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  1. Maybe Torment is the way to go forward to keep checks on unfathomable power. Maybe 'Torment' will be worked into the 'Oaths'/Bonds to prevent humans and Singers from using powers to normally defend instead of going into offensive with Godmetal weapons against normal ordinary foes.
  2. Loved his presentation .....what a pleasant surprise...
  3. So I was watching the sShardcast on BAM and I got this idea. What if the 3 original Spren of Roshar was Nightwatcher, Sibling and BAM. We know from Stormfather and Dalinar' conversations that Stormfather was not sentient before Honor' death. If the Stormfather was not interested in the affairs of men then how would he create a Bondsmith in those times? So if Stormfather only gained sentience post Honor' death then originally Honor' Bondsmith was selected by some other powerful Spren. Who could it be? BAM Yes hence BAM' powers with 'Connection'...that is why Honor' Splinter chose a new Spren to reside in coz the original spren has been imprisoned. Honor must have started going mad ever since Odium managed to corrupt Honor' own Spren. What do you guys think?
  4. Is it plausible that the experiments / torture Ishar was doing to the spren at the end of RoW could somehow be similiar to Hemalurgy and what the Inquisitors does to create new members with specific power filled spikes?
  5. Cusicesh is the Spren of Kasitor in Iri. Though of lesser power than Stormfather, Nightwatcher and Sibling, Cusicesh is a Unique Spren of great power ( assumed coz of size). Iri has an Oathgate. Is it possible that before being made into Unmade, all the Unique Sprens were also location based as in they were present in 9 different Silver Kingdom cities?
  6. If Cusichesh was turned into Unmade would the Spren still appear outside the city at 7:46am everyday?
  7. Can the Heralds even have kids. Ash was born before being made into a herald, so she doesn't count. I mean at Row end didn't Kelek confirm that Heralds are highly invested Cognitive Shadows and not actually human?
  8. Could it be that Kaladin is the Son of Tanavast because his spren is "the Ancient Daughter"?
  9. 1.How does singers tell time by attuning to Peace? 2. Is the process of Awakening similar to Soul stamp?
  10. In Row, when Zahel is explaining about himself to KAL, the way he talks about the Awakening process is similar to how Shai explains creation of a Soul Stamp in Emperor's Soul. So I was wondering if Endowment is actually Awakening people with the same process but with her own methods coz as a shard She can understand a soul much better than any human like Shai could ever and thus create an almost exact copy of the original Soul.
  11. I have a theory that Sibling is a group of spren looking like the oathgate platform sprens. Head spren among the siblings of oathgates. And not sibling in the sense of sibling of Stormfather and Nightcrawler. During Thaylen City battle, Odium instructs destruction of city Oathgates and it's gem stones be brought back to him. He also says with the gemstones they can rebuild the oathgates at a different location. So my theory is that Sibling is slumbering somewhere inside a perfect gemstone and it is that gemstone that has to be brought in touch with HP by a Bondsmith.
  12. So glad Yalb survived. One of my fav. Character from Wotk. I hope Rysn' ship Wandersail doesn't loose it's crew as Sleepless cook from Kaza' ship is likely to get involved. The novella name and with the information from new release chapters of RoW, a Dawnshard is definitely confirmed to be in Aimia and access to it could be the reason humans have done much better in the war against Odium than previously thought possible.
  13. Waiting for Adolin to appear and divulge to Shallan on a serious note about a serious conversation he had with Syl, coming to him for fashion advice and how good a friend he is to Kaladin for taking care of these kind of things.
  14. Last we heard Kaladin's ex gf back from Amaram' army was in the same town as the Mink was in OB. I wonder if she is one of the refugees.