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  1. I don't know you. But you are EVIL. My guess other than money would be understanding/ knowledge
  2. I honestly thought a wiki was for glorifying yourself
  3. I've had the Traitor Spy Trilogy by Trudi Canavan chilling on my bookcase for ages. Finally started reading it this weekend! Not sure if it was to avoid Uni work or if I actually enjoyed it that much, but I finished it in a day. Now on the second book, The Rogue.
  4. I'm not sure I have 30 posts (Edit: Wait! Not so far from 30 actually....)... But I do lurk on the boards if that counts... And come on.... You can't turn away your only African Proudly South African Ngihlala eNingizimu Afrika
  5. Who is this Harmony person.. gosh! First you make Shiv change the yummy chat topic, and now this *tugs on her imaginary braid* On another note, great idea
  6. Since when does anyone tell you what not to do?
  7. Hi!

    Don't believe them! And run while you can!!!! >.> Jokes. Welcome
  8. non-PG13 version Blackberry. It's awwwwful, but my contract only expires in a few months. I used to use bbm and whatsapp loads, but these days I just prefer talking to people face to face *shrugs* Otherwise it's quite good - especially if you're into being social.
  9. I agree with the others! There should be absolutely no reason why you couldn't enjoy the books with people no matter their gender. Of course, unless your aim is to have crushes on people like Kelsier and swoon over them all day >.> I can imagine guys getting bored by that And some women too actually.
  10. Happy Birthday my favourite gul <3

  11. Oh! Pick me! I'll have a go at the Seattle one! :smile:
  12. So unfair that you guys live all the way in America! *pouts* Sounds like you'll have a grand time though! Make sure to find yourselves a camera man too!
  13. Yeah, in my mind it made sense that people that haven't died and systems that were never destroyed should be in teh present tense.
  14. The whole Falkor as a fuzzy Hulk made me snort