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  1. I will take a spec doc.
  2. I don't know if Mage is village or whether they'd show up before the end of the cycle, but I dislike you and then Tani voting for them. Possibly you and Mage could both be village, but I think it's too late for something else to be viable. Not necessarily that this is a typical strategy for Araris, just that as the second vote for Mage, Araris is voting for the first alternative to himself. That's why I would say it's more likely that if Mage is village, Araris is evil as opposed to TJ.
  3. I am not a fan of the push to kill Mage. It feels like a slow motion hammer of jumping on the first convenient villager to win the game. Looks like Araris is the only alternative, and also a main candidate for jumping on a train to close out the game, so I'll vote for him. @SeaDragonet and @Steeldancer, we'll need your votes if you're villagers.
  4. Again the Heritage Arbiter does nothing. It's possible they would have missed my vote and also possible they would have accepted 3-2 even if Steel is evil. Theoretically we still have two confirmed village roles out there who could narrow down the suspects list, or get a 1v1 if there's a counterclaim. Assuming it is 4-3 though, exing an elim but having the Glory Arbiter get killed means the elims could force a tie the next two cycles unless the Emperor gets lucky with the redirect or there's a Striker out there who hasn't done anything yet etc.
  5. Giving up tends to be more village than elim. I think saying which of TJ, Araris, Mage, and Orlok you suspect as the 4 living D1 voters would have helped @The Unknown Order. I'm still more suspicious of Steeldancer than TUO even though this is mostly just a feeling. I don't believe Tani would be going after me like this if she was an elim. Other reads are based of whether Steel is evil, such as an Araris/Steel (pushing discussion to not-Steel/bringing up Araris as one of only two people just to say he's NAI) team which wouldn't say anything about the other alignment if one of them is village.
  6. If the GA wanted to claim to someone or otherwise leave a record of their activity, moving a vote even if it didn't change the outcome would help with that. I usually only make a few posts in a cycle in any game. In cycle two, I said the things I wanted to say in 3 posts. I'd possibly still vote for Steel today, but I'm less willing to do so with Venture being village.
  7. I've said most of my actual thoughts. I do agree with TJ about finding Steeldancer suspicious, but also I'm thinking that if Steel is evil there's a decentd chance Venture also is given that Steel brushed off the lack of vote manipulation. I won't change my vote at this time unless there's support for killing Steel this turn, especially since I won't be around after this post.
  8. Any particular reason you think they did that but then didn't have their Arbiter remove a vote? The elims would be more likely to vote if Venture is evil, and without that they may have decided not to bother. I'm definitely feeling worse about Venture than I did yesterday, but am not confident at this time. The later the scepters are left the more likely it is that the holders would die with them like what happened to Ash. I'm assuming he was the only Rememberer since multiple would make this game very swingy. If so and Rememberer free art passing still goes last, only the Emperor and the Arbiters could have scepters for the rest of the game.
  9. The Heritage Arbiter has little reason not to use their vote manipulation. They easily could have removed a vote from you or TJ to implicate you, or even remove a vote from Danex to try and get you killed in the hopes that Danex would be exed this cycle. The main reasons not to do anything are inactivity (which nobody was completely but missing Orlok's shift is more likely), that the other people with votes are elims and thus it would be counterproductive to implicate them, or that the other elims had more important actions than the kill, which I find unlikely.
  10. They wouldn't have a consistent kill, but I could see the Heritage Arbiter starting with a scepter if art was assigned deliberately, and then there's a 1/3 chance of that if art was rolled randomly. Rememberer is a stretch and Striker is too much. I could see HA w/ scepter + Bloodsealer + vanilla as elims. I'm not thinking Venture would be so publicly against village kill abilities as an elim, even though it would be to the elims' benefit for the village not to use kills.
  11. Rememberers are a less powerful Striker, especially since there will probably be few enough cycles for Strikers to use their abilities at every opportunity. I would not count on there being enough Rememberers for the Emperor and Glory Arbiter to keep each other safe if they claimed. I would expect the elims to have some way to roleblock/kill in addition to their normal kill. Village ways of killing will be more accurate than nonvillage ways, and the game will likely be short enough that hoarding kill powers will be unhelpful.
  12. You shouldn't give up so easily. Who else voted for Xino?
  13. Happy birthday Alvron! Lahilt.
  14. Well @Lahilt and @Alvron, how do you feel about dying today? Edit: If one of you voted for me I will have to vote for that one.