first place, but even if we did maybe the amount of Investiture on the ground isn't enough to make them notice? Just an idea that I'm throwing out there, maybe it will spark something in someone's mind.
  3. What I find interesting is that in the WoB that @Child of Hodor quoted Sanderson took a moment to say that 'shardpool' isn't a word he created and then proceeded to guide the questioner towards a certain trail of thought. I think this points that a 'shardpool' as a word has a flaw that doesn't apply in the case of Honor's perpendicularity. And I think it's the aspect of scale, as in a pool is too small. We know that gems charge up during a Storm so we assume the storm is the Perpendicularity. But what if it's the rain? Bare with me. If Purelake is invested and the storm is invested the common thing between the two is water, but water without crem. So, we know that gems trap stormlight, so what if crem traps stormlight in minuscule quantities to the point that it's not visible? But then roughens up and traps it on the inside?
  4. I think these are some very interesting WoBs about Shallan pointing out that her path isn't necessarily as straightforward as it may seem. You can interpret them however you like, but either way I think they are important to better understand Shallan as a character.
  5. I'm just pointing out what Ico said on Honor's Path (see my first post on the thread). It seems that different people get different interpretations in everything, so your guess is as good as mine at this point.
  6. Alright, let's assume we interpret the WoBs the same way then, do we have one about perfect gemstones being native as well?
  7. Really? I know there is a WoB for spren, but I don't remember anything about surges. Do you have a source for this? Do you mean the Eila Stele? I think that's where I came up with the impression that the humans brought the Surges. But now that I look at the text closely, I'm not sure the wording says either way; nor that the humans brought the Surges nor that they were already on Roshar.
  8. Okay, so this is the moment where we disagree then. To me, it reads that the self that accepts this place without fear isn't the same as the one that accepted 'I'm terrified'.
  9. As it has been acknowledged above, one of Shallan's truths is " I'm terrified. " So, what does it mean when she feels for Adolin?
  10. This is a thread about things that 'may' have been missed so since I was posting for Ciridae, I thought I might just as well post this "Foreign technology,” mention. Yes, it could be up to personal interpretation and I'm not a native speaker so I might be missing something in terms of syntax. But I could also say that Ico might have the same issue as a spren and human language. We do know that perfect gemstones draw Unmade tho, so at least the "Dangerous" (from Ico's POV) has to be true. And I believe that Surges might also be regarded as 'foreign' since the humans brought it when they arrived on Roshar. So yeah, maybe a hint and not definately something proven yet.
  11. Sorry for the zombification. A few lines above that: Perfect gemstones are foreign technology that 'draws the wrong spren' (and we know Unmade are drawn to them)
  12. I'm certainly not the most empathic or articulate to express who Shallan is but I will try. A lot of the general Shallan dislike and disappointment stems from the fact that she doesn't always 'make sense'. A lot of readers, in order to start enjoying her, keep expecting that she'll start to make sense at some point, only to get further disappointed later on. It's a 'catch 22' and in the end, it starts to feel that she 'drags the story'. I don't think her mental state is something a reader would necessarily be able to associate with. And to understand Shallan, we should try to avoid our intrinsic personal projection as readers onto the character (which could work in understanding other characters) but instead understand by empathizing each of her moments separately. As others have said above, the 'truth' that she killed her mother with Pattern is an immensely traumatic one. We need our parents to ground us to who we are and to teach us how to live, so losing a parent is traumatic for any child (remember that she's only 17). Much more so when caused by death, devastating if their death was of a violent nature, crippling when the culprit is the child itself. Now multiply that (if that can be done with trauma) even further because she doesn't have another parent to get support from because she killed him as well! That's a tenfold of 'an understandable reason for existential crisis'. So instead of allowing any of those truths to be 'the' reality, she makes that 'a' reality of many. She copies herself to multiple selves, in order to accept each truth and reality to a separate self. From her first chapter in WoK we get the line 'She hated being duplicitous', so that's the foreshadowing that she has been doing exactly that all along. She creates Veil to be the 'undercover one' and Radiant to use Pattern as a blade, but the biggest truth of this is that all of them are real and all of them are her. Actually, someone could enjoy her character on a re-read even more, by noticing that she has been disassociating as far back as her flashbacks in WoR. There is a detail, a sense of 'coldness' that seems to overtake her on multiple occasions, which I think are the moments she separated herself from reality. She, of course, didn't name those selves every time, so it wasn't an obvious thing for a reader to notice. I'd also like to add another reason for a crisis. The fact that she had a Shardblade as a child, which she has no recollection of acquiring, and the questions that would make her raise and face, but that's a separate thread in itself. And also the fact that truths aren't necessarily a one-to-one match to Ideals, but that's another separate thread as well. Lastly, let me say that I really like the fact that you've realized that you might be missing something and you've made a thread about it. That's a big step that any one of us would struggle to do (I do) and it's commendable that you did it.
  13. I'm not an expert but that's an interesting paragraph and maybe if I say what I'm reminded of it might jumpstart anyone else's memory. So it reminds me: 1. the WoK Prologue where Kalak assesses the aftermath of a battlefield 2. Smokes taking shapes of faces remind me of Midnight Essense 3. Maybe Salash's picture? :
  14. @LerasiumMistborn You are misunderstanding my point. You are assuming that Dalinar is an unimportant character based on word count, but for Hoid you aren't doing the same. Whatever you think of Hoid comes from assumptions, not necessarily WoBs and even if they were, Sanderson is leaving enough breadcrumbs for Hoid (and for future books) as much he does for Dalinar (and future SA), yet you assume one is a lot more important in their own series(and their respective future books) than the other. Let's agree to disagree then because it's basically a RAFO.
  15. I think that Amaram's demise was a little anti-climatic for me, I felt that he would have a more gray role to play in the plot and his involvement in Sons of Honor. I harboured such hate for him since WoK as well and that might've played a role into an assumption that there was something more there. And I'm stating this here because I think this is a done deal otherwise I'd still expect it to be resolved in later books. We just got through the midpoint of the first 5 books after all.