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  1. i was thinking their bodies would remember the spiritweb. Since continued use of an ability leaves a physical change in the user I thought the breath might be able to work backwards off of that... but what youre saying seems more likely. I guess spiking them should still work though, right?
  2. Like would a mistborn turned lifeless still be able to burning metal? would a lifeless Singer/Parshendi be able to change forms? a lifeless elantrian create aons? If not surely you can spike some of these abilities in. I can't find anything confirming or denying this.
  3. The book describing the heralds as Patrons is what's most fitting. Greatly honored (and probably obeyed), but not really apart of the formal leadership. leadership was probably different depending on the order. I remember reading that the Windrunners had a "strict hierarchy", which makes sense, but I have a hard time imagining lightweavers like Shallan take orders like a windrunner would. i like the theory that the ten fools are disgraced radiants, but I dont think the heralds set them up. seems a little convoluted and petty. they had the Fused and torture on Braize to be worried about. why bother getting in to melodrama with people who'd most likely be long dead by time you returned?
  4. there probably will be modern hazekillers. Armed with special aluminum tech and the like, but I dont see why they cant be both. The chromium ferring is blacklisted and from every gambling den in Elendel. Luck probably doesnt work that way, but the running joke can be that the average scadrian understands fortune about as much we do or less so. 5 might be enough. I just think back to Vin dropping mistings like it was nothing so i imagine they'll need quite a bit of help. it all depends on the counter measures they'll have developed against allomancers, but i cant imagine theres going to be a time where theres a straight forward way of dealing with a mistborn. didnt brandon also say that allomancy would get stronger in the future?
  5. interesting choices. I have a hard time imagining A-tin being all that useful in a modern setting. especially since F-tin would let you alternate between senses. How would connection be useful for in this scenario? I think a Slider would be vital for a team like this.
  6. I've been thinking about the Era 3 cast. Specifically the squad thats going to try and take down the mistborn killer. What team of mistings/ferryings do you guys think has the best chance of tracking and then defeating a skilled mistborn? I'm imagining a team of 8 people, as homage to kelsier's orginal crew (OreSeur does not count ). lets limit ourselves to 1 twinborn so this doesnt get too crazy. We know one of them is a terris nicroburst girl. Any ideas for the rest?
  7. "A phantom sense called to him, a desire to continue killing, to revel in the butchery. Szeth rejected it, sick. He had never enjoyed this. He could never enjoy this." chapter 118
  8. No Szeth felt it too at the Battle of Thaylen, but he just reacted in disgust. You could assume it's because of his shin culture and his experience with murder that caused the reaction. My theory is that certain radiant orders have a natural affinity/immunity to corresponding Unmade. Windrunners have a immunity to Nergaoul and Lightweavers have an affinity with Re-shephir. It would explain Shallan's success against Re-shephir despite her inexperiance, but being fairly ineffective when confronting Ashertmarn. it would also explain why Dalinar's bond didn't seem to protect him at all from Nergaoul and why he couldn't sense anything wrong with the Urithiru while Re-shephir controlled it's central gemstone thing. Before someone brings up Renarin sensing something wrong, I'll also add that it doesn't have to be a 1:1 correlation (wouldnt add up anyways). Just that some orders are more likely to be successful against certain Unmade than others. For example: perhaps for Skybreakers, instead of total immunity, disgust is their typical reaction to the thrill.
  9. Nah, they were in some Alleyway. And yeah Kaladin isnt directly above them lol. He cant hear them or anything, but they all have a clear view of eachother.
  10. Big problem with ASK is that some of the imagery is more than a little confusing... Like in the scene where Adolin confronts Shallan regarding her feelings for Kaladin. They go off somewhere private to talk, and we see that Kaladin is not to far off looming over them as Adolin and Shallan reaffirm their love for eachother. Now maybe this is because I'm looking at this too much like a shot in a movie, but the message I'm getting from that definitely isn't "everyone has moved on and that's it". Especially considering how easy it would have for Brandon to have Adolin and Shallan talk in a more private/intamite setting. Of course I dont know if that means anything will continue, but it just seems odd to me. also Brandon is trolling here right? This is bad on purpose right?
  11. A relatively popular theory here is that Shalash will end up taking up the oaths of the Dustbringer radiants. While I'm not opposed to this theory the assumption that Shalash will become the dustbringer because of her new hobby of destroyering art seems a bit shallow to me... Instead I think Taln could be our dustbringer and Shalash the stoneward. I think it makes more sense to look at Ash and Taln's current weeknesses along with the divine attributes that define their potential orders (granted we don't fully understand how some of these apply yet). First off, the divine attributes associated with the Dustbringers are "Brave and Obedient". Taln is a much different man from who he was before. In addition to his ramblings we now know that he's become a coward. I don't think its a stretch to say that him working through his madness (with help from Ash) and finding his courage again is all but garanteed. Him overcoming his fear of battle would and swearing the dustbringer ideals fit well together. The divine attributes of the Stonewards are "Dependable and Resourceful". Now that the 2 of them have reunited I think its safe assume that Ash will be looking after and essentially babysitting Taln through his madness. As a redemption arc, it'd make sense to have one of the people that abandoned him be his rock in his time of need. This could be the perfect thing to get a stoneward spren's attention. Of course knowing Brandon none of this will be this straight forward, but you get the point.
  12. Every spanreed conversation with Tukar
  13. Deep down I think we all know that Kaladin's going to die a virgin
  14. Yeah, you're right I forgot about that. In my defense it was just a quick guess. Like I said before. If you can't explain why the Fused have existed for centuries before the Knight radiant then your theory doesn't work. This is one thing we know with certainty. Your reasoning about a current loose understanding of the timeline doesnt work here. Anyways this thread was supposed to be about voidbinding and I don't want to hijack it with this topic anymore. If you ever work out what I said above and want to formulate your theory in to a thread, feel free to tag me.