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  1. Kitchen. I won't be around to check, but I do hope we have more votes than this by the end of cycle. I'll vote Gears I guess, since it's the best option I have at the moment. If Eternum is still alive next cycle it would definitely be worth killing him. The end, perhaps. Unfortunate if true. Beral would never get a chance to become a Faceless Immortal, fanciful as that dream might seem, if they died here. Exploring what lay beyond death might be interesting though. Not even Harmony knows what happens to those who meet their final end. Before that though, Beral would get to speak with Harmony, face to face, and thank Him for facing the suffering He knows He cannot solve without turning His back on the world. Perhaps Beral would live a little longer, but some day, even an immortal will succumb while Harmony endures.
  2. Gears(5): Matrim, TJ, Araris, Illwei, Mage Lahilt(2): Mint, Gears Mint(1): Pyro Araris's lengthy multiquote analysis of single players isn't something he's done as a villager, but it also doesn't seem to be an elim thing either so it may just be a new strategy. I think a lot of the reason I was feeling bad about Mage is how much he's focused on TJ being evil when I've been reasonably sure that isn't the case. At this point though, pushing for someone so many cycles in a row with little to no external support is starting to seem more village. If Gears is evil, I'd be curious to know who removed a vote from them but didn't do so from Striker D1. I think that's the main reason I'm hesitant about voting Gears. I couldn't find anyone who was definitely around for D2 but definitely not around D1, but haven't looked hard enough at when trains started to develop and when it seemed Striker/Gears were in serious danger. As far as I can tell, Mint's vote on Lahilt is completely random, while Gears is holding out some hope of survival. I would rather not kill a random inactive at this point in the game.
  3. It's certainly suspicious, but I also don't see why elim!Eternum wouldn't have posted while submitting actions. Drawing attention to himself like that seems like a poor strategy. Putting votes on @Eternum might make him show up. I ended up in the Garden, in case anyone still wants to know.
  4. @DrakeMarshall, I haven't been spending a lot of time on this game. I haven't been around for rollover, though I guess I could try to be, so I've wanted to make sure it wouldn't be necessary to move my vote. If I'd switched off Silber C2 or gone for Xino/Lotus C3, that vote would have been permanent and splitting the vote that way does risk a hammer. The risk might not be as much as I've suggested earlier as it's unlikely the entire elim team will be around for rollover unless a hammer looks plausible, but I've been unwilling to take that risk knowing there's nothing I can do to stop an in-progress hammer and not having strong enough suspicions to avoid voting for the person with the most votes.
  5. So far, currently viable opinions are village TJ, somewhat less village you, Araris more likely evil than Elbereth but I should probably look into that more, leaning more elim on Magestar. Elim!Matrim probably would have defended Ventyl to some extent but maybe not to the point where he was pushed to claim after steadfastly refusing to back down despite not providing solid evidence, since elim!Matrim would want Ventyl dead.
  6. I'll move to the Foyer. Vapor (6): DrakeMarshall, MysticLotus, StrikerEZ, Windrunner, Mist, Devotary xinoehp512 (3): Gears, TJ Shade, Vapor Lotus (1): orlok All right, so Xino had a bunch of votes and then everyone turned on Vapor. I understand one reason for Vapor, being in the same room as Araris and hearing his item claim is something to note even if I don't think Araris's item actually did anything. If village!Xino then elim?TJ isn't necessarily right, but it is something to consider whenever someone starts a vote like TJ did and doesn't have to mean elim looking for two dead villagers on subsequent days. I don't really see Xino, and I don't feel evil on Lotus, so I guess Vapor it is. More people dead, and only one of them could be blamed on the killers. Relatively petty concerns on a global scale, but the unnecessary bloodshed still brought to Beral's mind the issue foremost to most critiques of Harmony and the Pathian faith. It's all well and good for Harmony to prioritise free will and avoid imposing His standards of morality on an unwilling populace, but surely part of doing so requires being at least partially responsive to the requests of people. For a being of such power, refusing calls for aid could also be counted as imposing His will, that Harmony unilaterally decided that some people who cried out in their time of need didn't deserve to have their choices reflect reality. Of course, as every Pathian especially knows, Harmony does help, though his capacity for doing so has waned over the years. He very rarely does so in a way that doesn't require the assistance of a free willed being, even his Faceless Immortals usually interact with humans to some degree, but it couldn't hurt to pray for Harmony's aid in tracking down the slayers of Tal and Aralis. Providing a clue as to their identities shouldn't impede on anyone's ability to make their own choices.
  7. In this game, not voting means we can instantly lose to the elims voting on the Secretary. We can't afford to get by on the few votes we had at the time I reminded the Lounge PM to cast votes. I voted for Silber because he had more votes than Gears or Araris and didn't want Striker to die D1 again, but I didn't tell anyone who to vote for. I wouldn't have thought Araris the type to role claim an item, but apparently he did and might have gotten killed for it. Do you think that's a more likely reason for his death? There were only I think three other people in the Study at the time, Drake, Vapor and Gears. Any of those three, did Araris claim a useful item, that had an actual mechanical effect? Araris apparently said it was ironic, which could mean just an RP item that related to his cosmetic role.
