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  1. lightning is so cool

    just sat at my neighborhood park and stared at the sky for like an hour

    today is a good day

    1. dannnnnnex


      i’ve realized that almost all of my favorite things are sky-related

      1. the moon

      2. the stars

      3. clouds

      4. things that are tall. mountains. trees. i love being up high. 





      not the sun though
      frick that

    2. dannnnnnex



      i got bored so i got in my car and chased the storm

      i am now much wetter and much more entertained

      if i get struck by lightning, consider it an act of karma and don’t feel bad for me

  2. agahggahahagagahagaha

    i need to talk about this song

    goodbye to a world by Porter Robinson

    this song is AMAZING

    If i had to point to one song and say “this song is art, no other song is, just this one” it would be this song.

    i can scarcely remember a song has made me feel such strong emotions

    well no, that’s not right. music, after all, is the purest form of emotion. it’s liquid emotion.

    but i’ve never had a song cause me to feel such specific emotions as this one. other songs can make me feel different things at different times depending on my perspective. This song feels like it’s telling a super deep and complicated story, AND IT ABSOLUTELY ISNT

    theres literally just FOUR REPEATING LINES

    but i feel like there’s a very specific and intentional story behind them
    its like someone is telling me the most moving story i’ve ever heard, but it’s bypassing my brain and being injected straight into my subconscious

    after much consideration, i’ve narrowed down the feelings i feel whilst listening to this song to 2 main emotions. listen to the song first and see if you can guess.


    I feel a strong sense of guilt pared with an INTENSE grief/love. (after all, what is grief but love persevering?)

    usually when one listens to a song, you sorta bend the message of the song to be more relatable to you. you automatically attune the song to your own brand of heartbreak or sorrow or joy. i feel like i can’t do that with these. this song doesn’t feel like a song, where the feelings it imparts are able to be molded, this song feels like a book. i feel i am being told a story, but not in the way a book does it (which is just, you know, literally telling the story) but instead it’s telling me the emotions that the story would make me feel if I knew what it was.

    to get a little bit Calculus on y’all, this feels like the 1st Derivative of a story. Like, if i could somehow find the antiderivative of the function that is this song, i would have a complete story with characters and plot and everything. 

    anyway yeah that’s it






    also i’m incredibly sleep deprived rn so this might not make any sense to me when i wake up

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    2. DramaQueen


      ....it's just a weird song to me, tbh. Sorry. It sounds like an otamatone with a voice and it's.......weird.

      I can kind of see where you're coming from, but....I will probably never listen to that song again.

    3. Slowswift


      Porter Robinson's pretty great.

    4. dannnnnnex


      @DramaQueen the word you’re looking for is Vocaloid and it’s a really cool piece of technology, but yeah i get how it could sound weird to people.



      also, i am an absolute genius

      look at these quotes i found from the artist in an interview:


      And I've said this so many times, so pardon me if it sounds rehearsed or something. But to me, "Worlds" is meant as kind of an appreciation of fiction and stories and escapism and fantasy. The whole album to me is directly channeling my nostalgia for games that I played growing up. Video games specifically. And anime. And movies. It doesn't have this real place in reality. It has its roots, I think, in the ideas of fiction – particularly the most fantastical kind of fiction. That's why you kind of hear sci-fi elements throughout it and fantasy elements throughout it. I use instrumentation from N64 videogames. I'd say the album isn't a story itself but is instead about stories.

      (“Worlds” is the name of the Album the song is from btw)


      I guess the album is less focused on this micro idea of emotions and this micro idea of stories but on the macro. It's about emotions and stories in general. And it just kind of tries to adopt the aesthetics of those things without being too literal, if that makes sense.


      Like, that’s literally what I just said. This is so impressive to me. The artist managed to get all that across in just that one song and it came across so strongly that it convinced me to make this SU about it, based on nothing but the one song.

  3. daily reminder that the word for the smell of rain is petrichor

    1. Frustration


      I love that smell! Nice to know I have something to call it now.

    2. dannnnnnex


      it is a beautiful word for a beautiful thing

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      OOOOO I love it, I was camping and the smell was MAGNIFICICO!

