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  1. Throughout the book, I was pretty sure it was going to be either Dalinar or Renarin, although I leaned Renarin until the battle started and he was nowhere close to it.
  2. I would say both Cultivation and Honor. Growing new Hordelings sounds like Cultivation, while the Hordelings being bound together sounds like Honor.
  3. It's Shardkiller Base.
  4. I spent a while yesterday reading the second half of this thread, and it stuck in my head so much I had a dream about it. I was reading the thread, and one user said that the chapter titles were helping Shallan to heal by giving her reassurance so that she could get better. Another replied that the chapter titles were lies created by Axies the Collector, and were leading her astray. Then a third user said that Axies was a known follower of Odium, and was trying to get Shallan to choose Odium as her husband. I woke up wondering if Odium flies.
  5. I would call it Song of Secrets, but I'm not sure if a song counts as a book. I guess it could if it was written down.
  6. She's Vivenna. The woman that calls herself Vivenna, I mean.
  7. I don't see any reason for a mystery about who the ninth Unmade is if it really is just Dai-Gonarthis without any sort of twist. I think I'll go along with the Cusicesh being the last one, because I remember it doing some weird things, and it just sounds right to me. So Cusicesh being Dai-Gonarthis makes the most sense.
  8. He was mentioned as leathery-faced, so even if he doesn't have the exact same appearance, I figured he was the man Kaladin talked to on the first bridge run. My brother and I suspected that he was a Dysian Aimian.
  9. I read Words of Radiance in two days, so probably about the same amount of time. I told my brother that I would be finished for sure by Friday, but like earlier.
  10. I feel like there are a bunch of hidden Blades scattered between people, but the majority of the Shardblades are held by one of the secret societies, so let's look at the ones we know and see how likely each is. - Sons of Honor: Absolutely not. If Restares was sitting on 1000 or so Blades, Amaram wouldn't have needed to murder people to get a Shardblade. - Diagramists: Also no. Taravangian could have been gathering up Blades, but the Shardblades went missing long ago, and the Diagram wasn't created until after Gavilar's death. These guys have only been around for a few years. - Stone Shamans: On one hand, they have the Honorblades, so having the Shardblades isn't much more of a stretch. On the other hand, they have the Honorblades, so also having the Shardblades wouldn't be terribly exciting. As well, to gather the Shardblades, they'd need to be picking them up, and even if Shin culture is built on a lie, that feels like a little much. - Skybreakers: Nale has been around for ages, and Helaran, who sought them out, shows up with a completely unrecorded Shard. It seems reasonable to believe that they have them, so I'll say they're the second most likely group to be holding the Shardblade horde. - Ghostbloods: I can't really comment on them at the moment, since I don't really know what their goals are. - Aimians: I think they're the most likely, since they're immortal and want the Knights Radiant to return. They're probably hiding a bunch of Shardblades on their island, and will pull them out for a big climactic moment.
  11. "I have seen the future. The Everstorm comes. The Brandon writes. The Lightflame makes another one of these threads for book four. But I will see none of this, because you guys killed me for my Death Rattle." Subject was a young male from Sheen. Sample has been repeatedly analyzed for evidence of more secret societies.
  12. To me, Elend is blond and Kelsier has brown hair, not the other way around.
  13. Absolutely have to disagree with this one. I felt a deflating feeling reading this theory because it's terrible from a narrative perspective. A good twist changes things in the story, raising the tension by making things more urgent or complicated for our protagonists. I'll give examples from the well known Star Wars and Harry Potter. Harry Potter: Harry is a Horcrux, which means that Voldemort can't die as long as he's alive. If Harry wants to defeat Voldemort and save the Wizarding World, he has to die. Star Wars: Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father. How is Luke supposed to fight and kill his own father? Those are good, because they add new challenges for the characters to overcome. However, this is the complete opposite of that. Tanavast told Dalinar that the Radiants needed to be restored, and the Dawnshards needed to be found. Thus, the readers are expecting to see the characters restoring the Radiants and finding the Dawnshards. If the Dawnshards are the Spren Shardblades, then it means that the characters don't have to worry about finding the Dawnshards, since they were already doing that by becoming Radiants. It's a total cheat, because it promises the reader a challenge (finding the Dawnshards) and then snatches it away from them. We were just being told what we already knew, that restoring the Radiants was important. Would anyone have been impressed by Darth Vader being Luke's dad if Obi Wan had told him that his dad was a Jedi who betrayed the Order and turned to the Dark Side? Absolutely not. We would have already known that Luke's father was an evil Sith Lord that Luke would one day fight. It hardly changes anything for it to be the one he's already fighting. That's why this would just be lame. As a reader, I have every reason to want to see the protagonists' quest to find the Dawnshards, and no reason to want to find out that they magically had them all along.
  14. Wow, this sums everything up nicely. It even says that Cultivation did it, which is what I was thinking. Also, it made me think of a way for Taravangian to still help the heroes. After learning that he was manipulated, he somehow gets Odium to possess him on another "day of compassion", and the Radiants are able to use him to seal Odium away. The evil king becomes the Champion of the dark god, but he does it to save the world.
  15. Dang, this made me consider a new possibility. A lot of people think his "ultimate day of intelligence" was just him being manipulated by Odium or someone else. This could explain how it happened. Since Shards are in the Spiritual Realm, what if his day of "intelligence" was really a day of "compassion" where his connection to the Spiritual Realm was so strong that he was taken over?