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  1. agahggahahagagahagaha

    i need to talk about this song

    goodbye to a world by Porter Robinson

    this song is AMAZING

    If i had to point to one song and say “this song is art, no other song is, just this one” it would be this song.

    i can scarcely remember a song has made me feel such strong emotions

    well no, that’s not right. music, after all, is the purest form of emotion. it’s liquid emotion.

    but i’ve never had a song cause me to feel such specific emotions as this one. other songs can make me feel different things at different times depending on my perspective. This song feels like it’s telling a super deep and complicated story, AND IT ABSOLUTELY ISNT

    theres literally just FOUR REPEATING LINES

    but i feel like there’s a very specific and intentional story behind them
    its like someone is telling me the most moving story i’ve ever heard, but it’s bypassing my brain and being injected straight into my subconscious

    after much consideration, i’ve narrowed down the feelings i feel whilst listening to this song to 2 main emotions. listen to the song first and see if you can guess.


    I feel a strong sense of guilt pared with an INTENSE grief/love. (after all, what is grief but love persevering?)

    usually when one listens to a song, you sorta bend the message of the song to be more relatable to you. you automatically attune the song to your own brand of heartbreak or sorrow or joy. i feel like i can’t do that with these. this song doesn’t feel like a song, where the feelings it imparts are able to be molded, this song feels like a book. i feel i am being told a story, but not in the way a book does it (which is just, you know, literally telling the story) but instead it’s telling me the emotions that the story would make me feel if I knew what it was.

    to get a little bit Calculus on y’all, this feels like the 1st Derivative of a story. Like, if i could somehow find the antiderivative of the function that is this song, i would have a complete story with characters and plot and everything. 

    anyway yeah that’s it






    also i’m incredibly sleep deprived rn so this might not make any sense to me when i wake up

    1. dannnnnnex


      the more i’ve thought about it the more i really really really like the calculus analogy

      someone remind me to come back to that idea later

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