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  1. i talked N1 wdym missed the last like 8 pages
  2. because it’s useful to know if there’s vote manip or not wdym why do you ask why do i ask?
  3. yes hi i’m behind and don’t wanna reread too much do we have any confirmed vote manip?
  4. its -19° outside.

    -33 with windchill factored in

    class was canceled tomorrow because if we go outside our skin will literally freeze within 15 minutes without proper gear.

    its dropped about 40° in like 4 days. one heck of a cold snap.

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    2. LukeWasTaken


      Damn, only -11 here w/ wcf. Sorry friend, that is cold.

    3. Sequence


      Fahrenheit?? Here in Utah it was only +4° F this morning.

    4. Slowswift


      Bruh. And I thought suddenly 20 degrees when it's been 40 was bad.

  5. this gives me e!mat vibes and idk why i am historically bad at reading mat though that would make more sense yeah. i don’t think you’d need to volunteer yourself, like, we’re obv gonna exe somebody. volunteering yourself would be rather suspicious actually.
  6. no clue and probably we could just exe him again tomorrow and see what happens but that feels like a waste
  7. idk why everyone’s so surprised that striker can still talk, like, ofc he can. this isn’t a game, it’s an investigation. kas isn’t gonna send a hitman to strikers house or anything
  8. i did a thing


    what it is about beauty that makes us need to share it? 


    what is it about a silent 4am snowfall in a crowded parking lot?


    the way the snowflakes delicately glide in front of the streetlight’s beam


    the tree next to it, shocked with frost, standing motionless in the wind like some violent monolith


    this light snowfall isn’t enough to remove all the previous days tracks and evidences 


    but it softens them all

    rounding out edges

    filling in spaces


    like it’s healing a wound, but not forgetting it

    an impression still remains

    a scar perhaps



    what is it about that flickering light in the window across the lot? why is it so alluring?


    is it the idea that someone else is sharing this beautifully meaningless moment with me?


    for this is an uncapturable scene

    i have not the technology nor ability to package it in any shareable way

    (i’m not sure anyone does really. not to capture the moment in its entirety)


    the idea that someone else is appreciating it as well…perhaps it lessens the feeling of burden


    the idea that this beauty lives and dies with me


    maybe that’s why we feel the need to share beauty


    perhaps we are all simply archivists, deeply aware of the temporal nature of it all


    perhaps that is why i started writing this

    i can’t save this moment visually, but perhaps i can linguistically 


    is this a poem?


    i’m certainly writing it with a sense of formality


    why shouldn’t it be a poem?

    a beautiful moment deserves beautiful prose


    the parking lot is coming alive now 
    a few choice cars ferrying their owners off to some early morning shift 


    why does it feel like the moment is over?


    i was just anguishing over the lack of a partner to hold this experience with me


    and now I have evidence that it, at least it part, was viewed by a few others


    how can i simultaneously need to share this moment, and feel that it is ruined by the presence of others?


    am i simply narcissistic?

    did i merely want the credit for sharing this moment? do i just want to play god? to act like i was the creator of this incredible moment rather than a mere passerby?


    maybe all creatives are just playing god, taking what they are given and repackaging it into something else. 


    maybe the real creatives deserve to.


    who am I to share this moment? it is not mine to share


    as if i could accurately describe its beauty in the first place


    i’m not an archivist, i’m a thief, taking this natural beauty and making it my own.


    the fact that i have every intention of sharing this not-poem is proof of that.


    do i really care about the sharing itself? if i truly ask myself, am i trying to enrich others by sharing this moment, or raise myself up as some collector of beauty?


    perhaps i could prove it to myself by not sharing this writing. let the beauty be mine and mine alone.


    of course, that feels selfish.

    this beautifully dark frosty morning isn’t mine, thats what i’ve just been saying.


    by not sharing it, im claiming it as my own even more than I would otherwise. taking this god-given scene and refusing to let others in on its early morning secrets. 


