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  1. The podcast was recommended to me. Looking forward to catching up on the archives. I've always been a big fan of stories, everything from the written word to moving pictures. I have lots of ideas but immense trouble stringing the words together to make a finished story. I'm looking to develop the discipline to turn ideas into reality.
  2. I eventually stumbled across that. I can download individual episodes and transfer to my phone via itunes but it's not as convenient as being able to grab them over the air. While I can technically download and play on the fly, poor 3G coverage makes that dicey. Always safer to have the content snug and secure on the unit itself. Sigh, curse you, dratted Apple. Thanks for the welcome! I'll visit that forum.
  3. It looks like only the most recent episodes are available on iTunes and there's a powerfully large backlog of episodes I've missed.