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  1. Towards the end of Oathbringer, Moash was given a special knife with which he killed Jezrien and was later given the Herald's shardblade. With Jezrien being the first Herald to die a true death (which probably means he cannot be resurrected), Is Moash going to the the newchampion of Odium?
  2. In one of Dalinars flashbacks, he met a beggar in The Beggar's Court at the Royal Palace to share his drink. Could this beggar have been Jezrien, The Herald King, Patron of the Windrunner later killed truly by Moash?
  3. Love this... That would make age a moot point.
  4. Very good point! Just try to bend your rationale to "just maybe" What would it be like if this actually happen?
  5. Hello FeatherWriter, Thanks for welcoming me and pitching in on this conversation... I will make sure to avoid double posting like you said. I can assure you that some of the most successful relationships are between people with contrasting personalities that you owner how they ended up together. As for the conversation, it just struck me as a possible plot point with the way they bantered words with each other. They might not seem like the most compatible but I would not be against a plot point in that direction. And back to this age debate again, I just don't see the age difference as a very big roadblock just as legal LGBT married would have been unthinkable a couple decades ago and it is generally accepted now asides from some staunch conservatives. It all depends on how you want work your plot as a writer. Finally, in other make a plot more surprising a writer can choose to make 2 characters seem disinterested at first and Baam! a twist is snuck on you. It's all just banter and speculation though..
  6. Age again. .... He is currently 21 and Jasnah is 35 In a 15 year time skip, he would be 36 and she would be 50 yes but Jasnah has not stood out to me as character that would age badly but would just be more striking as she grows older. Same with Kaladin and he would be edging towards 40 himself..
  7. First, that conversation there is what made me think of the dynamic that could occur between them. Then Jasnah and Kaladin are not IMO the kind of people that see someone and like them immediately. They gradually warm up to you so that conversation might just hint without over exploration. As a writer, if I have a plan to explore a relationship in a 10 part book with 7 to go I will not begin to fully exploring it until quite a bit further on but I will keep dropping tiny hints as the book goes on. On the issue of Kaladin's past relationship, the 2 we are aware of so far didn't work out and this is because of specific reasons. Laral's case was childhood infatuation and also their lives took very different parts. Then Tarah just didn't 100% get Kaladin even if she empathised with him if not she would have asked him to abandon all he stood for to go and become a houseguard. I think it would have been quite cliche and frankly cruel to Adolin if Shallan had been taken away from his character cos she gave him the grounding he needed as a person while for Shallan, Adolin is someone she can always rely on.
  8. Lol! She would run rings around Kaladin.. Picturing a conversation between them right now and I just keep smiling...
  9. C'mon!! They are as further apart from each other in every way possible as they can be..
  10. Not necessarily... What he mostly liked about Shallan was that she very much reminded him about Tien cos of her ability to always smile and see the beauty everywhere which in turn always made his depression disappear. Shallan also had a self deprecating humour and intelligent like his mum to a certain extent. All these just reminded him about home. I believe in a relationship, he would probably tilt towards someone who has all these quality but still able to know herself and I think Jasnah's maturity might rub off him. Besides I am hopeful we will see a bit more about the back story of Jasnah and her progress to a romantic allusion if it is the direction that B.S. follows.
  11. My thought too... Unlikely but would be interesting nonetheless Besides it will at least stoke some debate as it brings to it a real life conversation. I always thought Kaladin and Shallan would have been to convenient and not necessarily complementary though. In every world dating someone 10 years older or younger than you would always be very weird by it doesn't mean it wouldn't work. It all depends on the parties involved and how much maturity they can bring to play.
  12. Kaladin is 21 which means there's a 14 years age difference which I substantial I know but also not insurmountable. Besides I think BS set a benchmark by being beyond societal norms by making this books have multi cultural backgrounds, different religion and beliefs within a small space and also liberal stance like same sex relationship so what's age compared to all that...
  13. Exactly. Give more context to the story. I didn't even think about this before. I just would like to see Jasnah being conflicted in a romantic light. And imagine her having ridiculous attractions for a bridgeman years younger than her.
  14. There are 7 more books to go so i think his maturity will surely grow over time. And again age is not necessarily a measure of maturity. Their age difference is the least part I am worried about. Age will only matter if maturity is also a problem There lots of people out ther that are mature beyond their years and others have their maturity way below their age.
  15. This option I can agree with as a build up for any possible relationship if 1 does happen.