    so im either a clout-chasing narcissist or a selfish blasphemer.




    i haven’t even done a good job of describing the scene. the musings on motive are more than half of this document.


    so best-case scenario, i’m not a narcissist or a blasphemer,


    i’m just a failure.


    this is quite the situation i’ve written myself into.


    i haven’t even mentioned how the snow-covered roofs of the opposing buildings blend into the grey colored sky, creating an illusion of infinitesimal proportions


    or how the snow covers each car in the lot in the same way, creating a beautiful tessellation that removes all personality but adds something much greater


    or how there’s one single streetlamp that stands unlit, casting one area of the lot into false shadow


    or how the light diffuses off of the snow, lighting things up in angles that would otherwise be impossible, providing an otherworldly atmosphere to the entire scene


    or how the early morning haze cuts off any other buildings from view, seeming to leave us stranded, floating in a void of gray. 


    ha, look at me, trying to correct for my errors while pointing them out


    how arrogant of me


    what a cliched methodology 


    i am yet again a thief 



    perhaps i should simply stop writing


    perhaps creating art is inherently selfish 


    perhaps sharing it is intrinsically narcissistic 


    perhaps attempting to create is always doomed to end in failure


    I do want to tie this experience to myself by transcribing it


    I do want to gain clout for sharing it 


    I definitely haven’t captured the beauty effectively, no matter how much flowery prose i sprinkle on top.


    so i truely am a narcissist, a thief, and a failure. 

    but maybe we all are

    maybe that’s why we share beauty

    maybe thats the real goal

    to scream out to each other, silently, under all the other layers of subtext:

    “i’m just like you.”


    1. Shallan Stormblessed

      Shallan Stormblessed

      Oooooh! That's super cool. I love it! It's true.

    2. Sequence




      I don't know what to say, other than, 

      "I like it!"

      You are quite the poet, Dannex.

    3. Morningtide
  9. i'm really not so sure of how sound this plan is kas like what if the people with compromised accounts just don't sign up for this 'game'? and what happens if we lose the game??? do we just have to hand our accounts over to these hackers? i didn't agree to that
  10. nah i regretted this even while i was making it cat dannnex is too cursed
  11. thinking of changing the vowels in my name

    dont really like the way dannex sounds in my head anymore

    and people always just shorten it to dan and i dislike that

    possible options:








    i dislike anything with vowel #1 as ‘A’ since then we have the same problem of people shortening it to dan

    and i dislike the way the second vowel looks as a ‘Y’, so those bottom 6 are out too. 

    i kinda like the first vowel as a ‘Y’, but that is definitely the most radically different from what it currently is


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    2. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      What will your equation be :thinking:

      Cause it can't stay da[n=x]ex

    3. dannnnnex



      import random
      vowels = ['a','e','i','o','u','y']
      print('d',end = '')
      print(random.choice(vowels), end = '')
      for i in range(random.randint(1,28)):
        print('n', end = '')
      print(random.choice(vowels), end = '')

      or maybe

      import random
      def internet_username():
          vowels = ['a','e','i','o','u','y']
          danex_variation = 'd'
          danex_variation += random.choice(vowels)
          for i in range(random.randint(1,28)):
              danex_variation += 'n'
          danex_variation += random.choice(vowels)
          danex_variation += 'x'
          return danex_variation

      that second one is cleaner i think.

    4. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      If you do change your name, the next time I vote you in SE I'm using that :D.

  12. i regret everything
  13. yall
    go check out brandon's new video on his yt channel
    just do it

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. dannnnnex


      i would wait tbh
      its a great video, but tress is better. i'd read it first. it doesn't have huge spoilers, but its cooler to learn it all yourself

    3. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      I've read the preview chapters, if that changes anything. I read them last March xD I don't know what Adam means when he says the spoilers are for a short way into it. Like is the sciencey stuff just about the


      Spore oceans

      or is it something else further in?

    4. dannnnnex


      oh well if you know about that then go ahead

      thats all he talks about really