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  1. And so we come to a grand total of 4 hours before rollover, with a grand total of no votes. The flip side of the suspicion on you are the factors supporting the innocence of other players. Roadwalker and Fifth leading the lynches on CadCom and Elandera respectively, Snipexe joining the Elandera lynch early, Shane for decoying onto Roadwalker, (which I believe could only be a lie if elim!Shane and some villager are both doctors), and Itiah for apparently doing some sort of action. I'm not particularly fond of that last reason, but Itiah and Fifth can't both be evil. Elim!Fifth's first vote on Elandera would make some sort of sense if there was really poor communication between the elim team that caused them to miscount votes, but I just don't see why Fifth would have led the lynch on his only surviving teammate C2, especially when he started out the cycle with a list of three different lynch suspects.
  2. I will sign up as Pyrhine, a Fallen seeking to gain prestige sufficient to wear a fancier mask.
  3. Shane claimed decoy in thread last cycle. If he's telling the truth, then the doctor protected either Shane or Roadwalker, with the latter making more sense. I don't think the doctor role protects from the lynch, but perhaps we should ask @Young Bard to clarify that.
  4. Fifth and Roadwalker have driven lynches on both dead elims. With the game likely ending this cycle or the next if both the elims and the Deepness submit kills, we don't have time to consider the slim possibility that one of them double-bussed their teammates. Instead we'll have to address the more likely suspects. As you are one of those main suspects, Walin.
  5. I read this as "kills come last, except for the lynch which is at the end". I've almost never seen a mechanic where kills could be prevented by lynching someone.
  6. Did you PM Droughtbringer in an attempt to find out for yourself whether he was a tin Dark Terris Magicker? This isn't actually when Bard clarified this, but lynches do come after kills, so Elandera should still have been able to submit a kill. I'm not sure whether kills nullify someone's vote.
  7. #1 is my general playstyle, regardless of alignment. While I realise it makes sense to poke vote early in the cycle, then come back later to make an actual vote, I generally just wait until I have the most information possible. #2, there were a grand total of two votes at the time. If Elandera, CaCom and I were all evil, we could have lynched anybody else even if only two of us voted(unless you're the debonair, in which case there would have been a tie). In a game where we can only afford 1-3 mislynches depending on who the Deepness kills, lynching a villager day 1 is worth unwanted connectivity. On a more personal note, I've been evil with Elandera twice and both times she's been instantly lynched. Had I been evil this game, I would not have put her up for the lynch a third time. #3, After your posts I PMd Elandera for more information, specifically whether she was the debonair who killed CaCom. Had that been the case, the likelihood of her being evil would have been lower. She claimed roleless, and I probably should have voted for her at this point, but then I forgot until about 10 minutes before rollover. The vote was ~4-1 at this point, beyond the reach of a debonair, and since I'm not a Pewter Dark Terris Magicker I didn't bother to vote.
  8. At the time Ca*Com voted for Roadwalker, there was no particular reason for Ca*Com to believe he was being lynched, as even a self-preservation vote would only tie the lynch. This means that failing to vote for Elandera is less indicative of them being evil teammates than if the lynch were already tied. Elandera had previously expressed reservations about lynching Ca*Com as well as Roadwalker, so she might have been able to justify a vote for Roadwalker in self-preservation, especially as the expected outcome of such a vote would not result in Roadwalker dying. Despite this, an elim team who voted for each other believing that the vote would be tied does make a certain amount of sense. If we knew why the debonair saved Elandera/killed CadCom this could be cleared up, but I don't believe it's worthwhile for the debonair to claim at this time. Since Bronze + Desperate Packman is likely one of the stronger elim roles, I'm not particularly seeing elim!Roadwalker deciding to start a lynch on a teammate and then leaving that vote there all cycle with so few votes cast. I would give Roadwalker a less than proportional chance of being an elim.
  9. Debonair is the role that can move votes, and the tags indicate that vote manipulation was involved in Ca*Com's death.
  10. Unless Fifth is a Pewter Dark Terris Magicker who cancelled their vote, it appears we have a village debonair who killed Ca*Com. The fact that presumably no votes were moved off of Ca*Com decreases the chance of an elim debonair, though it's still a possibility. I feel that an elim!Elandera would have been more likely to vote for Roadwalker instead of Ca*Com. Both votes would have tied the lynch, but the former would carry less risk for a pair of elims.
  11. The idea here is that an elim, starting with the knowledge that particular candidates up for the lynch are innocent(though in this game not elim doesn't mean villager), finds it difficult to conjure evidence to convince themselves that said candidate is actual evil and/or the elim doesn't want to be the decisive vote on someone the elim can't see as anything but innocent. Not wanting to directly kill a villager, they instead cast a vote on someone not up for the lynch to fulfill their civic duty while avoiding the suspicion/guilt of lynching a villager. Xinoehp is following the same type of strategy, but elim!Xino tends to bandwagon so I'll leave that alone for now. I can also confirm that Droughtbringer is capable of responding to PMs this cycle.
  12. We know that ties result in a no-lynch. Three elims versus nine villagers is generally a balanced setup, assuming comparable role strength for each side. The Deepness could potentially skew that balance to either side, though it's difficult to say which side would be hurt more. Another potential reason for a three membered elim team is that I don't believe a two person team could win without killing the Deepness. Outnumbering the village 2-1 or 2-0 would trigger the Deepness's win condition, causing everyone else to lose. So now we have one vote on Ca*Com and one vote on Elandera. @Camium Compouner has promised to put down a vote, but has yet to do so. Elandera supporting a lynch in principle but not wanting to actually cast a lethal vote is something I believe elims are more likely to do than villagers, but there is insufficient data for how Elandera votes when evil. Nevertheless, I will vote for Elandera over Ca*Com at this time.
  13. I believe that I now have time to participate in this. I'll sign up for this round, with no particular preference for team.
  14. It's nice to see everyone has posted at least once. Now that I've read all the AG5 docs currently available, I have more time to spend on this game. With only thirteen players and a good chance of two kills per cycle in addition to any lynches, this game isn't going to last very long unless we kill the Deepness/any doctors do a good job of preventing kills. As such, we should probably avoid the stagnation of an intentional no-lynch, though we might not be able to get a no-lynch even if we tried with two potential vote manipulation roles out there. @shanerockes, is it actually your intention to kill those whose RP names don't start with 'd'?