  4. aight im like halfway through kings pass and i already like console better the controls are just weird you can obviously rebind them to whatever but i think using a controller makes much more sense so play on PC or Console, but either way just use a controller. it isn't too hard to connect a controller to your PC, but if you dont wanna mess with that then just do console. PC default controls: also i just found something weird the game is still open on another desktop but pressing keys still does stuff in the game and i can click on menu things so thats a weird glitch
  5. i've only ever played console but i think its great i literally have it on PC but ive never opened it actually one sec lemme try it out so i can give a better opinion

    alright so here's the idea
    I want to make a physical to-do list to increase my daily productivity
    it would be made of wood, like a big rectangular board, with little metal switches like this that each corresponds to a Red/Green LED. I flip the switch and it changes from red to green. there'd be a little spot for a slip of paper or maybe a chalkboard thing to label each switch, and it'd plug into the wall for it's power source. And it would need to be tileable, like each switch/led/label section would need to be removable so I could add/remove things from my to-do list as i need. aaaaand it'd be cool if i could have a system where it'd automatically reset each day.

    the thing is i have absolutely no idea how to make something like this at all.


    are any of you smart with wires and leds n stuff

    i would greatly appreciate some guidance

    1. Frustration


      So I think it would be easiest for you to make a list where each objective is written on a whiteboard to the side with a light next to it. You can buy red/green lights with their own switch for a semi-reasonable amount so you don't even need to do it yourself.

      I have no idea how to make it reset at the end of the day that might have to be manual.

  7. have we ever seen anyone be spiked non-lethally? i think everyone who has ever had an attribute stolen has also died. could be a coincidence but it almost makes me think that something supernatural is happening here. maybe something about ripping off a piece of the spiritweb causes such trama to the soul that it’s impossible to survive?
  8. hi guys i’m glad that we are all smart adult people who make good financial decisions yes i am apart of the set of all humans who make good financial decisions i am one of those people yep yep yep yep




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    2. dannnnnnex


      now it's worth 1031$


      silence doubters

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    4. DramaQueen


      Quit while you're ahead

  9. just went ghost hunting

    and locked my keys in my car

    and then went ghost hunting somewhere else after we got that sorted

    and now i smell like ghost

    1. dannnnnnex


      this SU might be my PR for the ratio of Upvotes:Replies 

    2. dannnnnnex


      not a single person had anything to say about me smelling like ghost

      yall just nodded when you read this and said “yes.”

  10. trying to turn myself into a minecraft skin and uh...



    i didnt think this through


    THE HECK DO I DO FOR A BODY?????????????

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    2. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      You could be like a Cryptic

      They’re just like circle blobs until they go to Shadesmar, then they get that robe thing

      Get yourself a robe thing!

    3. Enter a username

      Enter a username

      I second Fadran’s suggestion and also request you make Bow Danex the butt.

    4. Scarletfox


      That is absolutely incredible :P


    i am a PROFESSIONAL human

    who is very SMART

    and absolutely KNOWS ENTIRELY WHAT HE IS DOING and is definitely not CONFUSED out of his MIND



    so yeah i bought bitcoin today

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    2. dannnnnnex


      you have to send a pic of ur drivers license and SSN too lol

      cant actively trade it anonymously afaik

      there are ways to use it anonymously, but active trading has to be linked to a bank account
      so they need your identity to make sure you're the owner of said bank account

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Oh also part of my SSN.

      ...There goes the airtight experimental plan.

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  12. y’all my sleep schedule is getting seriously messed up


    for the past week and a half

    ive been going to bed at 7am



    weird thing is it kinda…doesn’t feel like an issue?
    -it doesn’t seem to be affecting my mental health (yet)
    -still getting plenty of sleep
    -not causing any scheduling conflicts

    like, life is proceeding as normal
    im just actually, completely, totally nocturnal.

    so….yeah that’s how i’m doing. 

  13. the minecraft credits poem is just.....*chef's kiss*

    if you havent read it, do so, immediately

    dont look it up though, play the game, beat the ender dragon

    earn it

    it is the most amazing poem

    very few written works have ever brought me to tears. RoW is one. This poem is another. 


    and it comes from a heccin block game.


    btw just beat minecraft on PC for time, if you couldnt tell.





    also did you know that Brando Sando almost wrote the poem
    they approached him to do it way back when and he turned them down

    i'm glad he did tbh because i can't imagine it being any better than it already is.
    but crazy that that could have happened

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    2. Landing Sequence

      Landing Sequence

      I still don’t understand the poem to this day. It makes no sense to me, though I will admit it’s pretty cool. Isn’t it supposed to be like, Notch talking to Herobrine or something?

    3. dannnnnnex



      Isn’t it supposed to be like, Notch talking to Herobrine or something?

      not at all lol

      herobrine is entirely a community-made concept, the actual game has nothing to do with him

      its a conversation between two higher godlike beings about you, the player. and it’s beautiful.



      my brain... it hurts



      yeah lol

      he said so in an episode of “intentionally blank” (which is such a great podcast btw, offers so much insight into brandon’s life)

      don’t remember which episode but it’s there somewhere
      i think he talked about the SCP foundation in the same episode 

    4. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      I can second the podcast recommendation, but not the poem, since I’m bad at Minecraft and have never gotten close to beating it xD

  14. ok so um how do i put this uhhh
  15. who is in this association?