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  1. Yeah, the whole lying to reveal the truth plan was such a lightweaver move. It's why I was a believer in the proto-Radiant!Elhokar theory since WOK. I'd also add that beyond the elements of his personality that we see (focused on other's perception of him and his own self-identity/inferiority complex) that are lightweaver-esque his current status is very intriguing to a cryptic. He's technically the King, but no one respects him as a ruler and Navani/Dalinar are treated as the de facto rulers. I can totally see a Cryptic interested in what it means to be "king" as it's very much one of those societal constructs they seem to love.
  2. Like @thegatorgirl00 mention we have a WOB saying that it's not strictly a family relationship thing, but just that being around Radiants makes you more likely to become a Radiant yourself. This can cause positive feedback loops leading to a bunch of clustered Radiants. Basically having a Radiant around makes spren more likely to pay attention to the physical realm, so they more easily find people to bond with, so there are more Radiants around, so more spren are paying attention and so on. The WOB also mentions the spiritual web, I think? So it may also be related to the interactions between the spiritual bonds or "connection" between people and the Nahal bonds that literally meld with an individual's spirit web. Like, it might have been easier for Syl to bind with Kal because he was spiritually connected to Tien, who already had a Nahal bond of his own. For a non-familial cluster think of Bridge Four (now there's some squire stuff going on with them) but after Kaladin reveals himself we see a huge number of Windrunners and proto-Windrunners pop up in a very tight cluster. It basically seems like all of the Windrunners on Roshar are in the Kholin army. It spreads almost like a virus (Kaladin --> Bridge 4 --> Other bridgemen --> Kholin Army). We can see a lot of the current Radiants forming sort of network. This may not be the best metaphor, but I just took by Developmental Bio midterm and it almost acts like the signaling during development to reinforce cell specification. Tien's Cryptic bond made Syl more likely to notice Kaladin which lead to the other Honorspren starting to bond with the rest of Bridge Four. Pattern starts re-bonding with Shallan when she's around Jasnah who we see bonding with Ivory when around Gavilar (a proto-Bondsmith). A good example of this effect is Elhokar. Personally, I think he's a super valid Lightweaver on his own merits, but I also think that a large factor in him being a proto-Radiant was basically being surrounded at all times by Radiants and squires (His sister, sister's ward, cousin, uncle, bodyguard, father, etc.)
  3. I run a book club at my university, and the book for this summer is Way of Kings (and possibly WoR and OB as well). We're having mini-meetings every part. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for discussion questions or topics or just interesting things they noticed for different sections? For part one we talk a lot about opening world building and first impressions, for the future I have some topics planned (Jasnah's Lesson, Dalinar and authority, The Side-Carry). It's a bit tricky cause it's about 3 first-time Sanderson readers, 2 people cosmere veterans, and one person who's read the rest of the cosmere but is a first time SA reader and I'm trying to make discussion interesting for everybody but non-spoiler-y. Any ideas?
  4. I have a pet theory that Kelsier's father kills his mother (after discovering that she was Skaa) leading Kel to kill his father. There's no real textual evidence for it, but for me provides a good basis for why Kel hates Nobles so much despite being raised as one. Also provides a situation where no one alive would know they're half Skaa except for Kel & Marsh, giving the option to continue the lie
  5. lol this gets me deep in the ASIOAF/Stormlight crossover that's been brewing deep inside me for a while. Stannis is clearly a Skybreaker — the law is what's right Davos an Edgedancer — "what is the importance of one bastard boy" "everything" I would put Theon, Sansa, and Arya all as lightweavers (with Sansa being the strongest candidate and Arya the weakest) — various issues of identity/personal truths and in Theon and Sansa's case some creativity Ned, Jon, and Cat I'd put as a Windrunners — Honor! and also protecting (both his family, but also Cersei's and her children) for Ned and Cat's essentially leading the North and also her focus on protecting her family (like Kal and Bridge Four). Jon in the Night's Watch is very much Kaladin and the Bridgemen. Dany is a Bondsmith, but not a very good one or at least a new one — her crusade to free the slaves feels very 'unite me' and also she's clearly speshul which Bondsmiths seem to be Jaime is a also a Windrunner, but a broken one — killing the king to protect the city is a very city is a very windrunner thing to do, along with a lot of his pre-series actions Tyrion is maybe an Elsecaller— his interest and scholarship along with his wide travels
  6. Hi! I've known about this board for a few years, but OB release inspired me finally join. I've been a cosmere fan for years (and an unknowing Sanderson fan for longer! The Evil Librarians was one of my favorite books series as a kid). I started with Mistborn, but I've slowly worked my way though the rest of his books. Stormlight is probably my favorite, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Elantris. I've always been a nut for detailed world-building, but hate when author's don't know how to tell a good story in their world so Sanderson is one of my favs.
