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  1. Neat! Thank you for showing me the information.
  2. Hi! New as well. I talk all the time about my various book obsessions with my spouse and grown children but none of them are interested in reading them. I would probably get as much feedback from talking to the three cats, dog, or bird. I have lurked these boards reading but always felt late to the conversation until Oathbringer released.
  3. Page 1015 in my book in the chapter where Kal is trying to get Captain Notum to let Syl out of confinement “The stormfather creates only a handful of children. All of these, save Sylphrena, were destroyed in the recreance, becoming deadeyes...snip...” ”it was only recently, even by your reckoning, that the ancient daughter was rediscovered. Asleep.” This part struck me as important.
  4. Has it been noted that any of the other orders have colors associated with them? The wiki states Shardplate associated with windrunners is blue, the story has stated several times that Kal’s eyes turn bright blue, Syl is bluish. Has it ever said anything about any of the other orders regarding eye colors? Jasnah’s spren is inky black, maybe the colors are varied by order?
  5. The third sibling is “sleeping”. Syl was also “sleeping “ after her previous bond holder died rather than forsaking the oaths. Something interesting with the descriptions used about these things. My own suspicion is that the previous Bondsmiths for this sibling died, leaving it in the same shocked state Syl was in. Until Syl woke up, Stormfather thought she was dead.