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  1. I can't relate to people who make stupid decisions based on "love". I will be sorely disappointed in Brandon if he decides to use such a tacky and overplayed idea to create tension in his work. He is so much of a better writer than that. I read fantasy, not romance. Keep it subtle and away from the plot.
  2. My understanding is that the flashback characters for the last five will be (in no particular order) Jasnah Navani Lift Renarin Kaladin This is compiled from my recollection of WoB saying at different times that these characters will have flashback books but that they wont be part of the first five (and that Kaladin would have a second flashback book) Jasnah and Renarin are the ones I think will be interesting in this discussion
  3. Sorry, don't have time to read the entire thread, has any thoughts been put into the fact that if you cut Roshar in half vertically and rotate one of the halves 180 degrees that they appear to be very similar in shape and the geographical locations of islands, hills and lakes? They seem almost identical especially if you consider that (iirc) the highstorms drop more crem when they first make landfall and that the discrepancies may be due to additional crem deposits on the eastern half and erosion on the western?
  4. Haven't found it on the shelves but I'll keep looking, Thanks! Edit: Found it!
  5. Soap... Without hygiene many of humanities inventors wouldn't have lived to invent...
  6. Anyone know of any plans for release outside of the US? (Australia in paricular) Or am I going to have to order tis in?
  7. I spectacularly fail at recollecting the correct words for common sayings. ie. I don't say "That came out of left field", instead I say something along the lines of "that came out of west park"... It can lead to some fairly confusing discussions especially since I never realise I am doing it!
  8. It's a great thing to read Mistborn for the first time, it is amazing. Welcome from another Aussie. This place has a load of wonders for any Sanderson fan!
  9. Wow, really? I loved the Hobbs early books, not a huge fan of the stuff she has written in the last 10 years, but that early stuff was amazing! I really enjoyed Maggie Furey's books and Kate Forsyth's a great Australian author who really hit her stride in her second series. Plus many of those already mentioned
  10. Ended up rereading the Scalzi's Old Man's War trilogy, I really enjoy them for a nice easy read. Finally started on Leviathan Wakes and thus far it s really annoying me that I've got 30+ new books to read but it looks like I'll be going out next week to buy book 2 rather than reading the books I already own! ><
  11. I've got 3-4 months of books to catch up on now I've done with WoT, started with some Sci Fi (Starship Troopers and then Jack Campbell's most recent book) probably going to hit up Leviathan Wakes tomorrow. I'll take me a while to get through my back log, I have 2 whole shelves of books I've not read!
  12. Very excited that he's back onto Stormlight! Very glad that there will not be outriggers/prequels (although sad that we'll not get Tam's story) as Brandon will be able to get his own stuff out. So glad that Brandon took on WoT, he did an amazing job and allowed me to find his own books and enjoy them in turn. I have friends who I then put onto his work who refuse to read WoT who have certainly been a bit cranky waiting for his books tho!
  13. Loved the Thom scene and Noal!
  14. I'm still floating 18 hours after having finished it, spent all of last night dreaming about WoT and most of today thinking about it. Definitely going to reread it in a few weeks to go through it again to see a couple of things, like I do not recall Sulin being mentioned at all in the book, did anyone else recall if she was mentioned?!?
  15. Finished it, so content right now. Sad, happy, frazzled! Feeling everything right now but happy with the book myself, how about you?