  7. Spoilers of WoK, WoR, and ED. I just finished my Storm-light re-read before diving into OB, I wanted to write down the thoughts I had. I add another post with updated information from OB once I finish it. I know it feels kinda stupid to post theories without having finish OB, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I kinda like having it in two parts to prevent spoiling. The idea that something beyond guilt of abandoning the oath-pact is negatively affecting the heralds, specifically by twisting their attributes. ((I like the 9 desolations, one broken heard each one theory but this theory doesn’t depend on that, but they do compliment)) @Argent Fallen Heralds theory is really amazing and reading it helped me finalize mine but in my opinion, the ‘brokenness’ is probably more a twisting that the different heralds react differently too. Some act in direct opposition to their (shalash destroying art), other's lose it (Nale's sense of justice or Jezrins honor), other's take it to terrible extremes (Ishar?) Twisting is something we’ve seen ‘evil’ shards and Sanderson do before. Think Ruin re-writing history. Evidence! This will be most focused on Nale. because we’ve got the most textual evidence of his behavior with some light commentary on Kalak, Jezrien, Taln, and Shalash. Preliminary stuff One of the big lines that stood out to me for conceptualizing this theory is “We weren’t supposed to get worse. Am I getting worse? I think I feel worse.” Nale’s companion in WoR prologue. My belief here is that’s he’s talking about the Heralds and whatever happened to them. The phrasing of it ‘get worse’ implies to me some sort of sickness or outside influence, not simple guilt. The second two statements imply an inability to recognize what’s going wrongfully, leading me to believe that what’s happening is almost some sort of insanity. The Herald’s on some level know that something is deeply wrong with them, but they are unable to fight it. Nale: Losing his internal sense of justice, he follows the law exactly. Nale is an interesting case and is part of what makes theorizing what happened to the herald’s so difficult. One one hand, he’s the most visible herald and we have a comparative trove of information on his current attitude. On the other, He’s clearly an outlier as far as the Herald’s go (His order was the only one the maintain after the Recreance. He’s the only Herald to keep his honor blade.) Nale is also while I say twisting. He’s clearly not acting in direct opposition to his ideal (like Kalak and Shallash lead me to believe) but is no long ‘just’ (He kills a child for stealing in WoR). However, not breaking any laws — he even only seems to be going after surge binders that broke the law and even lets one go when she is pardoned— showing that while he’s willing to twist the law to his goals as best he can, following the law is a sticking point. I believe that Nale’s obsession with following rules is not his insanity, but his way of containing it to the best of his abilities. “Only the Skybreakers ever understood the importance of boundaries. Of picking something external to yourself and using it as a guide. Your minds cannot be trusted. Even my mind—especially my mind—cannot be trusted.” - Edgedancer. Nale speaking to the Skybreakers. Basically going: I’m too insane to make decisions, so I’ll just bind myself to a higher authority and follow laws exactly. Clearly, this isn’t working perfectly, he’s acting pretty insanely throughout Edgedancer and the Interlude, but seems to be trying to do the right thing. If this is true it has some nice parallels in the series. Dalinar does something similar, he attaches himself first to Gravilar and then the Codes, not trusting his own instincts or beliefs but letting himself follow a higher power. Szeth (and the Shin in general) are similar. Warriors can’t be trusted to make decisions, they have to obey whoever holds their stone. Shalash: Destroys expressions of creativity. A lot of people have written about her actions in the Interludes. I don’t have as much to say because honestly, that chapter is more set up for the Nightwatcher than info on Ash. She’s super chill about destroying art, seems almost like it’s her duty to do it, and wants the destroying to be difficult. The evidence here is mostly in support of twisted attributes. Destroying artwork of herself is a pretty simple twisted version of creativity. The idea that she wants it to be difficult leads credence to the idea the Herald’s have some conception that they’re doing something wrong/are trying to control themselves (like Nale and his mistrust of himself). There's lost of wild theorizing that could be done here. Is she destroying is because she's lost her creativity and is jealous? Because she feels a pathological need too? Is her single-minded focus on depictions of herself related to her honest attribute? Jezerin: The protector sacrifice's his own man ““Better that one man should suffer than ten,” Jezrien whispered. He seemed so cold. Like a shadow caused by heat and light falling on someone honorable and true, casting this black imitation behind.” From the WoK prologue, right as the heralds abandon the oathpact. This provides some support to the idea that it wasn’t just thousands of years of guilt that has caused the heralds to act wrong. Something is clearly wrong with Jezrien, he’s abandoning one of his men (against protecting). The phrasing ‘like a shadow caused by heat and light’ brings to mind the effect of an outside influence to me. Specifically, Odium considering his description of a harsh, golden light/energy at the end of WoR. Nale comments on his ‘drooling’ which is more evidence in support of insanity as well. Kalak: The resolute man feels weak Also from the prologue, we see Kalak, who is supposed to be resolute consider breaking the oathpact before even meeting up with Jezrien. He’s described as “shaking” and wonders “when had he become so weak?” If you assume Kalak is the other man Jasnah see’s talking to Nale in the WoR prologue, there’s more support to Kalak’s loss of resolve. He acts paranoid and extremely indecisive. Ishar: The wise leader loses sight of the journey. He’s been telling Nale to kill Radiants in an attempt to prevent to Void-bringers from coming back [ED]. Fits the theory because Ishtar has lost sight of his goal (prevent the void bringers and odium from escaping) but he’s going about it in a twisted or insane way, by killing the only people how can escape. If he’s the God-King of Tukar that some people theorize, that’s more evidence in favor that his divine attribute is twisted. He’s still acting in the vein of being pious and guiding, but it’s twisted into becoming a God-King (never really a good term) that even Mraize is scared of. TLDR: Odium’s breaking of the Herald’s made them slowly go insane, expressed by twisting their divine attributes.