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  1. @Diomedes Yes, it had a LOT of good arguments. It had more good arguments then bad ones. The problems is that everyone was ignoring them. But yes, if anyone wants to trawl through it and find the OSDD stuff, it was discussed at length there.
  2. I am a psychology student, specializing in disorders and criminal psychology but also, medically speaking have actually gone through almost exactly what Shallan is going through as of OB. I do not believe Shallan has DID. That's not what it is. What she has is most likely Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD) type-1b. If you want to know more, here's a thing. The reason I'm so sure is because of deep personal experience that I don't really want to go into too much detail about. OSDD example 1 is either identity disturbance with less distinct parts than in Dissociative Identity Disorder (they cannot physically take executive control over the person's body, but strongly influence the person's thoughts and actions and amnesia is present), known as DDNOS-1a [7]:409, or distinct dissociative parts (alters or alternate identities) exist and can take executive control, but without amnesia, [5][6] known as DDNOS-1b. Read more: http://traumadissociation.com/osdd I might use this to say something, but I'm kinda scared after some experiences on the Locked Thread that Shall not be Named. I understand that Brandon wanted to make this a magical thing. But the problem is, by avoiding Hollywood DID, he managed to portray a very accurate representation of real OSDD. With one major exception. The treatment. The implication is that Shallan's actions in Oathbringer have been a positive step to recovery. The problem is that it is almost the complete opposite of the healthy treatment options for this condition. The chances are small, but I worry that someone reading Oathbringer with OSDD may recognize their own symptoms in Shallan, except they'll end up walking away with completely wrong cues based on the ending and presentation of Shallan's arc in OB. I'm very interested to know whether Brandon was aware of the existence of this condition. It's a long shot, but I might as well @PeterAhlstrom on the off chance he sees it and passes it along. I must admit, as someone who went through a very similar mental trial, it was very difficult to read most of the Shallan parts of Oathbringer. Especially the end. She inadvertently did all the things that professionals advocate NOT doing to treat the condition. Sorry for the rant. I hope this at least sheds some light on things.
  3. So, I think I've officially burned out on this thread. And on forums in general. I'm not pointing any fingers or attempting to be disparaging. I just feel like what's happening is a lot of people talking AT each other instead of WITH each other. People seem to be predisposed to stating opinion as fact. I dunno, maybe I'm just stupid, but I feel like nothing's going anywhere.
  4. So, a lot of Shadolin vs Shalladin. I'll just leave this little tidbit *cough*Kadolin*cough* here.
  5. I'm pretty sure it was a joke XD
  6. So, someone pointed me to this link, which is about as WoB as it gets. http://faq.brandonsanderson.com/node/253 Here's the last sentence of that bit, but I do recommend reading the whole thing. So, that suggests that stuff is going to happen regarding Sadeas. If it isn't resolved, than he is just going back on what he has said.
  7. So, this really struck me. Because I feel very strongly that that is exactly what Shallan is doing on her wedding day. The marriage is not a formality to her, it seems like the marriage is when she makes the decision to spend the rest of her life with Adolin. Sorry if I didn't explain that very well.
  8. So, I'm not going to comment on the rest of that post. However, as a member of said ilk, I'm kinda disturbed by that. The phrasing implies an element of division. Aren't we supposed to be a community as a whole? I mean no offense, nor am I attempting to defend or disparage anyone, I just feel that the general tone of the message implies a division, though I'm not sure who the "sides" are in that matter. I think that's what disturbs me the most. It seems to me like an "us vs them" moment.
  9. Lift is ethnically Reshi, but was raised in a weird place, and spends most of her time in Makabaki regions. So I don't think heritage has anything to do with it.
  10. I may be a horrible person for saying/thinking this. But it would be fascinating if Shallan was the one who killed Adolin. There are a few ways that might end up happening too. That would be a fun road to go down.
  11. Isn't bacon kinda overrated? Just my take on it. I'll be honest, it makes me think a bit better of Lift.
  12. I would love hanging out with Szeth. Certainly, I would much rather hang out with Szeth and Nightblood than I would with Adolin. But maybe I'm just weird.
  13. So, we don't actually have a max range. We also know that dead blades can hold shape, so it makes sense that arrows could as well. In addition, shardbows are huge. You could probably get away with arrows the size of javelins. At that size, centre-mass is more likely than not to sever the spine. Headshots would also kill instantly, and we know that's possible with the regular shardbows. Also, we know that cutting a gemheart with a shardblade kills fused. Kaladin does it on the wall.
  14. See, here's the beauty of it. You already have mundane shardbows. You just need arrows. The spren just needs to be an infinitely returning arrow. The reason I say this is that with plate, drawing the bow is no problem. The bow does not necessarily need to be made of spren. We see from Rock that it is perfectly possible to get a high degree of power and accuracy with what they already have. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  15. So, I would like to preface this by saying I acknowledge that your family members have been through a lot. I do not mean to offend in any way. However, I think some of you posts, particularly the bit in bold, are getting into the Fallacy of Relative Privation. Objectively speaking, there are such things as better or worse problems. However, on a person to person level, that's not really relevant at all. If a person goes through something "not as bad" but still ends up an emotional wreck, that should not be held against them. Similarly, if someone goes through something "worse" it should not be a mark against people who don't hold together as well. Everyone is different, and that does not make some people better or worse than others.