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  1. So nobody was even attacked, apparently. I guess that makes sense, although attacking someone with possible random redirection is more fun.
  2. If Rath is willing to end the cycle early, I would be fine with ending the turn today.
  3. An elim disgraced striker would be overly powerful, as every elim would need to be lynched twice and a double lynch that doesn't work is essentially game over as the elims assassinate the Spy. An elim Arbiter and/or Survivor would be more reasonable. Last time we had the elims lead the argument that a striker-type role shouldn't save themselves from the lynch. These strikers are more valuable, but we also don't want to get in the habit of double-lynching although we'll probably have to at some point between potential elim survivors and D3 Disco EO. I don't think it's likely that Rath would say this as an elim unless there is a full vanilla elim team.
  4. There's no way Rath has iron will and silver bones, and regardless he probably would have told me if he had a legitimate way to survive an attack. I don't get to know who I redirected Rath to, but it seems nobody has gone insane.
  5. I was hoping the LG would be finished, but I suppose I can sign up as Faitren. Is the Reform Spy immune to the inactivity filter? I doubt the Reform Spy would go down that route, but they could.
  6. Mists just increases the passive chance of insanity, which you should be immune to. I did not track you last night, and if it was Venture he didn't tell me about it.
  7. If both elims are active, there's nothing anyone else can do. Save your mists for tonight so you don't go insane, although I suppose you can't go insane. I guess you can redirect someone's action just for fun.
  8. It is not actually possible to get a successful lynch today. A no lynch keeps our vote power high enough to have a lynch tomorrow. I don't think we lose at 2-2, especially if I'm still alive and sane. Tonight, we use Mists of Releh to redirect the kill with a decent chance of success, and a 40% chance of having the kill redirected to an elim.
  9. If Hats was an attempted convert, waiting for Aman to claim in a Necromancer PM wasn't going to do hats or Xino any good. There's nothing too much be lost by claiming, although the elims did know who the Necromancer was and would have killed CadCom before he could relay a message from Aman if Hats was evil. @Rathmaskal, you might as well retract your vote. If you're a villager, your vote isn't going to do any good, and it could be harmful if the Founder is the only elim active enough to vote. The Founder can shift a vote, but cannot touch a no-vote. It's unclear whether we have a Founder, but we might as well be cowardly and hope we don't reach the vote minimum.
  10. Why would that mean Xin and Hats aren't evil? It would be reasonable for the elims to scan Aman while killing him, just to see who he converted. Once Aman died, he became unable to say whether or not Hats was successfully converted and it would be simple for Xino to claim regardless of either's alignment. The Necronomicon was supposed to be handed out N2, and since nobody used it then I assumed somebody would N3. The dumbest interpretation of the clue is that roles were handed out based on RP names. This theory is almost entirely based on the fact that we had an Arr.chaeologist, a Governor Lord Ghent, and a village Innocent. That would suggest Enasni most out of the three candidates. Not all the names fit the role though, so this is probably false. @Rathmaskal, who did you use Mists on? If Elandera went insane from the Necronomicon, and I went insane from being attacked, it suggests that the Deep One didn't drive anyone insane, and thus there was only one active elim last night.
  11. There are now more elims than sane villagers, so how about we just lynch me and be done with it?
  12. There aren't any other day actions that are super useful at this point, so you might as well use Mists on a Founder candidate. The archaeologist should probably claim since we definitely don't have an active bounty hunter and the elims already know the archaeologist's identity. Their action is kind of risky, as it has a 1/12 chance of making the lynch even more skewed in the elims favour. Can Mists of Releh redirect other Mists actions?
  13. Looks like the elims took the safe way instead of the exciting way. That does increase the likelihood of a Deep One, as I took no action that would have caused insanity. We have 5-2 in terms of players. In terms of votes though, it's only 3-2 because Venture and I are insane. If the elims hammer, they have a base 80% chance of succeeding from the Founder, and if we choose the wrong target they won't even need to hammer. Using Mists of Releh in an attempt to change the Founder's target may be helpful, though there's only a 2/7 chance of hitting an elim even if someone manages to target the Founder. Did the owner of the Necronomicon manage to use it last night? @Elandera, @Snipexe, does the 1/3 village votes needed to lynch the Deep One include the Governor double vote as one vote or two? The latter would necessitate 6/3=2 votes, while the former should be 5/3=1.
  14. Fifth's death was definitely a self-sacrifice, as the kill others action takes place at night.
  15. Thus ends Fifth's first game starting as an elim. It appears we've had a subtle and unfortunate rule change, where self-sacrifice now allows the elims to convert even if the sacrificed member wasn't an inactive. Someone has now become an elim. I'm pretty sure that clears Ventyl at least. Either the Founder shifted a vote from CadCom to me, someone did Voices in the Crowd, or the archaeologist got very unlucky. The archaeologist could open claim except for the possibility of a bounty hunter or that the archaeologist is now evil. The owner of the Necronomicon can now use their item to grant a hint of the Deep One's identity.