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  1. I'm the IM for this game unless something changes in the next hour.
  2. Pretty much everything I wanted to say went into the docs, so it'll just be questions here. What roles did the living players have? What were the differences between the rules doc and the actual rules that got used? Was it just that history, realmatic theory, and physics? actually did something? What were the circumstances that caused backgrounds to be activated? What were the actual rules of realmatic theory that caused my vote to show up as having voted for Pyro?
  3. This cycle probably won't have meaningful vote manipulation. Scanning D2 Lotus votes could find out why there were three people voting on her but only one vote counted. Knowing which two votes were removed might not be super helpful, but it would test Lotus's claim of removing Illwei's vote and it would be interesting if Vapor's vote didn't count after her D1 vote target was also missing a vote. Matrim roleblocker ability doesn't come with auto-vote removal, so his vote being missing would suggest a rogue vote manip, likely a tension user who's vote ended up not moving. Not having productive vote manipulation this cycle might make it more scan worthy though, since it could catch drawback vote manipulation like 'using this ability means your vote doesn't count'.
  4. Interesting confidence. Please don't kill Sart out of hand next cycle. Everyone has a background I'm pretty sure, but you're the only one I know of who started with an action relating to that background. Nobody else who said anything about backgrounds sounded like they knew what they did. That's fair. Knowing what types of vote manipulation are out there will be helpful. It just seemed extraneous because I definitely didn't put my vote on Pyro in any way and I don't know why a vote shifter would have targeted me since they would have no idea where my vote was going to end up. Not all claims can be plausible sadly. Limited time to live is an unfortunate drawback, but alignment scans are too powerful to be left unchecked and it gives a reason for someone like Silber to use a condition removal power therapeutically instead of offensively. I've can't remember votes ever being classified as actions that can be roleblocked or redirected. That's always been what rioters and soothers are for. I can't see why it would be specified that we get one action in the day and one at night, and then have votes be secretly classified as actions except they don't take up the action slot. It's not my fault that the simplest and most likely explanation happened to be correct. Gears hadn't gotten a lot of attention but was involved enough that either alignment result would be useful.
  5. If Sart had the ability to tell what action someone took, he would have known that I didn't kill Gears. It's directed at Elkanah, your post just reminded me to do so.
  6. If I could use it during the day I would, especially since my last scan wouldn't accomplish anything due to my dying that same night. Either there's more condition removers than we've seen or Silber was supposed to survive a lot longer. I was already dead, you didn't need to say more things, especially things that don't seem like they're true. So you had a background that for some reason gave you an ability immediately, and it gives you the ability to see who's votes ended up on a particular player? I don't have a double vote, I don't have tension, there is no reason my vote could have ended up on Pyro unless a vote shifter put it there. You think there's an action tracker ability that lets someone see who a player targeted and also an ability that lets you see what action a player took, and that Sart has the latter? I guess it's not impossible there could be both but Sart definitely doesn't have the latter. Why would votes be considered actions, and how is that relevant? The D1 vote count was Illwei (3): TJ Shade, Frozen Mint, Straw Ashbringer (2): Matrim’s Dice, Devotary Mist (4): Sart, Illwei, Araris Kasimir (1): Vapor, Kasimir Devotary of Spontaneity (1): Lahilt Lord_Silberfarben (1): Ashbringer StrikerEZ (1): The Young Pyromancer There are only two vote manipulations, the extra vote on Mist and the missing vote on you. If Illwei didn't remove the vote from you, I have to conclude that Illwei's power doesn't remove votes. When I asked you for the specifics of your power, I didn't feel the need to include every minisculely likely possibility. When I say there's no reason for me to add 'or maybe Illwei's power removed a vote from someone but coincidentally a vote shifter moved a no vote onto that same person so we didn't notice any change or a vote was removed but there's is a real double voter who isn't Illwei/Kas, etc.'. I'm not trying to be exhaustive, I'm giving my best guess for how Illwei's power works and asking for clarification. I shall take this opportunity to apologise again to Elkanah for getting him killed almost this exact same way despite being a claimed safe role. That was worse though because we really should have believed you when we never got a Dowser counterclaim and here there aren't safe roles for me to be.
  7. Pretty sure that would be an action tracker, not a scan, since it didn't reveal what action I took. I got access to an aura scan(Transportation) at the beginning of D2 that lets me tell whether a particular player is from Ashyn, and Gears was not. Symptoms are a deathly fever and, unfortunately, death three cycles after infection(so I would die N4 untreated). Silber dying means there's probably not a chance to save me or patient zero anyway, but I did hope to accomplish something before dying.
  8. Three village roleblockers is already a lot, but in this case it's also three village roleblockers who haven't been targeted for a kill in two nights despite them all having outed roles. Since there hasn't been a major push to vote for any of those three since they 'confirmed' their roles, it's less likely that the elims are expecting that we'll eventually kill all of them ourselves. Matrim and TJ had their roleblocks since the beginning, and Sart attempted to take an action N1 since he knew he was roleblocked and nobody to my knowledge claimed to have gotten a disease at the beginning of N1 so I'm assuming he also had this role since the beginning. Edit: Straw, I did give reads, in the same post as the one you quoted to say you disagree with my guessing one of the three roleblockers was evil. If you want village reads, I would say TJ is the least likely roleblocker to be evil and I don't think Kas is evil either.
