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  1. Theoretically, Lumgol will attack the last person whose name has not been crossed off. It's unclear whether she will actually take this advice, but I would be willing to cross you off. xinoehp512: Rogiv Elandera: Tahrie Field Snipexe: Snip A Joe in the Bush: Joseph Watson Rathmaskal: Notath Reat Droughtbringer: Matist Rist Devotary of Spontaneity: Slavista Norman I think I am here: Pete Gazon Lumgol: Logmul of Sdrawkcab MrakeDarshall: Drake Marshall Kidpen: Newt Scamander Shqueeves: Jeeves
  2. I don't think we can finish this before the cycle ends unless we have a few active players taking multiple turns to eliminate people, but: xinoehp512: Rogiv Elandera: Tahrie Field Snipexe: Snip A Joe in the Bush: Joseph Watson Rathmaskal: Notath Reat Droughtbringer: Matist Rist Devotary of Spontaneity: Slavista Norman I think I am here: Pete Gazon Lumgol: Logmul of Sdrawkcab MrakeDarshall: Drake Marshall Kidpen: Newt Scamander Shqueeves: Jeeves Eliminated Snipexe.
  3. It is now the beginning of round three and more than half the players are still alive, so Joe owes Snip two colored pieces of chalk. In other news, Xino is still alive despite not saying anything in thread, so he must be secretly submitting actions.
  4. I did not kill CadCom. I was more focused on making sure I didn't die. Be wary of making deals with Drought. He's shown himself to be perfectly willing to break his word and fail to uphold his end of the bargain. 3 14 4 / 7 10 / 10 14 14 / 2 24 / 7 10 2 17 15 / 4 6 14 / 10 19 11 14 / 8 21 9 14 / 19 15 19 2 17 / 11 19 1 14 10 / 2 4 / 14 19 10 2 14 26 / 4 21 / 8 26 19 8 1
  5. I am not planning to attack you, and am not sure how you came to that conclusion. The closest thing I can think of is that I participated in Drought's defense exchange program just for fun, and in return for my defense I inquired about yours, largely because of your post about possible defense distributions. If you are in contact with Drought, then you should know which defense I claimed. I'm more interested in not being the first kill four games in a row than attacking anyone, and as any information Drought could have given me would almost certainly be useless, I wouldn't have acted on anything he told me.
  6. I'm not sure asparagus if we even rutabaga can all win eggplant, as everyone would watermelon have to die eggplant at the same pineapple time while having lemon the same number asparagus of kills, which nectarine would require an nectarine round of delay iceberg-lettuce and at least nectarine as many Ballantain grape defenses as Taylor. 14 5 14 26 22 21 5 14 / 14 3 10 14 / 13 4 6 19 / 19 / 11 19 4 10 21 14 / 17 21 13 10 / 21 15 26 / 8 6 19 17 8 14 / 4 21 / 1 2 10 10 / 4 6 21 10 14 / 18 14 10 13 22 / 4 19 22 18 21 26 10
  7. "Don't depend on tracing," Slavitsa's teachers had always told her. "In a duel, or when facing the wild chalklings, speed is more important than precision." These same professors then lamented the impossibility of drawing perfect circles in practice, as if it wasn't their own fault for being too impatient. Slavitsa would show them all with her latest innovation, the retractable ring. Capable of being folded small enough to fit around her wrist, the ring could be extended to a full meter in diameter, large enough to trace a single-occupancy Rithmatic defense. Perhaps not suitable for the Nebrask battlefields, where giant circles were needed to prevent the wild chalklings from massacring more fragile non-Rithmatists, but an excellent implement for duels such as this one. With the help of her trusty ruler, Slavista was able to trace out the Easton defense more quickly and far more accurately than if she had attempted to draw the defense by hand. Chalklings were more difficult. From experimentation, Slavitsa had learned that traced chalklings performed worse than poorer quality freehand scribbles. Luckily, even an amorphous blob would fulfill its intended purpose; protecting the circle from Lines of Vigor and rival chalklings. Circle complete, Slavitsa began drawing Lines of Vigor as quickly as she could towards the nearest student.
