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  1. Well, with my last act I will vote for CadCom just for fun. Lieutenant Mauve suffers a timeline-rending death.
  2. There's one, at most two elims who would be around to defend an elim, and there are certainly that many people hesitating on the lynch. I'm not entirely sure who I'm going to vote for. My best lead is if it turns out that stealing doesn't prevent knife roleblocks, which would mean CadCom straight up lied about his C2 action. Other than that, I don't see why Striker expressing support of Sart in PMs before voting on Coda makes it less suspicious.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's because I voted early for Coda C1 which helped lead to Sart not getting lynched, and because I don't have a verifiable action for C1. Sart's vote did not appear to be out of character, so I choose to vote for somebody else. The other living players without actions backed up by some evidence are Venture(almost certainly village), Elandera(probably used binoculars), Elkanah, Twibanu, and Joe. Something I just noticed after rereading CadCom's claim that his roleblock was prevented by theft, we've gotten confirmation that the knife blocks any action, which should include stealing. @BrightnessRadiant, does that mean stealing someone's knife would not prevent a roleblock from going through, regardless of what time the two actions were sent in?
  4. I'm here, I just can't think of too much useful to say. This post will thus contain no pertinent information. Not everybody started with a knife, but apparently enough people did that only one person purchased a knife from the black market. Kidpen is essentially correct that my vote on DeTess was mostly useless, just to put down some opinions and ensure that there wasn't a tied lynch. My vote was useless, but so was any other vote I could have cast. Other than that, it was public knowledge that Stick had the binoculars, and I'm guessing the reason they weren't removed from play is that somebody stole them before the kill went through. Theft apparently occurs instantaneously, so items that one steals cannot be taken away if targeted by an earlier theft action. The main takeaway from Sart's alignment is that Venture is presumably good. Striker looks worse, while Twibanu perhaps a bit better and Elandera a bit worse.
  5. Elandera may have tried and failed to use the binoculars Kynedath claims she had, although that is not confirmable action. An elim with binoculars might well use them if there was somebody else available to submit the kill, although there's no reason an elim wouldn't have binoculars. Most everyone else, including me, with an unknown claims no action, so far as I can remember. A 3-2-2 lynch isn't super ideal, because a tie results in no death. I don't want to be the cause of that, but I'm also not sure about DeTess. Kidpen's failed vote throws even more confusion into that. I suppose I will vote for her just in case, and as a possible killer.
  6. I think the big thing is that we have no idea how many people weren't around for rollover, but the list presumably contains more than three people. We know those three missed it, but anyone who didn't post after my vote might not have noticed that Coda was being lynched. You CadCom(who admitted it), and Elandera posted before Twibanu did and could have missed rollover for anyone was paying attention. People like me who checked in on the lynch/kill results but didn't post anything could have missed rollover.
  7. Mauve had been too slow in escaping. With the death of Absodel, nobody was being allowed to leave. Any attempt to run would be noticed, and while Mauve still had his sniper rifle, such a weapon was not well suited for close quarters. Trying to shoot his way out would be futile and likely result in his death. That left waiting for Enforcement to crack down and fleeing in the chaos, or working alongside the Doctor until an opportunity arose to bail. Enforcement had to be coming soon, as his Core surely would have noticed his failure to respond to his mobile by now and would be searching for him near his last reported location. Or they would assume him dead, recruit some other sniper, and forget about him. Mauve tried not to think about that. His Epic commander, Professor Burns, didn't seem to care too much about anyone, but the other three members of the Core would at the very least miss having an experienced sniper. Surely anyone new wouldn't have the same years of training, right? They had to come for him eventually. Do note that there are almost certainly people who checked on the Shard in the ~2.5 hour time period between C1 rollover and Twibanu's post. CadCom, Elkanah, and Kidpen definitely missed rollover, but they certainly don't have been the only ones. Striker, Twibanu, Sart, and Stick definitely were around, but anyone else is an unknown. That somewhat helps their cases, though Twibanu might have been able to swing a lynch to someone other than Coda if Sart/Coda was a supposed v/v. Unless someone else wants to claim thieving from Lemon, CadCom is likely telling the truth about his action. @Kidpen will die from the inactivity filter at the end of this cycle unless he posts.