  9. Is it that I left a tie last cycle instead of voting as I've done several times in recent games? Is it guessing the most logical option for a vote addition ability that happened to be correct? Is it Silber and Gears didn't have publicly known roles and weren't driving vote discussion -> the elims are choosing low information kills -> elims who would choose this strategy are themselves peripheral and would thus be kill targets if they were village -> Devotary doesn't contribute much to discussion in this (or any) game -> I'm an elim and responsible for the elim kill selection? Apparently it's for saying kill target instead of killer suspect pool. I don't know who I'm going to vote for. Voting at the end of cycles isn't just for fun. I do more rule speculation instead of player analysis because I'm much worse at the latter, as has been the case in every single game you've played with me. The reasons I had for suspecting Lotus are still there. Lingering suspicion of Ash, but that's just from cycle 1 and I haven't done enough work to update that. Illwei-Araris is still possible. Three village roleblockers sounds like too many. I'd guess one of those three is evil, and that it's more likely to be you or Matrim than TJ. On that note, who did you roleblock last night? Matrim's claim hit a dead end because Striker didn't submit an action supposedly, but any claim is better than none.
  10. I don't have your ability. Illwei claims the ability to add votes but wasn't the one to remove the vote on you. Since that was the only other visible vote manipulation, I assume Illwei's ability doesn't remove votes. You claim that you can only use this ability during the day, which implies an action, which implies optional. The last two possibilities are out because both involve removing a vote. The second possibility wouldn't be something you would use. Not necessarily impossible, but less likely. Both the first and third possibilities can be considered an optional double vote. I thought the odds of one of these being true high enough that I guessed optional double vote when I asked.
  11. I was expecting the vote tally would be Lotus(4) Pyro(3) if Illwei used a double vote, and 3-3 if that didn't happen. It turns out there was a lot more vote manipulation out there. Since Illwei specifically denied using vote manipulation and there was one(now two) fewer votes on Lotus than expected, I can be fairly sure a double vote wasn't used. I don't think I've ever been more than peripheral. I'm not really the type to push original content into the thread or coordinate and make things happen. I tend to mostly respond to what other people have said regardless of alignment. I'm also not sure how my not voting deviates from what you saw in the QF, specifically cycle 2 where I left a tie between Ash and Illwei without voting. That one was a bit different since I checked out an hour before rollover after spending two and a half hours unable to pick a vote target. I'll be sure to vote this cycle.
  12. It was :57 and I still hadn't figured out whether to vote for Pyro or Lotus, so I gave up and decided to see if Illwei would use their double vote to decide the outcome. I didn't notice Illwei saying they wouldn't double vote until the cycle closed. It's not game breaking like alignment information, but it's still using specific wording from GM PMs to prove claims, and I wasn't sure if that was allowed. As it turns out, it is acceptable to share that sort of information.
  13. So you didn't start with the disease and you didn't catch it from somebody you had a PM with since what Kas has is different. I don't know what happened in your PM or TJ/Matrim's, which was why I was asking. I'm sorry that I asked in a way that suggested people were doing something wrong. There can't be wrongdoing without an official ruling, but I think there should be a decision one or the the other. I'm concerned that Sart mentioned his disease gave him lesions and TJ immediately knew he had the same disease or that someone had told him the description because I don't think this is allowed, but I don't actually know. I've died before for not being able to give the name of the role I had claimed to be, so perhaps it is acceptable.
  14. He asked, and I felt he deserved an answer.
  15. @Illwei, if you're a villager, your judgement is better than the average player's. If you're willing to vote once for someone, feel free to vote twice and then tell people you did so the following turn. To confirm, one of your votes has to be in thread, correct? It couldn't be the case that the person who added a vote to Lahilt also added a vote to Pyro? If that's true, we either have a fourth double voter or a third type of vote manipulation. @The Young Pyromancer, I think of your villager playstyle as trying to make things happen, either by coordinating things in PM(QF46), or actively pushing vote discussion(LG67). In this game, you didn't have too many PMs for fear of catching diseases but didn't transfer your time into thread as much, having one poke vote and no stated suspicions. I guess your time went into trying to solve the game mechanics instead. It didn't really increase your odds of survival as you removed a vote from yourself and the person you were tied with and your vote easily could have ended up on you. How long have you had this disease? Did you have PMs with anyone who claimed the same disease? Are we back to using specific wording from GM PMs to prove things? Is this also how you confirmed Matrim's role? Or Kas confirmed that he, Illwei, and X had the exact same disease? I guess we'll be able to check if Matrim/Sart are telling the truth by seeing if there are two roleblocks tonight, though supposedly people don't notice if they were roleblocked if they didn't submit an action.