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  1. So there are 3 planets in the Rosharan system Roshar, Ashyn and Braize I believe Braize is comfermed as being damnation and is the place the heralds go between desolation I think that it is generally assumed that Ashyn is the Tranquiline Halls that the humans fled after a catastrophy caused by surge binders
  2. from https://coppermind.net/wiki/Feverstone_Keep we know that Feverstone Keep was a location on ancient Roshar.It was somewhere near Rall Elorim, the capital of Iri
  3. I hear the Almighty has a fondness for spoilers keeps a special room in damnation just for them
  4. I'm just hoping I can find it on Tuesday as it's not released in the UK until Thursday and it going to be next to impossible staying off the site for those two extra days with the answers so I'm driving to my closest city and searching every book store in the hope one of them will have mudled the dates
  5. I think that when the blurb talks about "us " it's referring to the Aimians that being the group that wrote it http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=1182#19
  6. it seem to be just a matter of some threshold of investiture in one location I believe its been confirmed that the pits of Hathsin stopped functioning as a perpendicularity after kelsier destroyed the atium geodes
  7. also moving the planet wasn't simply a matter of strength you'd need to have enough control and knowledge of physics to alter the orbital velocity of the planet so that you were in a stable orbit again the lord ruler was a pack man not a scholar I think this knowledge would have had to have been granted by the shard
  8. I'm very sorry miss read that
  9. living shard blades can change there shape I'm not saying that night blood can but just because he's a more heavily invested shard blade doesn't mean he couldn't
  10. I also wonder if it might not be tied up in the unique "effects" being twin born grants that are hinted at in the ares arcanums of the era 2 books SoS Ars Arcanum said being full born must give a whole host of new effects
  11. I don't know about storm light but the lecher in The Ghastly Gondola in Bom is able to temporarily leach the the power from the strange (ghost launching) pistol witch she later describes as certainly something of another world neither feruchemical nor allomantic so the chances seem good that leaching works on other forms of Kinetic Investiture
  12. INTERVIEW: Mar 22nd, 2014 WoR Signing Report - Argent (Verbatim) QUESTIONIs Hoid human? BRANDON SANDERSONHoid was human a long time ago. Now... It's complicated. We would call him human, and so will pretty much everyone else, but he is not exactly that. could fit possible
  13. @zelda dad i think this might be the one your thinking of INTERVIEW: Mar 8th, 2014 AHOYMATEY Does Shardplate use a spren? BRANDON SANDERSON That's a RAFO. but there is a slightly more recent QUESTION that may be RELEVANT QUESTION My question was about Shards actually. So at the end of Words of Radiance Syl is turning into a Shardblade as well as other different weapons. And Kaladin has a whole bunch of Windspren around him. And I am wondering if that is a precursor to Shardplate? BRANDON SANDERSON I think you are a very smart man and you are asking wise questions. hope these help
  14. but there are deferentially void spren and if they work the same way as honor spren they are splinter of odium at-least if sylphrena was telling the truth when she said she was a small piece of a god
  15. Interesting I always wondered how odium would have managed to have enough power to take on shards on there own worlds and walk away especially when it seems like cultivation and honor would have worked together