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  1. Okay, this thread is a sequel to the most popular thread I’ve made, Ask anyone anything. This game is much, much sillier. Instead of answering the previous persons questions, you ask a question that would fit their random answer. It’s like Jeopardy, you get the answer, and then ask a question. It would look like this: Steve: Hippopotamus John: What is your favorite animal? George Clooney. Bob: Who is your celebrity crush? Pineapples. And so on and so forth. Obviously this example is meant to be straightforward, in actual play you would try to make it funny. For example, when Steve said “Hippopotamus”, John could have been a savage and asked the question “What animal does your mother most resemble?” However, John is not a savage, and thus, he did not. The goal is to be funny and witty and clever. Questions don’t have to be personal either. You don’t need them to be directed at “you”. You could phrase it as a trivia question, like in Jeopardy, or any other type of question. It just has to make sense with the answer. Of course, after you ask a question, you must write your own answer. Answers should be vague, to allow room for the future questioner to interpret it, but they should be more than one word. For example, John could have said “George Clooney as character in movie”, to make things more interesting. Try not to point the Questioner in a certain direction, let them run with it. You should put some thought into your answer however. Don’t just be random. Randomness is rarely funny. That goes for the questioner too. Now that all that Jazz is out of the way, lets start. “My long quarantine hairstyle.”
    give me image prompt ideas and I'll make them

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    2. dannnnnnex


      dall-e doesn't like multiple subjects =P




    3. Enter a username
    4. Chasmgoat


      A mouse hiking up a mountain made of crystals during sunset

  3. So this game is pretty simple. It’s a chain style game like boon/bane and a bunch of other forum games. Basically you answer the previous person’s question, then ask a question for the next person. If you want to answer a question that someone else already answered, go for it! Just be sure answer the most recent question as well. Questions can be serious, random, memes, whatever, just like in the actual AMA section. I only ask that you do your best to do more than a one word answer, that’s how threads like this die. Pretend every question has the follow up question: “Why”. I will start with the most wonderfully insightful question: What is the color of your toothbrush? edit from way in the future: plz stop asking boring questions that is all like if someone asks "whats your favorite non-sanderson book" one more time ima scream
  4. Most of my other topic intros are fairly long, so let’s try and make this as short as possible. This is a chain game, similar to all my other game threads: Assign a Character, Ask Anyone Anything, and Inverse Ask Anyone Anything. (Shameless self-plug WOOOOOOO!) I don’t expect this thread to go on very long, it’ll probably die in just a few days, but let’s make it a great few days. How to play: Someone gives you a scenario, you say the worst thing you could possibly say in that scenario (“worst” being most awkward, most inappropriate, most rude, whatever; as long as it’s funny. (and within 17th shard guidelines)), then give a scenario to the next person. All scenarios must start with “What’s the worst thing to say”. Examples: What’s the worst thing to say to your Mother-In-Law? What’s the worst thing to say at a high school dance? What’s the worst thing to say when you rear-end someone’s car? As you can see, there are numerous ways you could follow the phrase “What’s the worst thing to say”. You could do WTWTTS to a person, WTWTTS at a place, WTWTTS when something happens, whatever, as long as it makes sense, and gives the following person room to make something funny. You can be as detailed as you want in your prompt or your response. Sometimes long rambling answers can be really funny, if they’re done right. You could create a whole awkward interaction between 2 characters or whatever. You don’t need to directly answer the question. The question is just a prompt, as long as the answer to the prompt is somewhere in your response, you’re good. You could open your response with some in-depth worldbuilding, you could write an entire book in your response, as long as somewhere in your book there’s an awkward scene where a character says something awkward that answers the prompt. Also, you can respond to an earlier prompt if you wish, just quote it so we know what you’re doing, and after that be sure to answer the latest prompt as well. Don’t forget to add your own prompt after you do all that. I’d also like to encourage upvoting stuff, if someone posts something you chuckled at, show your appreciation, give them some of those wonderfully delicious internet points of uselessness! Well that wasn’t too long. Let’s get started. What’s the worst thing to say when someone asks you out on a date?
  5. on the off chance that any of you are watching ludwigs stream, i'm making my pfp at 20, 100, would appreciate some help.

