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  1. @skaa I really think your on to something with the callings! Especially if it’s a cultivation planet. Ashyn is confirmed to be a ‘base 10’ magic system. You have only referenced 9 callings... Is that how odium corrupted the Ashyn? Wheres the 10th? If the magic system on ashyn started as callings how did odium corrupt it into disease? i can see how diseases and cultivation can be linked but not how that connects with callings... i can see how callings and cultivation are linked. Personal growth, nurturing skills, etc
  2. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the parish/singers were originally called ‘dawn singers’? so... where do the dawn shards come from?
  3. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the parish/singers were originally called ‘dawn singers’? so... where do the dawn shards come from?
  4. As much as I love this idea. Breath IS investiture not an ability (not the correct term) controlled by investiture. although, you could store ‘health’/‘wellness’ in a metalmind and visit Braise, to make yourself sick... with enough fine control you could guarantee you never recover!
  5. Most gemstones are aluminium oxide (Al2O3) with impurity’s creating the colour. The aluminium absorbs the investiture, the oxygen creates a buffer allowing for investiture storage
  6. Theory: Hoid is the weapon that shattered Adonalsium
  7. Possible, as its described as the cracks arent forced apart more that the ground dissolved, if I remember correctly i was thinking it was a dawn shard or it was the splintering of honour manifested in the physical realm... oh, if the same thing happened on Elantris it could be the reason the gulf opened and caused issues with the magic system
  8. IMO it would cause it to go less intelligent while the spike wasn’t being used. I don’t think it would be happy with the new bond and you would need to honour the bond or risk killing the spren
  9. You don’t spike the spren. The spike rips the spiritweb (soul) of the target then when it implanted it overwrites your spirit web. You only rip off the parts that bond and give it to yourself
  10. I think you would just end up capturing the highstorms spren, that might not be a good idea. Stormfather trapped and no more highstorms, but an endless supply of investiture. With that much investiture the fabrial would become self aware
  11. Investiture resists investiture, shard plate and Shardblades are naturally invested objects. They couldn’t be stamped... the fallen radiant, however, could be stamped. S/He never broke their oath. Although s/he would need to be still living. Oh! Wait!!! does this mean soul casting and forging are essentially the same. Most soulcasters ‘internet’ is only to change the ‘bead’ from one matter to another but forgets intent, the stamp, gives very detailed information about how it should change. Theory: with the right ‘intent’ a soulcaster (surgebinder not fabrial) could essentially forge an objects history!
  12. Hoid was originally one of the 16 but for whatever reason didn’t take a shard of Adonalsium for some unknown reason. Theory: he did then released it, the shard he took was Passion, this shard has the most ability to see the future and he saw what he would become... Odium. there is a conversation Hoid has with Shallan in a tavern about “knowing Wisdom well” and she doesn’t like him. In the same paragraph he says: “Some men, as they age, grow more cynical. I, fortunately, am not one of those. If I were, the very air would warp around me, sucking in all emotion, leaving only scorn.” Sounds like Odium
  13. He also has white sand and hemalurgic spikes as well as a few other invested items. He’s also described as twisted and scared so could have access to the Dor
  14. Not all players are dead, Sadeas wife is still alive, if I remember correctly. I think it highly lightly removing Dalinar is something Sadeas would have done at this point, the country was pretty much unified and Dalinars heavy hand was no longer required. Although The Rift would have been destroyed regardless as retribution for killing Dalinar and Sadeas would have been the one to do it. It would make an example of rebel’s, Sadeas would become the ward for Dalinars wife and kids, it removes Dalinar, there are other reasons too
  15. Mraise is not a Roshar native. He’s from the shard world of Predation (one of the unknown shards of Adonalsium) His way of speaking references hunting and prey.