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  1. I thoght they had pruned Amaram's army way before Helaran. As for Tarah, she doesn't sound old enough to be Liss, as she seems around Kaladin's age.
  2. So, when Dalinar goes to Vedenar the smoke/Thrill give him an anxiety attack and does his best to escape. Obviously he has no sword, and therefore... This thing makes the Oathgate work. Now, what the hell was it? A manifestation of the Stormfather? Did Dalinar pull a Rand and use the enemy's power? Something else?
  3. I'm still wondering if this sphere is the same as Gavilar's. Hope not (and that Szeth helps the KR recover that one).
  4. theory

    I think he is being fastidous (and underlining the division between Renarin and the rest of bridge 4), also remember that Renarin is a prince, he surely has more resources for a better uniform than the others.
  5. theory

    I liked Renarin before this book. I love him now, second fave behind Kal. I really hope he can use Illumination as well as Progression, and also some other power manifestation from the corruption. That would be neat. Also, I don't think his moment with Adolin was Illumination, it seemed more like just Progression to me. And the thunderclast ultimate defeat could be related more to the corruption than to Illumination. As mentioned before, each order has more affinity for one surge than the other: Windrunners - Adhesion, Skybreakers - Gravity, Dustbringers - Division, Edgedancers - Abrasion, Truthwatchers - Progression, Lightweavers - Illumination, Elsecallers - Transformation (from Jasnah), Willshapers - Transportation (by logic), Stonewards - Cohesion (same) and Bondsmiths - Tension? (well, Dalinar has no problem with either, even though he begins by using adhesion), so as Shallan maybe we just have to wait a little to see him use it.
  6. Already answered in other thread.
  7. - NO MATING! - Adolin's safehouse in Kholinar being... his tailor. - "Monstrous terrors from the mythological past, enemies of all that was right and good. Destroyers who had laid waste to civilization countless times. They were playing cards" - Every time Kaladin accepts a challenge just for his Stormlight to run off is funny to me for some reason. - Shallan's conversation with Hoid.
  8. Just came here and logged in because I felt the need to vent/squee somewhere. I'm at work after spending all afternoon and night reading this book (hadn't read Part 1 to avoid spoilers...) and here are my opinions: - WoR>OB=WoK - I know Brandon always says that these books are five books into one, but for some reason I felt the divide being starker in this one. Like, each part was more independent from the others (save part 5) that in the other 2 books. Having said that, the HSQ was through the roof with this one (I remember having read like 15% and feeling amazed at EVERYTHING that had happened so far!), and I think some of the backslash towards this book will come from the resolution of many of the mysteries that could be expected to be solved until later. Also, as a Kaladin fangirl I actually missed a grand finale for him... that part actually went to Dalinar with the Ascencion (and it was glorious) Things I liked: - Kaladin's parents being alive AND meeting him (and the little brother awww). - Renarin's interactions with Bridge 4 were great. - I was totally dumbfounded by some of the twists, aka Elhokar's death, Renarin's true spren and Dalinar's backstory/being Odium's champion. - Hoid helping Shallan keep herself together was really nice. - I find myself liking Adolin more now than before. Same Elhokar (obviously). - Shadesmar's adventure! Especially Syl trying to hide herself from the rest, and the spren/human interactions. - The letters were great. - But the prize to best epigraphs (to me) were the Radiant's Confessional. I mean, some of those recordings were so... normal. Like something anyone would say (some of them preferably in a reality show confessional ) Things I didn't like - The resolution to the love triangle. - Moash. I mean, I liked his arc but seeing the perspective of an human who willingly went to the parshs like that, and more someone we knew, was quite disturbing to say the least. - How Szeth was reintroduced. It seemed too sudden, maybe interludes would have been better. - Amaram. That storyline should have endedin WoR. Things I realized until here: - Vivenna. Storms, how could I miss it?????????? Wonder what she'll do when she finds them (which is now easier by being both in the same place and knowing he tought Adolin and Kaladin). - Renarin's spren being the son of the simpathetic Unmade. Questions left to answer: - How exactly the people from Irri were convinced to join. - Why the Aimia islands are so protected - How many scholars are actually portly old men (lol) - More information about the voidspren (we've met four so far... what about the other 5?) Something that seemed odd to me is how this attempt to discredit Dalinar included the reason of the Recreance as just one of the ways of attack. I would have expected something that important to be more relevant than that, it would seem it had the same weight in the narrative as the Highking fiasco and "we saw him with Odium as therefore they're working together!!!". Even when Kaladin discovers it... he doesn't even stop to think about it. Hopefully more is forthcoming.