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  1. I would love this! It's beautiful
  2. I would be an electrum compounder because:
  3. You know you're a Sanderfan when you buy a boat and go sailing from Hawaii to find Mokia.
  4. A thick aluminum can block a shardblade according to WoB, anything like aluminum foil would be cut just because the shardblade is sharp enough/swung hard enough to break it. See the coppermind on aluminum for some basic aluminum stuff: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Aluminum
  5. @shawnhargreaves Yeah, I have. Why?
  6. As I read Oathbringer, I got really excited about something that may seem insignificant and I think people are glossing over it (although, there may be a thread that I was unable to find - If so let me know!). In chapter 81 of Oathbringer, we find out about how the Wall Guard was able to Soulcast food without the Screamers noticing. Hoid had brought a metal, which almost certainly is aluminum, to Kholinar and told Azure to only do Soulcasting inside a room lined with it. And Spanreeds were unable to connect to the outside. This in itself made me super excited. Aluminum on Roshar! Hoid is brilliant. Okay, but it made me wonder. Aluminum is extremely valuable for its abilities to block emotional allomancy, and if it can block all kinds of long distance investiture and such, that's amazing. And aluminum is hard to produce, at least basically everywhere in the Cosmere at this point in time, but it won't always be that way. Aluminum was once one of the most difficult metals to purify in our world, but now it is ubiquitous, this makes me wonder about the massive economic and investiture/magic advantage a world will have once it can refine aluminum easily. I think that the power of aluminum will be fascinating, particularly as it has only done relatively small things so far. And at some point, it will be common. There could even be things like aluminum tanks! What do you all think about this?
  7. I was thinking about copperclouds, as in the smokers themselves, and I know there have been discussions about how copper allomancy interacts/blocks various forms of investiture detection, but what about direct use of investiture on someone who is burning copper. We know that someone burning copper cannot be affected by emotional allomancy, but my question is whether or not someone burning copper could be affected by surgebinding or aons (or other forms of investiture) directly. I think that probably they can't based on the fact that emotional allomancy doesn't work on them, but what do you all think? Okay, I don't know if anyone has really discussed this before or if there are WoB on it, so if there are, please let me know.
  8. I think that for me, Oathbringer was not the best from a Roshar/series perspective, but from a Cosmere perspective it was the best and very exciting. I really enjoyed the character and world development and possibly even plot development in WoK and WoR more than that in OB. But. OB brought so much together and Cosmere things make much more sense now. Along with that, Dalinar's amazingness, Hoid's Hoidness, Nightblood slaying evil, and ties to the rest of the Cosmere (among other things) made up for this decreased depth for me... and while it's hard to articulate my feelings for any of the three in so few words, I think OB is the best overall.
  9. Hello! I've been thinking about joining the community for a Long Time (so long, it obviously deserves to be capitalized). I've only been a Sanderfan for a few years though, so maybe not that long. Anyway, with the release of Oathbringer and all of it's awesomeness, I thought it was high time to join up here.