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  1. I view the thread relatively often, but I don't post anything unless I have a sufficient chunk of contiguous free time, which is not always the case when I view the thread. I also have a tendency to vote late in the cycle instead of voting early and changing my vote several times, which is a tendency I might get around to changing at some point. While everyspren is welcome to roleclaim if they wish, I haven't felt that there are enough spren capable of immediately proving their roles that a mass claim would limit the search for Sja-Anat enough to offset the conversion information the elims would gain. Perhaps others feel as you do, in which case I would like to hear others' opinions. @Mailliw73, how will the writeup indicate the effects of vote manipulation from Inkspren and Illumination?
  2. Coop (4) - Randuir, Lumgol, Rath, Devotary Lumgol (2) - Levitaph, Coop Fifth (2) - Shqueeves, Fura Sart (2) - Elandera, CadCom Rath (1) - Lopen CadCom (1) - Sart We've got a pretty wide spread of votes here. I'm not really seeing the lynch on Sart, even though it is definitely not true that having time to post gives one time to make an informed vote. I think that I'll put a 4th vote on Coop unless he wants to make progress towards gaining a Radiant with a second and third post.
  3. Votes have happened, it seems. I note that Shqueeves has in the past used RNG to place votes as a villager, so that's not innately suspicious. Lum doesn't seem to be acting the same way she did last game as an eliminator, but I would assume that would be true regardless of alignment as offering to help others make decisions is frowned upon. The immediate vote on Fifth is odd, as the vote was 1-1 at that point with well over a day left in the cycle, and no attempt had yet been made to get Sart to retract his vote. I'm personally of the opinion that even bad ideas are better than no ideas as far as strategy is confirmed as the former can potentially be improved. Suggesting that inactives might be evil allowed us to come to the public statement that inactives are less likely to be evil as they are poor conversion targets. There is also a difference between Sja-Anat and a standard elim, as she starts off powerful and vulnerable and gradually weakens in power and becomes the most expendable elim. Fifth took the time to come up with some reasoning for his countervote, which has since been retracted. There's no information on how Fifth acts as an original elim, and I disagree that mechanics analysis during the early part D1 acts as a screen for player analysis(especially as a number of people have said they wouldn't contribute anything until they reread the rules), but he sounds more like a villager with strong opinions than a villager worried about being lynched. The fact that nobody who has voted for him has done so with any specific reasoning other than keeping his vote around helps this conclusion. Fura should be coming back in a couple of hours? so we'll see if that reasoning stands. Coop doesn't seem to have a history of bandwagoning D1 so far as I can tell, choosing instead to lynch the GM on a couple occasions, but data is limited there. It's hard to tell how much of that vote was a safe place to gain a percentage chance of becoming a Radiant spren and how much was actual suspicion of Lum, especially as the lynch was slowly starting to sway away from Lum. If it's the former, Coop will want to get those three posts in.
  4. Elandera survives two 50-50% chances, but in the end the almighty Gods of Luck and Chance claim the life of the third Forgotten and gives the Soldiers their second win that required lucky tiebreakers. I really should have known that Elandera was evil after the acid claim, which would have come up far earlier had it been true. At least Steeldancer was able to use my bribe to good effect.
  5. It will likely be easier to find Sja-Anat than a particular convert, because of the surviving the lynch ability, because she's the only one with a suspicious ability that can be viewed by Highspren, and because many other players can prove their spren type(Highspren, Truthspren, Inkspren, Stormfather for sure, the others could probably engineer a situation where they could demonstrate their role). It would probably be counterproductive and boring for those spren to claim, but it may be helpful later on to narrow down possibilities for the conversion role. I personally will be focusing on item creation, particularly hoping to synthesise my very own Radiant. I will be happy to share my results with anyone who asks, especially if the Cryptics get the PMs up.
  6. If Celebrant wasn't safe anymore, Meladian didn't plan on spending any more time here than necessary. If she had a Radiant she'd be able to collect materials from the physical realm, but for now, scavenging and bartering for materials and items was the only option. Perhaps she could create her own Radiant. Surely that couldn't be too difficult. Meladian gathered that humans were made out of flesh and had some sort of liquid inside them, both of which were standard essences. Perhaps the Stormfather would know more.
  7. So who took the three lanterns C2? I remember Gaea claiming one, Arraenae the second, and Snipexe a third. Was there a fourth person who claimed a lantern? We might be able to determine guilt from that I'm not thinking that elim!Elandera would force me to vote for her by setting up a direct conflict with me, though it would have been helpful if she'd claimed acid back during C3. I'll put my vote on Snipexe for now. Edit: If there was a fourth lantern claimant, then Snipexe is probably evil. If there was not a fourth lantern claimant, then either Elandera is evil or Joe was bribed by a villager.
  8. I'm actually pretty sure Elandera is lying. I used my lantern C2 as I've said, and it showed that Kidpen and CadCom attempted to grab crabs. @Sart, would my scan have shown that CadCom attempted to take a crab if he'd been roleblocked?
  9. I'm still reasonably sure that it was the elims who used the bribe C2. That would mean a team of CadCom+Snipexe would have been pretty sure of killing Snipexe and leaving CadCom alive. A team of CadCom+Elandera would give a 50% chance of a teammate dying, with Elandera becoming more trusted if CadCom survived and then later died. @Snipexe and @Elandera, what actions did you take C2?
  10. Especially after last game, I would not have risked having a teammate needlessly die C1. Bussing teammates early to gain trust also isn't fun for the player killed. I also confirmed that Kidpen was the second player to go for the crab that C2, which I stated in thread C4.
  11. So Elandera went for the gun, while Snipexe is claiming to have used either a lantern or a crab. Steeldancer somehow knew that Xinoehp had taken a bribe, suggesting that Steel used a lantern on the same cycle that the lone elim submitted a kill. I don't know how Steel could have known what Xino did if a lantern wasn't used. Elandera was the decisive vote on CadCom, and evidently went for the gun last cycle which would be a terrible idea for an elim. I still don't see why CadCom would have voted for Snipexe instead of Kidpen if Snipexe was evil though.
  12. Now that Kidpen has claimed bribe, it becomes more important for anyone else who might have bribed me to claim. Ifthe player who bribed Joe C2 was not CadCom, they should claim if they're still alive, as I somewhat doubt that the elim team started with two bribes.
  13. I'm assuming that whoever bribed me did so when my vote was still on Gaea. I'm not sure if it's worth it for whoever did so to claim.
  14. A tie finally went against us it seems. I forgot to take an action because I assumed the game was going to end, so I don't have a bribe. We have enough players to lynch Kidpen though.
  15. So Joe is definitely the thief. If Joe has three items, he has no reason to lie anymore. If Joe only has two items, we can afford a mislynch. I can switch back to Kidpen. @xxGaea, @A Joe in the Bush, @Elandera, @Steeldancer are we voting on Kidpen, or am I going insane?