  8. Eternum(5): TJ, Araris, Pyro, Gears, Devotary Elbereth(1): Matrim Gears(1): Mage Xino(1): Mint This is a pretty unassailable lynch. I guess I can make it more so, just as a note. I do think Eternum is the most likely to be an elim of the surviving voters for TJ over Striker D1, but it's worth looking elsewhere as well in subsequent turns.
  9. Elbereth(3): Matrim, Gears, Pyro Eternum(1): TJ Silberfarben(1): Mage So as far as I can tell, most of the reasoning for Elbereth and Eternum comes from them voting for TJ over Striker D1. I feel relatively okay with El's posts; definitely not like her elim QF 44 playstyle. That could just be a result of having more time to put in effort. Eternum hasn't done a lot since D1, and is somewhat similar but still different from his last elim strategy of pushing hard for trust early, then disappearing into the background. Eternum didn't offer any opinions on Striker; at the time Striker had two votes and Eternum put a fourth vote on TJ. Gears apparently isn't a candidate today. If a vote had disappeared from Striker D1 I'd be much more willing to say Gears was evil, but since that wasn't the case, even if elim!Gears knew they would survive D2 it doesn't make a lot of sense that Striker wouldn't have been given the same protection unless it's a minimally active Radiant who missed D1 but was around for D2. Not putting a high likelihood on this, or on the possibility that TJ is evil.
  10. No prospect for improvement on Tal's part, then. Beral wished him luck on whatever post death adventures he might be going on. Here on Scadrial, it was time to find out who had killed him and why. Harmony provided a world where everyone could thrive, where evil should have been obsolete, and yet some people insisted on choosing to harm others for personal benefit. A necessary risk of prioritising free will of course, Harmony had known the consequences of not forcing his personal ideology on the world and rightfully accepted them, but still a shame. The killer, or Tal, Beral admitted they didn't know quite what Tal might have gotten up to in the years since university, had squandered the greatest of gifts. It was too late for Tal, but perhaps those who ended his life could end up walking a better path. I will stay in the Lounge.
  11. Silber(3): Drake, Gears, Devotary Striker(2): Mist, Araris Araris(1): Vapor Gears(1): TJ Hmm. I don't really want Striker to die D1 again. Araris could have posted that warning as an elim if the team had already decided not to hammer, but I'm not sure if the elims are even allowed to do that in their PM, and village!Araris is much more likely to be concerned. For TJ's vote on Gears, it's again unclear how much Kas will be cracking down on the elim PM about soliciting kill opinions, but elims devising a code in the secret PM for them to use in the room PMs is not sufficiently useful for them to prioritise having multiple elims in the same room. Also, I feel like Drake is village, though that doesn't mean Gears can't be. I don't really have anything on Gears, honestly. Only the last post has something other than RP, and Silber has been exclusively RP. Hopefully Gears will be around at some point before the cycle ends to reevaluate if necessary. I'll vote here for Lord Silberfarben, and will include RP, room vote, and potentially shift my real vote at some later time. Edit: I know you're not supposed to edit in votes, but there's enough time until rollover that I feel it's okay to actually colour my vote for Silber.
  12. Hmm. Gears' last post seemed pretty village, as it was a tie then and there would be no reason to take any advice from somebody who flipped elim. I guess that post could make sense if elim!Gears knew there would be a vote removal and was thus confident of survival, but it does leave the question of why the elims didn't try to save Striker D1.
  13. Vapor voted for the lounge first, so maybe that's why she ended up there and she'll get moved to the study. Or maybe she found a secret door or similar from the study to the lounge, which is much more exciting.
  14. Gears (5): Araris Valerian, Ashbringer, Frozen Mint, Matrim's Dice, Ventyl Ventyl (6): Gears, Orlok Tsubodai, The_Truthwatcher, TJ Shade, Magestar, Devotary Matrim's Dice (2): Elbereth, The Young Pyromancer I'm feeling more confident that Ventyl is a villager than at the start of the cycle, but I'm still going to vote there. I don't really like this, but we'll at least get something.
  15. Growlery(2): TJ, Xino Study(2): Drake, Vapor Kitchen(2): Lahilt, Striker Lounge(2): Araris, Devotary Garden(3): Mist, Lotus, Elbereth None(7): Gears, Orlok, Eternum, Silberfarben, Burnt, Truthwatcher, Windrunner I personally think we have a better chance of finding things if we split up evenly among the rooms, so I'm going to the Lounge. If there were five elims, we would need at least six people with five votes to give a 50% chance of surviving a hammer, or five people with five votes with four elims, assuming they had been on separate people right before. We don't have nearly enough people to do that. 6 votes on three people is the lowest plausible number of votes on a person, and still gives a 50% chance of losing to a five person hammer. 7+ votes on two people starts getting safer. The good news is the elims probably don't want to immediately win for enjoyment purposes, even if the game did get reset. At least that was the case in LG 55, which I think was the last game with this mechanic.