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  1. Nice train of thought and people were definitely thinking the same thing, but unfortunately Brandon has killed that theory.
  2. Depending on your point of view, this little exchange could be seen as banter or even a bit of flirting. Jasnah Kholin is used to commanding respect and obedience from others and in 99% of her interactions with people up until now, she would have either been in complete control or would have been challenged in a hostile manner (over her heresy). She is certainly not used to someone not only being able to handle her pressure, but being able to fire right back at her and hold his or her own. Kaladin might well be the first man in her life who has challenged her in that manner, with that half friendly, half competitive banter. We know already from Jasnah's POV chapters that she is not nearly as certain or as in control as people believe her to be, and that while she projects an air of absolute authority, deep down inside she harbors doubt and uncertainty. She is likely not used to having someone (outside of her family) who is smart enough to be on her level intellectually, yet who is not afraid to challenge her point of view. Kaladin is in the unique position of an outsider who can serve as a check to her authority. Perhaps she has realized that that can be a useful thing to have. Reading further into it, I feel like there is a very real possibility that this dynamic could lead to admiration or even romance down the line. Kaladin is a strong, charismatic leader who can banter on her level, who does not wilt under the first sign of pressure and who no one is telling her to marry. At the very least, I believe she finds this a novel experience. Also, it is clear that this is not the first exchange that they have had that has proceeded in this friendly, bantering manner, and it is unlikely to be the last. Finally, while she might appear to be asexual, I believe that this is a projection made necessary by both events in her past (Amaram, Gavilar's death, possible childhood trauma) as well as recent events (her research into the Parshman, and the arrival of the True desolation). We know that she is extremely good at disguising her true feelings and keeping a facade, but she is far from being the emotionless machine she portrays herself as. In my opinion, she is capable of romantic love, but simply has yet to find someone even remotely on her level.
  3. theory

    I completely agree with the OP. My first instinct while reading the book was to cast doubt on the marriage, especially the way it played out so quickly and the fact that Shallan clearly still had unresolved issues with Veil and Kaladin. I was somewhat taken aback after a vast majority of forum goers said things like: "now can we stop shipping Shalladin" and "finally we can put this love triangle to rest". In my mind, the situation is anything but resolved, and we are definitely going to see developments in both books 4 and 5, as well as in 6-10. I would be shocked if Adolin and Shallan stayed as a happily married couple for the rest of the Stormlight series. Now after reading that WoB, my hunch (with absolutely zero evidence backing it) is that Adolin will end up dying and that books 6-10 will have a time shifted Shallan/Kaladin dynamic much like Navani/Dalinar. Sadly, we probably won't get anything until at least 2020.
  4. I think regrowth will be key to restoring Maya. Remember the scene where Renarin heals Adolin's left hand and Adolin sees a vision or image of himself being whole. Pretty sure something along those lines will happen with Maya.
  5. Not sure if this is foreshadowing but here it is anyway.
  6. I was one of those people following the early release chapters religiously and I would literally count down the hours until the next set of chapters were released, so no, I definitely did not find the start to Oathbringer slow. My advice is stick to it because things definitely pick up. Compared to some of Brandon's older books, where nothing happens until right at the end, the Stormlight Archive books are like a rollercoaster.
  7. Not sure how relevant this quote is but I did note it down during my first read, before knowing that Elhokar would die. To a certain extent it foreshadows his death but not exactly. Here's a bonus quote from a WoR epigraph that has been bugging me, maybe someone can make light of it using the new OB knowledge that we have. Our gods were born splinters of a soul = Adonalsium Of one who seeks to take control, / Destroys all lands that he beholds, with spite. / They are his spren, his gift, his price. = Likely Odium A challenged champion. A strife even he must requite. = Talking about Odium's champion? But what does "A strife even he must requite" mean?
  8. How do we know for certain that it is Vivenna and not Siri or some other random Nalthis character for that matter. My first instinct was that it was Vivenna and that only got stronger as we learned more about her, but I never got full proof or solid confirmation that it 100% was her. I'm wondering how people have come to that conclusion and what I missed.
  9. I just thought of something crazy (Cosmere/Elantris/Mistborn spoilers incoming). Brandon Sanderson loves playing around with geography and geometry when talking about magic systems, he did this with Elantris (the city) being a giant Aon as well as in Mistborn with the location of the well of ascension moving about. What if the 10 oathgates with Urithiru at it's center were one giant fabrial/weapon system, like the death star? And the dawnshards/super gemstones were a piece of the puzzle to make it all work? Sorry that this is coming from left field but it is slightly related to the topic at least.
  10. I've looked about on the forums and people still seem to have no idea what the Dawnshards are. I have yet to see this theory put forward and it seems reasonably obvious to me, but aren't the Dawnshards simply those perfect gemstones that don't leak stormlight? Dalinar uses "The King’s Drop" to capture Nergaoul. Here are some quotes from the Wiki as well as one I pulled from the Rysn interlude. “A mythological treasure ... much like the Dawnshards or the Honorblades. Certainly worth seeking, but only with great caution.” –Shallan “They say it’s a chunk off the Stone of Ten Dawns.” -Vstim, referring to The King's Drop. "Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above." –from The Poem of Ista. (Jasnah's note: I have found no modern explanation of what these 'Dawnshards' are. They seem ignored by scholars, though talk of them was obviously prevalent among those recording the early mythologies.) In theory there are 10 of them (one for each gemstone/surge), but there are only 9 unmade to capture (gotta catch em all). Is this too obvious an explanation? Am I missing something fundamental? Let me know what you think.
  11. Anyone feel like Adolin will be the next to die? He doesn't have a POV/flashback scene lined up in for the coming books, he's not a Radiant, he's relatively expendable in terms of storyline importance and if he dies, Kaladin will be there to comfort Shallan. I feel like this Sadeas murder thing is far from over and will come back to haunt him.