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  1. Main Power - I can't be noticed unless I chose to be. This means I could stand in front of a person, scream and shoot them in the face, and they just wouldn't notice I was there. Better than invincibility but still with a flaw, you can be seen on cameras. The idea is the power effects the minds of people within range, so you could also be noticed more and more the further away from me you get. Second Power - Precognition, not anything crazy, just minor foresight to help dodge bullets and aim better. Weakness - Silence, the idea being this guy is comfortable in a crowd, safe knowing the noise will hide him. So when it's completely quiet you can notice him. Evil Manifestation - He loves to kill in a crowd, walk into homes and shoot dear old gramps in the face without anybody noticing. Realy just kill people when they least expect it.
  2. Spoilers for OB
  3. Soft spoilers for the end of OB
  4. sorry man, still new to the shard, i'll chuck it over in the oathbringer section