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  1. You need an excess of four clout to kill someone and an excess of seven clout to investigate, meaning you need at least five clout to kill and at least eight clout to investigate.
  2. Does actions being publicly revealed include the target(s) of those actions? Is there any benefit to having a low cardinal? It seems like having a low number means you have to kill more people to win and also makes you a target because everyone else will want to kill you if they find out. People with low cardinal could have more clout, but then it might be necessary to adjust action thresholds up.
  3. Are the base chances for 0/1/2 cards and card frequency the same, such that people have a ~10 percent chance of getting a particular card each turn? That high a chance for kills and alignment scans worked out in Zillah's LG69 but maybe you wouldn't want to be able to soulcast a card into an alignment scanner. Does the cheater submit their replacement action and pick which one of the three cards they want on the same turn? Can they play that card on the same turn they get it? Everyone gets a card action and a role action, and the elim kill takes up someone's role action, correct? You'll need a vote minimum/tie determination, PM rules(I'd guess closed) and an OoA, especially for the cheater and clever/one of swords actions.
  4. Day 52: The Librarian turned out to be innocent after all, while the one who calls herself a hemalurgist lives another day. This was the first time since I've arrived on this ship where I was face to face with someone when I felt their life aura extinguish. I've become used to the sensation of feeling a life force slip away, the persistent ping in my head marking the existence of a person being snuffed out and replaced with nothingness. I held one of the weapons that killed Reading myself. Not anything so fancy as Catholan's Awakened rapier, but a simple blade, aluminum like Catholan's main-gauche. More suited for sport than actual combat, but easy to sneak past a Misting looking for metallic weaponry and perfectly capable of inflicting a lethal wound on an unarmed man. Not that mine was the only injury inflicted, six others took their turns raining blows on the poor crewmember, Turtle being temporarily forgotten in the chaos. Enough remains of the body for me to raise a Lifeless, but I'm afraid that's even less likely to happen than for me to be allowed to raise Elandera. I can still sense 19 life auras across the ship, that plus the tangled mess of an aura given off by the hemalurgic intelligence. I hear rumors that one of the people aboard this ship is merely a mindless puppet of the HI, but there's no way for me to confirm that just from life sense. If that's the case, whoever it is still reads as a regular person to my life sense. Personally, I'm more intrigued by the double signature given off by Faleast. I've never seen anything like that before in all my years and I'd love to find out what's causing it. He and/or whoever's inside him shows no signs of wanting to talk about it though, so I suppose we will all keep our secrets.
  5. Turtle(7): Experience, Books, Aman, Ashbringer, Condensation, Supreme, Lotus Reading(6): TJ Shade, Whysper, Araris, Illwei, Turtle, Devotary TJ Shade(1): Reading Five, now six votes on a secondary candidate is not what I would call too little resistance. Turtle not trusting Illwei with doc specific information after claiming hemalurgist makes some sense if Turtle thought Illwei was the HI who is not automatically in contact with the elims nor has access to the hemalurgy doc. It's perhaps not the greatest idea to claim hemalurgist to someone so early, but maybe it would have been worth it to share the number of hemalurgists with the thread. My hesitance for voting Turtle comes more from not really liking that the votes on her aren't addressing current information when that doesn't mean that old information is invalid. Honestly could say the same for Reading though since it's the same arguments from last cycle + people not wanting Turtle to die. Right now I'm thinking Turtle/Reading not elim teammates, and that either being village increases my opinion of the other being evil. I think I'll vote for Reading and save hemalurgy claim investigating for later, perhaps allomantically.
  6. I haven't paid a lot of attention this cycle, sorry. It looks the initial votes on Turtle were purely based on her C1 posts. @Experience, any updates from D2 and beyond? There's apparently also multiple people who recommend Mistborning Turtle to Aman, which is why he joined the vote. Turtle claims hemalurgist, Illwei supports this claim, and now there's a significant countervote on Reading. Illwei knows, or claims to know, whether the people voting on Turtle are part of the hemalurgist doc and have a better or at least more complete understanding of Turtle's alignment. While it's unclear whether Illwei also has hemalurgic doc access, and certainly shouldn't suggest which side of the vote hemalurgists are falling on, the fact that Illwei isn't onboard the Turtle train makes me feel better about Turtle's alignment unless of course Illwei and Turtle are both evil. The votes on Reading are for similar reasons as last time it looks like, not finding people suspicious and saying doc instead of thread. Turtle/Illwei/etc. would know better about whether this could be the hemalurgic doc vs. elim doc, or just messing up the word despite not belonging to any doc.
  7. Not sure how you would have figured out who all the hemalurgists are unless they're being extremely open with their identities. That you expected the elims would keep you alive suggests that you didn't think the elims would know the hemalurgists, which in turn implies that multiple hemalurgists claimed to you in PM for some reason. I've seen people want to know how many anonymous messengers are out there so I'm pretty sure there's a reason. I think it's to make it more difficult for anonymous messengers to impersonate each other/pretend to be a second as-yet-unforseen messenger to deliver fake information, which goes along with GMs liking to make one of the people PMs depend upon an elim as in your first game.
