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    alright so here's the idea
    I want to make a physical to-do list to increase my daily productivity
    it would be made of wood, like a big rectangular board, with little metal switches like this that each corresponds to a Red/Green LED. I flip the switch and it changes from red to green. there'd be a little spot for a slip of paper or maybe a chalkboard thing to label each switch, and it'd plug into the wall for it's power source. And it would need to be tileable, like each switch/led/label section would need to be removable so I could add/remove things from my to-do list as i need. aaaaand it'd be cool if i could have a system where it'd automatically reset each day.

    the thing is i have absolutely no idea how to make something like this at all.


    are any of you smart with wires and leds n stuff

    i would greatly appreciate some guidance

    1. Frustration


      So I think it would be easiest for you to make a list where each objective is written on a whiteboard to the side with a light next to it. You can buy red/green lights with their own switch for a semi-reasonable amount so you don't even need to do it yourself.

      I have no idea how to make it reset at the end of the day that might have to be manual.