    Mogul Mosaic (ludwig.gg)

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    2. dannnnnnex




      been doing this for like 2 hours

      i'm gonna defend it now and also help the yellow checkers around us

    3. The Storming Stormfather

      The Storming Stormfather

      It unfortunately died while I was asleep, RIP your pfp 

    4. dannnnnnex


      yeah it got turned into binding of isaac ;-;

      i'm gonna try and fix it later


    also, tag your friends I want a large sample size. 

    Put all answers to these questions in a spoiler. Do not look at other’s answers before posting. Answer the questions one at a time. Do not look at the next question before you answer the current one. Do not edit your answers after moving on. Use a #2 pencil. 

    Question Zero:


    If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your answers publicly in a reply to this SU, shoot me a DM! I’m very interested to see what results this yields. 

    If you’re even uncomfortable shooting me a DM, use the anonymous “17th Shard Communal Account” I set up a while ago. You will have to DM me for the password (unless you were in the Meme Comp, in which case, you already know it), but unless you are literally the only person who wants to use the account, it’ll still provide a sufficient measure of anonymity.

    Either way, write down your answers as you go through these. Even if you decide partway through that you won’t send them, finish the experiment. Then, feel free to only send in certain answers. Or none. Up to you. (If you do complete the questionnaire and decide to not share any answers, I’d appreciate you at least telling me that you completed it.)


    Question One:


    Define “Love” in 1-2 sentences. 

    Question Two:


    When you read question one, did the question “do you mean romantic or platonic love?” (or a similar question) ever cross your mind? Please elaborate.

    Question Three:


    Define “Heartbreak” in 1-2 sentences.

    Question Four:


    Have you ever experienced Heartbreak, as defined by yourself in question three? Elaborate if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Question Five:


    If you answered “No” to question four, Have you ever experienced anything someone else could possibly describe as Heartbreak? Elaborate if you feel comfortable doing so.

    If you answered “Yes” to question four, Hi! How are you? Enjoying the social experiment?

    Question Six:


    Rate the following statements on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “I believe this statement to be definitively false”, and 10 being “I believe this statement to be objectively true”. Feel free to elaborate on your given rating.

    (Please look at each statement one at a time, same as the questions.)

    Statement 1:


    ”Each person on earth has a soulmate they are supposed to be with. They can only achieve true love with that one person.”

    Statement 2:


    “There is a limited selection of possible candidates for whom you could fall in love with.”

    Statement 3:


    “Some people are simply incompatible.”

    Statement 4:


    Any two people could learn to fall in love, given sufficient time, and sufficient willingness on behalf of the subjects.”

    Statement 5:


    “Given sufficient time, any two people will fall in love, whether they want to or not.”

    Statement 6:


    “Love is arbitrated by one’s brain chemistry alone.”

    Statement 7:


    “Love is always a positive force in the world.”

    Statement 8:


    “A hotdog is a sandwich.”

    Statement 9:


    “All people are deserving of love.”

    Statement 10:


    “‘Romantic’ love is the superlative form of love.”


    Question Seven:


    Did you consider any of the statements of question six to be poorly phrased, from a “social experiment” point of view? (i.e. too biased or ‘on-the-nose’) Why or why not?

    Question Eight:


    How do you feel about the way we curently separate ‘love’ into different categories? (platonic, romantic, etc.)

    Question Nine:


    Did you catch the typo in question eight when you first read it?

    Question Ten:


    How are you doing, seriously? On a deeply psychological level, are you doing alright? This isn’t a social experiment question, I just like you guys a lot and want to see if I can help you in any way.


    Thank you all for participating! You have all received one (1) coupon for a free DannnexPhotoshopCommission™️ of your own specifications. The available quality options are: Bad, Worse, Trash, and Dumpster Fire. Please come again!

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    2. That1Cellist



      Question 1


      I'm not sure I know what love is. I think that love is something above enjoyment or affection. It is when you are willing to spend time with someone or something above spending time with other things or people. As an example, I will sometimes practice cello instead of doing homework.

      Question 2


      Absolutely. I think there is a definite difference, but often they come hand in hand.

      Question 3


      Heartbreak is the yearning of your soul when something you love is taken from you or otherwise made unavailable.

      Question 4


      Probably. I can't think of any past examples at the moment, but I often nearly panic worrying about if I get arthritis or something and can't play cello anymore.

      Question 5


      I love social experiments. How people think is absolutely fascinating to me, and how that changes when a person is in a group is also very interesting.

      Question 6


      4/10. I think that true love is possible with more than one person, but I also think that some people are definitely meant to find others.

