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  1. Kaladin was never 'made sport of.' His depression and PTSD are reoccurring, frequently rearing their heads at the worst times.... But they are never made light of. Brandon portrays them in an extremely realistic way(Based on the posts I've read from people suffering from such issues) and calling him a crybaby/weak-willed is just insensitive in the face of how heavy a burden depression or PTSD can be. The criticism about Kaladin's brother seems a tad unfair as well. You need to keep in mind that this series is planned to have 10 books. Things will be brought up only for usage in future. Not to mention that even with Brandon's decent juggling skills, there simply won't be time for some characters.
  2. I think you're just dissuading their points by way of hatred for a character.
  3. So, Oathbringer has quite a few references to the Sleepless. The one that has stood out the most to me has to be from page 438, during Dalinar's vision of Aharietiam, we get: Now, this has multiple implications. 1. Tighter Aimian - Human relations than what we see in modern day. The Aimian actively opposed Odium's encroaching forces. 2. Something has occurred since Aharietiam that has caused the Sleepless to avoid open communication with humanity. Likely related to the disaster said to have scoured Aimia of most of it's people. Thoughts?