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  1. I don't remember WoR addressing this in particular. Can you help me out with a chapter of quote?
  2. Except that even without the gem, they are still present in the Physical realm. The gem simply allows the bonder to summon and dismiss the Blade in a manner similar to the Knights Radiant. Crushing the gem, as Adolin does after winning another Shardblade in a duel, terminates the weak bond.
  3. There's a couple interesting quotes in OB that may allude to the God Beyond perhaps taking a more active role in helping Dalinar Ascend to something larger even than a Shard. I wouldn't think Dalinars constant usage of the word "Beyond" to describe both his belief in divinity and his vision of light is either accidental or trivial.
  4. Has Brandon said which book is Taln's? He is now officially one of my favorite characters now!
  5. He premeditated a way to betray the entire Kholin army to their death, including Dalinar. There is no need for direct violence for murder - Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. Notice there is no requirement for direct violence. If you kill your spouse by cutting the brake lines, you have committed murder just as surely as with a gun. Intent and premeditation are the key differences between murder and homicide, especially when there is provocation. Adolin certainly did not intend to kill Sadeas that day, he was provoked into it by Sadeas making a direct threat to his family again.
  6. That does sound reasonable. Guess we will have to RAFO.
  7. I was assuming it was Cultivation for both. The warm nurturing light seems like it would go with a Gaia-like Shard.
  8. This ... makes a lot of sense. One of the Siblings was supposed to be sleeping, per the Stormfather. The tower would have been abandoned by the time of the Recreance, when there was only one Bondsmith. There are two major potential problems. First, it is implied there were multiple Bondsmiths *after* the founding of the Knights Radiant, but before the tower was constructed. (Can anyone chime in with a WoB on how long this period was?) Second, the Tower is a constructed entity, which may result in a high order spren (like the oathgate spren), but seems unlikely for such a godlike spren at the same level as the Stormfather. Thoughts? Either way, I look forward to seeing Dalinar supercharge that tower!
  9. I did wonder that myself. The Dawnshards were small enough to carry, per one of the earlier quotes. And they were able to "bind any voidish or mortal" - there was a distinct glow to the gem in the pommel of the knife afterwards. As to where they are located... Aimia perhaps? Oathbringer I-4 Kada.
  10. The Dawnshards (and perhaps Honor) were not native to Roshar, though. From Chapter 113 of Oathbringer:
  11. Both of the other answers are right but incomplete. Listiow had loaned Lirin the spheres to provide light for surgery. Lirin was present at the brightlord's death, and came away with a will giving the spheres to Lirin to finance Kaladin's education as a surgeon. It did turn out Lirin lied about it. He claimed Wistiow would have wanted this, but passed without regaining lucidity. This claim on the spheres of course led to the friction between the new brightlord Roshone and Lirin, eventually to Tien being drafted and Kaladin joining the army.