      7/10. It depends on your definition, but a person can only love so much, and experience so much heartbreak, before they simply cannot handle it anymore. I think that the limit is very high, but it exists. It also depends on how intense a person loves. I could say I love the human race generally, but that doesn't mean I can't love specific people in a more direct way

      5/10. I don't really know on this one. Again, it depends on how intense we are talking. I believe it is always possible to find common ground, but some people just can't get along. It could be true, and I just refuse to accept it.

      7/10. I think this is most likely possible, but sometimes it almost certainly wouldn't happen without extreme circumstances

      4/10. I don't really know, but I feel like if a person really does not want to fall in love, they will not.

      2/10. I disagree with this. My religion impacts the answer to this question especially. I'm also a romantic/dramatic/artistic person, so this impacts my decision as well. I think there is something more spiritual about love than simple brain chemistry.

      7/10. I think this is generally, true, but it depends on your definition of good.

      3/10. By strict definition yes, but in practice absolutely not.

      7/10. I think that we should try to love all people, but past a certain point it becomes basically impossible. Weather they are deserving or not is less of a question than weather I could give it.

      4/10. Yes, but there are definitely very sincere forms of love that do not involve that.


      Question 7


      Some of the questions were not specific enough, and leave a bit too much room for personal interpretation for the results to be of much use. Unless, of course, that variety in interpretation was intentional. Then it's all good.

      Question 8


      I think it makes sense, since the term love is used very broadly

      Question 9



      Question 10


      In a deeply phycological way? Probably not. I think I will be able to work it out on my own and with my friends though. If I need to vent at some point I guess I'll let you know.



    3. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice


      I'll be sharing my own answers along with a sort of "directors commentary" in just a minute, after I compile all the answers.

      Is this ever coming?

    4. dannnnnnex


      yes sorry i got distracted by Dall-E 2 :P

      i’ll finish typing it up tomorrow when i’m on my laptop

  7. wait crap no shoot crap no crap storms shoot



    i totally forgot this was a thing and now it's sold out :(

    guess I'm sneaking in

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    2. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      Someone probably would cancel, that usually happens

      Just gotta be quick and paying attention :P 

    3. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm


    4. Morningtide


      Well I suppose I don't need to ask my parents anymore. *shrug* :(

  8. stranger things 4 is amazing

    better than 3 and 2 imo

    from a narrative standpoint, it’s pure art. 

    i could go into detail for exactly why i say that, but i’m on mobile rn and that would be a *long* post. 

    but yeah, it’s amazing
    at least up til episode 5. haven’t seen the last 4 yet. unless the ending is absolute crem, there’s no way this isn’t my favorite 2022 release. 

    1. Landing Sequence

      Landing Sequence

      I like it as well. I don't know your exact preferences, but I at least thought the ending was good. 

    2. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      Ending is NOT crem, can assure you

    3. Morningtide


      I just started Stranger Things about 2 weeks ago and I'm almost finished with season 2! (I TOTALLY did not watch 6 full episodes last night instead of sleeping.)

  9. if you didn't know already, you can get a free ebook of Alloy of Law until Aug 5th if you sign up for Tor's newsletter

    Download Brandon Sanderson’s The Alloy of Law — Before August 6! | Tor.com






  11. hey remember that post i made about how future historians are watching you. i got more.

    so we all know that the stars we see in the night sky are billions of years old n stuff. like, many of the stars we see have already exploded and we just don’t know yet because they’re so far away and the light hasn’t reached us yet. we all know that.


    the logical extension of “we see the past”

    is “the future sees us”

    Picture a planet, galaxies away. right now, at this instant, it’s a barren wasteland. no life at all. sometime in the future, some nice primordial soup comes around on this planet. then a little mitochondria will get quirky and decide to be alive. cue evolution. this species will grow to create language, civilization. eventually they’ll create telescopes, computers. and when they turn those telescopes on our little galaxy….they’ll see us. as we are now. we’ll be long gone. perhaps our entire galaxy will have dissipated. but they’ll see us.

    say hi everyone. 

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    2. DoomStick


      well yeah, but what would become the mitochondrion was alive already, a mitochondrion didn't decide to be alive just in time for multicellular life to form

    3. dannnnnnex


      its called being quippy, sue me.