  8. It's also possible that the other elims had an item actions they wanted to take. Stealing is less likely, as it doesn't matter too much who takes an item but matters more that the killer is around to see the lynch results. Since it appears now that kill orders can be overridden by another elim, which I believe is standard protocol, they should have been able to prioritise a kill over any other action though.
  9. Sart (3): Tess, Twi, Venture Coda (2): Stick, DevotaryElandera (1): Sart Kynedath(1): Joe Kynedath had the tendency to avoid voting D1, so I don't think that choice this game is alignment indicative. Sart is far more willing to kill people D1 and will move his vote around if necessary. As a means to provoke more votes, Sart's vote certainly succeeded. I feel better about the active players(I recall Twi, DeTess, Stick, and Elandera) who so far will only be getting one point because of lacking RP. Being instructed to limit one's points to avoid suspicion is possible, but since acquiring items is beneficial for everyone going for two game related posts and 150 words doesn't mean someone is evil. I will vote for Coda today over Venture.
  10. Lieutenant Mauve had certainly stumbled upon a fine way to end up dead. An operation this big was bound to have leaks, especially when the organisers were so careless as to permit Enforcement agents such as himself to stroll right in. The situation wasn't yet disastrous; if he left now he could be gone by the time Enforcement inevitably showed up in greater numbers to execute everyone involved. Unfortunately, his own core would likely be part of any crackdown, given their Epic's reputation for extracting secrets through slow, successive burning. If he came back as part of his Enforcement core, there was a chance he would be recognised by one of these doomed rebels, and being outed like that would be just as fatal as remaining here to die with the others since the rest of his core didn't know he was here. He would have to ensure he stayed even further away from the action than he usually did and not let himself be seen at all. Knives will never get full coverage because they can presumably roleblock other knives, but it still seems like the best item one can pick up, especially as there's enough knives for everybody. The two bulletproof vests can be saved for anyone who already has a knife or binoculars, as although that does increase the risk of the elims getting that protection, vests aren't super useful for the elims and they may well decide not to spend points getting them. Smoke bombs are unlikely to be a major issue as they're only one use and there presumably aren't too many binoculars in play. @BrightnessRadiant, what result is received when viewing a smoke bomb with binoculars? If it shows no action, it should be easy to tell whether a smoke bomb was used because everybody has the ability to take actions every cycle.
  11. I'll be Lieutenant Mauve, an experienced sniper for Enforcement.
  12. Voelge had never liked going to balls. There were plenty of other Ventures who were available to attend, but every time she was forced to go. Just because she was expected to 'pull her weight' and 'pay off her debts', the head Ventures seemed to believe she had to do whatever they wanted. Today, Voelge would finally start disobeying her orders. She would go to the ball initially, but take the first opportunity to leave. There was a wide world outside Luthadel, and she was eager to explore it.
  13. Just to make sure we get a majority lynch, I can vote for Devotary. That should put me at eight votes out of twelve.
  14. You still had a definite chance of winning. If you'd gotten Bard's Shardplate instead of Straw, you would have had a much better chance. Had you won the tied lynch and at some point knifed Stink or Straw knifed Stink and reversed you instead of the other way around you would go onto N7. If Stink had then kept the Shardblade instead of the pain knife after Straw's death, you would have a 100% chance of winning as two attempts of reversing the same vote cancels both actions so you could automatically win lynches D8 and D9. We probably would have called the game after Stink chose which Tier 1A item he wanted to keep and assumed optimal voting strategy instead of dragging the game on for up to five more days.
  15. I can say that it would be foolish to put suspicion on elim!me by voting that late in the cycle knowing perfectly well that Striker was going to die anyway. My vote would merely have made Lemon die as well, which is not at all worth exposing myself to the lynch and the alignment scanners the elims presumably knew were out there(unless it is true the elims don't have abilities as they can fabricate scans equally well without actually having any abilities.) I would like to have a majority lynch though, and killing me would at least confirm Lum's alignment or prove my scans are useless.