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  1. Radriarc sighed. “Thank you. You’ll be glad we went to get them, Venten is a Worldhopping scholar too, and he knows even more than me. I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic at the opportunity to work on some Macrosmos-wise scholarship project.” His face suddenly fell. “If he’s alive that is.” He shook his head. “Anyways, you wouldn’t happen to have one of those new Automobile things would you? Would make getting back over there a lot faster.”
  2. Yes? Do I......need to do something??
  3. You don’t have to vote right? Seems like voting on the first day doesn’t make a ton of sense, nothings even happened yet.
  4. Idea: Starting a 'Question of the Day' thing, where I think of a question every day, post it, and then people can answer it and discuss it. Sort of like an inverse AMA, instead of one answerer and a lotta questioners, it's one questioner and a lot of answerers. I don't think it would work very well as a thread, but maybe I could do it as a Status Update daily? Or maybe a thread, that might work. 

    Thoughts? Opinions? 

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    2. Danex


      Who's Koloss17? Are they already doing something like this? Is it a thread?

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      They're just another Sharder. I think I'm following them...

    4. Condensation


      I might be following them...

  5. “Well, yah, it’s a word, but it’s a word that makes no sense in this context!” continued Dannnex, the best narrator. “It either means an imaginary bird, or a snide comment. I am neither a bird, nor a comment, so it doesn’t even made sense!”
  6. “That’s not even a word!” exclaimed Danex, the wondrously attractive, charismatic, intelligent, and humble Narrator.
  7. But not really, as due to *blablablabla* Relativity *blabla* Science *blablabla* frame of reference *blablabla*, so, in conclusion, 1 million years was actually only a few seconds.
  8. Radriarc shook his head, banishing the last bits of sleep from his mind. “Waitwaitwaitwait, what?? Sel?!? Why? I gotta get back to Venten, and Meira, I left them in while we were being attacked.”