  8. The only way I could see a Ballantain player possibly winning is if everyone dies before alliances fall apart. The Ballantain defence is entirely dependent on being defended by their allies, and once their alliances are broken by death or betrayal, the best they can possibly hope for is that everyone dies at once, which I feel is unlikely until there are so few players that everyone would have been attacked at least once, which would be fatal to a Ballantain player. With 21 players though, victory is unlikely enough that playing this defence just for fun would be a reasonable choice. More worrying is a Matson alliance, who could verify each other's defences by targeting each other in cyclical fashion. Cycle 1, there would be a bloodbath where the Matsons ruthlessly slaughter all the Ballantain and Taylor player, suffering only a few casualties in the process. If a majority of players choose this option, a lot of people won't really get a chance to play, similar to the earlier version of this game where over 1/3 of the players automatically died before C1 began unless all three defences were equally represented. I personally feel that the game would be most interesting if everyone drew the Taylor defence and then abstained from using Lines of Forbiddance. Everyone gets two guaranteed cycles to participate, and alliances have to work together to double-tap targets with Lines of Vigor.
  9. I will sign up as Slavitsa Norman, a younger Rithmatist who believes there's nothing wrong or dishonorable about tracing defences.
  10. There was never really a push to have an actual D1 lynch, and the two vote minimum rule that was theoretically in place meant that a single vote would not have been fatal. This turned out to not be the case, but a Seer who happened to have been voted on D1 should not have felt an urgent need to protect themselves. As conversions went after Seeking in the original game and in the rules that Straw posted, I'm assuming that without a clear follow-up statement of a rule change, conversions do indeed take place after Seeking.
  11. To be fair, this was also something I did in voting for Jondesu. The pool of suspects were not wide for either of us. 'Obligator' refers to all villagers, but it's also the name for roleless like Walin and Xino. As CadCom previously had his vote on you, your scan likely proves that CadCom is not the Seer. Itiah's vote for Lumgol at least had prior reasoning, as Itiah previously stated suspicion of Alvron and Lumgol. This will be my last post of the day turn, and in the absence of any other insights, I'll keep my vote on Jondesu.
  12. I have approximately zero leads as to the traitors are. What I do have is several players who I believe have a less than 1/16 chance of being the Seer. Combined with a hesitance for another inactive lynch, that narrows down the pool somewhat. For right now, I'll vote Jondesu. While potentially irrelevant, he does fit the pattern of being active through cycle 1 and then being not visibly present cycle 2 where no kill occurred. @Jondesu, when did your opposition to discussing wide-scale plans publicly begin?
  13. That strategy would be betting a lot on the Coinshot's continued restraint. With an active Coinshot, the Seer would be able to convert one player, who would then have to kill every single player by themselves, an improbable feat. Even if we wanted to, no-lynches aren't possible in this game. If nobody voted, a random player would die every day turn. which is not a preferable outcome.
  14. Options that, while not especially likely, are worth mentioning: 1.The elims did try to make a kill, and ended up hitting a village Thug or someone protected by a village Lurcher. 2. The N1 convert was a Smoker or Lurcher, and the elims decided to have that convert protect the Seer to ensure the Seer would live long enough to use all their atium for conversions. Lurchers and Thugs are informed of attacks, so if 1. is true, there is likely a villager out there who could confirm this. Being saved by a Lurcher does not confirm alignment and village Thugs who claim to have survived an attack may well be lynched just in case they're the Seer, so choosing to confirm would be up to the villager in question should this be the case.
  15. I still feel that any Coinshots out there should attack somebody tonight. If the target survives, perhaps they could do a PM relay chain similar to the type suggested for Seekers. I'm less sure about this second part, as surviving an attack is far less alignment indicative than being scanned as evil, and while the identity of the Coinshot wouldn't be revealed for certain, a reasonable suspicion could be catastrophic if the Coinshot PMs an elim first and the elims decide to kill that player(or convert them, which is also a possibility, especially if the Seer has 2 beads at that point) just in case.