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  1. It could be a fire contest between Dalinar and Evi.
  2. This has clearly been on my mind, because I had a dream last night that the blurb for KOWT revealed that Shallan and Adolin were going to Rall Elorim, and I had to eat crow.
  3. This is a cool theory, and evidence wise I could see it being right, but it doesn't feel like it lines up narratively. Lift is from Rall Elorim. Book six is Lift's flashback book, so we will likely be seeing lots of Rall Elorim in the flashbacks. As well, there's a good chance her storyline in the modern portion of the book will see her returning to Rall Elorim and facing her past. If that's true, it doesn't make sense for book five to have a very significant plot about Rall Elorim and its secrets when book six will also have a plot about Rall Elorim and its secrets.
  4. I think the time for Kaladin to kill Moash has passed. I feel like he'll have more of a Gollum type moment, with his failings of character putting him in the right place at the right time to change everything, even if he doesn't mean to.
  5. I like the line in The Way of Kings about her Shardblade being the "fruit of her greatest sin", which never really made sense until we learned that her greatest sin was killing Testament.
  6. I never liked Liss as Chana, so Liss as Vedel sounds great to me.
  7. Kaladin is Slave. Shallan is Murder. Szeth is Murder Slave.
  8. We need Jaszeth in these charts.
  9. I got names mixed up and thought you were saying that Rlain was Thaidakar.
  10. Throughout the book, I was pretty sure it was going to be either Dalinar or Renarin, although I leaned Renarin until the battle started and he was nowhere close to it.
  11. I would say both Cultivation and Honor. Growing new Hordelings sounds like Cultivation, while the Hordelings being bound together sounds like Honor.
  12. It's Shardkiller Base.
  13. I spent a while yesterday reading the second half of this thread, and it stuck in my head so much I had a dream about it. I was reading the thread, and one user said that the chapter titles were helping Shallan to heal by giving her reassurance so that she could get better. Another replied that the chapter titles were lies created by Axies the Collector, and were leading her astray. Then a third user said that Axies was a known follower of Odium, and was trying to get Shallan to choose Odium as her husband. I woke up wondering if Odium flies.
  14. I would call it Song of Secrets, but I'm not sure if a song counts as a book. I guess it could if it was written down.