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      oof, that sounds fun. maybe we should paint pictures of world wars in the clouds for them to watch with popcorn ;-;

  12. guys help

    what's that one classical music song that goes ba dadadadadada da da da da da da da da da dadadadadada da da da da da da da da

    i'm going insane

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    2. dannnnnnex


      uhhh many

      but the violin stands out the most

      and there’s a timpani that joins in at the Ba da ba da ba da ba da

      let me type it better

      ba badabadabada ba ba ba ba BA DA BA DA BA DA BA DA (and then repeat like twice with chord progression)

    3. dannnnnnex


      this is so stupid

    4. Landing Sequence

      Landing Sequence

      On the Nature of Daylight by Max Richter!

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      so right. do yo watch Daniel Greene?

    2. Frustration


      I saw that and am going to make a post about it in YKYASFW later if you want to see.

  13. Scriptural names are so rusting cool.

    that is all.

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    2. dannnnnnex


      like cmon


      i'll be lucky if i ever come up with names as great as these

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I will one day name my child Beelzebub just to spice things up a little

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      YES, your child willl love you so so SO much.

  14. Officially moved in to my college dorm

    am rather stressed and scared ngl

    good vibes would be appreciated

    am also feeling hopeful and optimistic though, so its not like i'm suffering

    living in Nauvoo House 1, pretty chill.
    ive barely met my roommates at all
    only met 3 out of 5 so far, and all three were....old. 
    hoping at least one of em is my age lol

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    2. Mage


      Oh, I didn't know about the existence of the summer session. Cool cool. Well, pay attention to your BoM class. Don't let me distract you. On that note, who is the professor?

    3. dannnnnnex


      Casey McDermott

      ngl first impressions are that this class is gonna be rough
      he has no idea how to use canvas and his assignments are super inconsistent and confusing

    4. Mage


      Oof, and by nature of summer session he has to pack the same amount of stuff into half the time of a normal semester. Well, good luck.

  15. Hey!


    1. dannnnnnex


      (aka watch that video, it’s an amazing analysis of not just the Legend of Zelda series but of how darker themes work in media as a whole.)

    2. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      It's been in my recommend for awhile. I guess I'll check it out

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Friggin solid.

      A little pretentious

  16. Tia paused, as if deciding whether or not to divulge this informations “…Helkins.” Lylac gasped. “YOU TALKED TO HELKINS????”
  17. after like 3 days of being completely surrounded by mountains

    ive decided i don’t like them

    day one was like “holy mother of storms these are beautiful and magnificent”


    it’s like
    but on a massive scale

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    2. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      I prefer mountains. I used to live in a place with mountains, then when I moved to a flat place, I felt very sad.

      There's something strangely comforting about having mountains around you. At least to me.

      (Also I think the same mountains that gave you claustrophobia are the ones that I saw every day where I lived.) 

    3. dannnnnnex


      i was at Bear Lake so i kinda doubt it, not many people actually live there it’s a vacationy place.

      the lake was just completely surrounded by mountains of equal height on all sides. 

      (am no longer there btw)

    4. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm


      I just noticed in a previous status update you said something about being in Provo, which was in the same valley that I used to live in.

  18. Come to think of it, Lylac thought, I haven’t seen Tri in a while. I should check in on her. Thoughts of the war vanished as she gathered her things and left to visit her friend. She considered taking her AirScooter but it was only a 10 minute walk. I could use the exercise, she thought to herself with a laugh.
  19. Her country’s flag hanging above the doorway, a picture her brother had sent of him and his crew, the food rations she had stored in case of emergency. All painful reminders. Sometimes she wondered if this war was worth fighting at all. She didn’t dare say such things aloud however.
  20. Her brother was off fighting the rebels in the western regions. Looking at her gorgeous surroundings, you’d never guess the country was in the midst of civil war, and yet that ugly truth was present all the same.
  21. i’m in provo 

    hi provo people

    i am near you physically 

    i will be leaving in around 12 hours, just here for the night, so not gonna be able to see you or anything

    but rest easy knowing that i am near =P

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      I have some family in provo! they do be awesome.

    2. dannnnnnex


      you guys have too many mountains here

      like, things aren’t allowed to be this large

    3. Slowswift


      But, mountains!

  22. Just said goodbye to my best friend of 6 years. Won’t see him again for nearly 3. :(

    I don’t like change

    why can’t things just always stay the same

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    2. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      How dare you not join me at USU

    3. dannnnnnex


      u live in NM why u going to USU lol

    4. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Because I don't want to stay in NM