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  1. The scene we get of Cultivation interacting with Dalinar in OB gives no hints that she sent Evi to him or foreshadowing it even via allusion. Not very "Brandon", if the avatar idea is correct. :-) I like the thought, but think RShara is right here. In any event, a SpiritWeb Corpse? That's really cool, too. Has amazing implications for what the future of Roshar might look like as the people fight Odium's forces and Dalinar comes to terms with his growing powers.
  2. I like where you're going...but agree with RShara on the likely ending of the SA. But what if Bavadin (i.e., Autonomy) is the real "Big Bad"? Letting Rayse fight her battles for her while laying the groundwork to take over the Cosmere?
  3. Love this episode. The Hoid/Shallan collabo (look for their mixtape on soundcloud lol) is one of my favorite scenes and I love that you dug down on this one. Can't wait for episode 2. And 3. And 7. IRT to "crackpot theories" I love them all...and I vacillate between two: the Rosharan-centric and the Hoid-centric. In the first, I think it's describing the moment when Honor and Cultivation began to notice the humans and turn their backs on the Singers. Yes, they broke an oath, which may have caused Honor to turn his wrath (the storms) toward them. But then they flourished and grew, which I'm sure Cultivation just loved. This would dovetail well with the big reveal of OB. But, in the latter, it's more a hat-tip toward the thinking that the story has morphed from its origins to be more understandable to the Rosharans (i.e., "stormlight") while Hoid is really hearkening back to a story that is an allegory of his own origin story. He shares knowledge with the humans that, yes, might bring suffering upon them, but is also necessary to move the "plot" (his plot) forward. And the little bit of God's light is really the residue of the shattering of adonalsium that still resides within him and leads him to where he needs to go. So, in essence, he see's himself as the girl (hence the addition of the hair). Regardless, if it's plot-important, I'm sure we'll find it out. But if Argent's right about it merely being world-building, then it may have already served its plot-purpose and we may never know.
  4. The joke about @Overlord Jebus saying "andolasiaum" just made me think of the fictional "Andalasia" from the Disney movie "Enchanted" and now both my and my children's fantasy worlds have collided. I may never recover.
  5. Battle of Thaylan fields. After the Thrill leaves? I Mentioning the Unmade would be apropos for a Death Rattle. From OB: So what if this is that sort of thing? That it's someone who looks around them after the Thrill leaves...and they wonder...what have we done?
  6. You know...I like this! Have an upvote!
  7. So, I listened to this in the podcast version and then had to come see the infamous blanket-ghost-tech-lag intro, and it was worth it. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing WITH you. Promise. (and yes, that promise is the kind we moms make to our kids that we have no intention of keeping lollllll)
  8. I thought “rhythm of war” a long time ago when it was revealed this would be the eshonai flashback but I after my most recent re-read I thought maybe “the lost rhythms”. But rhythm of war fits better. Hope it sticks!
  9. Nope! Doesn't have to be romantic at all! I just went to re-read that Syl scene, and it is definitely one of those small moments of true love. This one too: I mean, chills. At first this felt like a more sweeping moment to me, but nope--the sweetness and love are in that embrace, don't you know? The soft "hush" that sounds like it could have been me whispering it to my daughter when she sobbed after a nightmare. Such a *real* moment.
  10. That Syl/Kal moment was really sweet.
  11. Yes, true. But she also knows that Kal and Adolin aren't headed to the Shattered plains and they're fleeing Kholinar, so they'd probably be little help to bring her back to Vasher if that's where she was headed anyways. My guess is that Nightblood is bounty #1, and Zahel would just be a bonus. If i had to guess, she'd probably rather avoid confronting Vasher if she could and just go after NB...but I'm not sure she knows that they aren't together anymore. Any WOBs about that? I can't find them.
  12. So I'm on an OB re-read (I ran out of other books to read, so here we are), and I'm at the moment when Azure, Kal, Shallan and Adolin are in Shadesmar on the boat. Shallan is contemplating her drawings and how her multiple selves--whom she created to help her be *less* broken--are, themselves, broken. Adolin approaches her and the following occurs: Which is then followed by: After he shares his secret to her re: Sadeas: So, I read that again, and in depth this time, and I really felt the "little moment of love" in that section. I think Brandon is really good at writing those little seemingly mundane moments of relationships that actually make a relationship work. Like in a marriage, the importance of someone just listening when you complain, and not trying to fix everything. Or of a small hug when you're feeling alone. Many novels do the "sweeping romance" really well, but don't do the mundane well at all. It just made me realize how well the "little things" work in OB. During an exceptionally cold winter, it just gave me a little warmth. :-) So I thought--what little moments of love have stood out to you in OB (or in SA in general)? So many relationships to choose from...
  13. Right? Thanks, WOB! In OB, she first mentions the weapon (Nightblood), but then also the "one who brought it to your land". I would imagine this to be Zahel, as I doubt a Herald could have left the Rosharian system given that they're cognitive shadows bound to the system (thought I could be wrong on that). She's prioritized her hunt though--weapon first. She probably figures that it's still with Zahel, so following the reports fo the strange sword would be easier than pinpointing a particular, nondescript man. Even one who trained princes.
  14. but even Kal could not resist a fluffy ball of golden retriever snuggling his poor sad face. once he got past the weirdness of the fur in general, that is. lol
  15. Soul casting is a terrible, impressive power. She doesn't need to be a master of sword fighting to turn someone to smoke with her touch.