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  1. We just left but traffic is looking a lot worse then expected so drive is like 40 minutes more then it should be. But we’re on our way!
  2. I'm coming again with @Shardhorse (Brianna, blue hair) again! We'll be bringing a friend we've dragged into the cosmere who isn't quite caught up yet
  3. Thanks You should do it!! It wasn't as painful as everyone had been telling me it could be - of course, pain varies by person - but I'm so pleased with it (if you do, pictures!) Eh, just hair. But the tattoo looks awesome!! I'm already considering more cosmere related tattoos (mistborn metals.... maybe a quote as well. it's an addiction)
  4. I’m so hyped about my tattoos I’m going to try and resurrect this thread. I want to see if any of you guys have tattoos cosmere related. Or if there’s ones you’re planning/thinking of getting. my friend and I got them in response to Oathbringer coming out (both of these are mine though). And I might have the first fleet kept running tattoo? I adore it a whole hell of a lot.
  5. Anyone hanging out waiting for their signing number to be called and want to talk Oathbringer/cosmere (we might not be on your level, but we’re tired). We’re in the D 20’s and one of us has bright green hair. Edit: great hanging out with you cool people! Sorry we had to immediately run post signing but our friend had work.