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  1. wait then what would happen if you were to allomanticly burn "shardmetal"?
  2. What are shardblades made of? I found interesting things relating to shard-things in the stormlight books and they are weird to say the least. The first interesting thing is that they are lighter than it seems they should be, and that is usually the first that comes to mind. My theory is that shard-things are made of alluminum because 1. it is too-light and 2. kaladin has tried to lash shardplate or blade and he cant affect it, the same way that allomantic pushes and pulls (along with emotional allomancy) cant affect alluminum or something covered in alluminum. my third reason is that either syl or pattern replied to their respective radiant that they "were limited" to the metal that makes up shardblades and plate because it "has a special connection to the bond". Alluminum has done weird things to magic systems for some reason. I would like to year all of your thoughts
  3. OK OK so I have not finished Bands of Mourning or read any of the Stormlight Archive (what I know from stormlight is from my friend, @Prism, as well as poking around on the coppermind for this theory) but I think that Alcatraz was made part of the cosmere. In book 2 (The Scrivener's Bones) a lot of the magic system is revealed and the connection between them, but it was also heavily implied that the reason the magic system was in place was because the Incarna "fell victim to a terrible calamity" that they brought onto themselves through a lot of time and a lot of sciency-wiencey stuff. I think that this "calamity" was the shard Odium, somewhere between him arriving at Sel and going to Roshar. From what I got from @Prism, they may have pulled Odium through the Cognitive realm using the weird orb thing that he told me was from Secret History, or another way. I think that Odium tried to make a magic system like that of Autonomy, as it is implied that they are allied. The investiture was, however, broken, as many things from Odium are. I believe that Alcatraz the 1st somehow broke the investiture so that Odium was cast back into the Cosmere, but preserved the magic system. This may have been documented in the Ancient Language but, as there is only one known pair of Translators Lenses (Alcatraz's were destroyed) it may take a long time to find. Also, Odium may have been brought to the Alcatraz earth after he was on Roshar, as the Knights of Crystalia seem to have a form of Shardplate and Shardblades. I am not sure about this theory so if anyone knows anything about this please add to it.