  8. If any non-roleclaimy details of whatever was going on in the Illwei-Condensation-Turtle PM conflict get resolved, make sure the details can't get obscured by death. Day 51: A lot has happened since my last entry. Tediously, whoever killed the captain has decided to start on the rest of the crew and investigations to uncover the killer have come up short. Luckily, I was able to get permission to capture the likeness of the three people who have died since my last entry and I've just now gotten around to painting their last moments. Lafay and Elandera were easy since I witnessed their deaths firsthand. I have to constantly pump my body full of healing to keep it from falling apart, so it shouldn't surprise me so much to see how fragile people can be when exposed to hostile environments. Without a propulsion system though, death might almost be preferable to what happened to Lafay. He was peacefully unconscious in fifteen seconds out in the void, just enough time to remember and recreate the moment where shock began to turn to fear. I wonder how long I would fight the inevitable should I find myself pushed out of an airlock. I have enough gold to last years, but physical realm space is so very vast and empty. Anyway ALASTAIR had possessed a physical form, but wasn't the interesting part of its demise. The robotic shell was in fact fully intact. Of course if the HI had been capable of destroying physical objects there would be far more casualties than the captain and three crewmembers. Instead, whatever consciousness the robot had possessed was burned out, destroyed or perhaps assimilated by the HI. I'm no technological expert, but I imagine ALASTAIR's personality to have been a nice calming blue, wending its way through the snarl of the HI's cognitive aspect. Somewhat of a 3D effect with the colors fading out along the edges while becoming deeper in the center as viewers feel themselves being consumed along with the blue orb as consciousness gets snuffed out. The mechanic was the easiest of the three to paint. There was no hastily assembled mob and last minute reversals, no arcanotechnological combats in the middle of what passes for night here on this ship, just a calm and premeditated execution. I decided to accentuate the chaos for drama, focusing on Elandera's proud and unashamed expression as she faced her death, but including the side arguments and variety of weapons drawn in the background to show that this decision was far from unanimous. I've offered to bring her back as a Lifeless, but this too has lead to argumentation. Apparently, the risk of me introducing backdoor sleeper commands is too high, even if several other members of the crew are standing around watching me raise her. Personally, I think they should want me to issue standing orders. My standard orders for the captain for instance ensure they won't crash the ship, no matter who learns the standard command used for routine tasks. The same practice can be used to direct Elandera to continue her maintenance of the ship while ensuring that nobody but me could possibly order her to sabotage it, but I suppose it is me they are worried about. I'm not interested in having Catholan and I fight an entire ship at this point with a rogue Hemalurgic Intelligence on the loose, so I shall wait until a decision has been reached before taking action. In the meantime, I've floated the idea of creating a signup sheet for those willing to be raised as Lifeless in the event of their untimely demise. I volunteered, Catholan of course did not. -Orchid Heptan
  9. Elandera's vote on elkanah seems more temporary/probing than a sudden flip to thinking he's evil. I don't fully know what's going on with Condensation. She could be an elim or a hemalurgist, both of which could panic at having votes cast at her. I'm inclined to let this be figured out in PMs. I probably shouldn't be making decisions at this point but I'm going to vote on Reading in the hopes that doc means elim doc.
  10. So some hemalurgist claims to Illwei. Illwei claims hemalurgist to Condensation, then tells Turtle about it. Illwei doesn't die, but Turtle still has suspicion for Condensation for PM reasons that may go beyond this exchange. Condensation thinks Illwei is the HI, not for role scan reasons probably or else she would be more sure, but possibly thinking Illwei was trying to fish for hemalurgists? Condensation apparently/hopefully has more reasons for suspecting Illwei than this, but doesn't want to share them in case it implicates either of them more than has already been publicly revealed.Is something else going on that I'm not getting?
  11. Out of white/blue/purple blue is the only significant one. It does seem like it would make more sense for Elkanah to stay on Turtle, but that doesn't seem to be what's happening.
  12. What is the first thing you see? I'm reading this as Turtle being suspicious of Mist and some other person in a PM, who was probably Condensation. Elkanah had expressed suspicion of Turtle but not Mist, so voting for Mist when Turtle switched to Condensation suggests suspicion for Mist and at the very least a lack of trust in Turtle. Turtle was much less willing to vote in her previous game, only casting one vote the whole time and that in a cycle with an elim teammate as the alternative. This game, she's voting on players with a couple votes already on them borrowing others' reasoning to do so(at least that was the case D1). There's no data to suggest whether this is a natural village playstyle or just trying something different though. The only important color is the light blue, which is reserved for out of game comments relating to real life events.
  13. Bussing you would be something, I don't think the elims would have collectively failed to vote but I could see them either putting a vote on you when it was clear you were the top suspicion or joining a vote to save you. I'd also like to echo Illwei's suggestion of copying your post frequently so you don't lose it.
  14. Voicing honest suspicion of someone shouldn't make them lose trust in you, and even if it does it's less important than getting your suspicions out, even if you don't have any specific reasons other than a general feeling.