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  1. I just recently finished the Dark Talent and wow was not what I was expecting. Anyway I’ve had this thought since book three that Alcatraz might not be able to become a popsicle, but he could look like one if he wished. In book one he has his famous popsicle speech and then in book 2 he is jealous that Australia can look like a popsicle for a short time in the mornings. In book 4 he mentions that just hoping doesn’t get you anything, otherwise he would be a popsicle (see book 1). Anyway, while reading book 3 he had the perfect opportunity to bring up the popsicle and he didn’t. I’m so disappointed in him. When he was given the disguiser lenses, I was fully expecting to ask if he would turn into a popsicle, but no he asks about a boring rock. Despite that he didn’t say anything I assume that he uses the lenses to look like a popsicle (with glasses).
  2. You know you’re a Sandersfan when you stay up late into the night finishing the Dark Talent (curse you Alcatraz, I needed sleep) and the next day proceed to buy color tinted glasses, so you can also be an Oculator.
  3. From the album Quotes From Elantris

    For me this quote really sums up why I Iove Elantris and what the book is about. I finished the book two days ago and one day while I was reading the book, I was feeling really depressed. I remembed this idea from Raoden and was inspired to do something rather than just sit down moping. I cleaned my room and I felt a lot better. It really does work. I do have to disclose that this isn’t the exact words Sanderson used. He had it in the past tense, but I wanted it to be in the present tense to be more inspirational. I am going to include the book version in the comments if you want that one.
  4. That is so beautiful. Good job.
  5. Same!! TFE is the best. Also I think both Mistborn eras are fantastic. (Yes, better than SA, although I do love those books too).
  6. Haha. Thanks for the backup, but thankfully I’ve never been threatened, but some people have threatened the actors!!! Storms people that’s not okay. They need to take a chill pill, like maybe a thousand.
  7. When you are interacting with the Voltron fandom and see that someone identifies as a Shaladin shipper and you wonder why they would be talking about Shallan x Kaladin on a Voltron form. You google it and realize that Shaladin is not the same thing as Shalladin. Also when the first thing you do upon realizing this is to post here. Also whenever you interact with the Voltron fandom how you wish they were more like the Sanders fandom and more like the 17th Shard. (Thank you all for being wonderful people, who I can safely interact with without worries.)
  8. Everyone included himself, but Wayne just used his metalminds to bring himself back.
  9. Then Wayne got really mad, because that was his favorite hat.
  10. True Bit, but at first you changed it so much it was almost impossible to keep track of your current name.
  11. Agreed this was necessary. Goats isn’t simply a thing for fair times and bright days, I think. What is goats if you don’t continue in it after failure?
  12. Thanks. I really loved Sazed and I think he is one of the best cosmere characters, so that’s what inspired this name. That’s understandable, no matter what your current name is (you change it so much) I always think of you as Bit. However, Butt didn’t care about any of the Narrators anymore.
  13. So Narrator Gancho used them on Narrator BitBitio.
  14. Then Dalinar got self-conscious about all the attention.
  15. Jasnah however refused, she had to set boundaries somewhere. She didn’t get drunk in front of other. Frankly she didn’t dance in front of others, but somethings just had to go.
  16. Shallan was so impressed that Veil started dancing.
  17. Jasnah ignored Narrator Kidpen and kept dancing.
  18. What I mean by Kelsier’s Crew here is anyone Kelsier choose to have on his crew, so Elend doesn’t count. He can be your favorite, but not for this poll. For those of you who don’t like polls, you don’t have to participate. I made this poll, because I like them. I think it’s fun. I deeply love a lot of these character, so it’s kinda hard for me to choose, although Yeden is my least favorite. I am going to choose Sazed, although I must admit I was tempted to go with Marsh, who I love for some unknown reason. I’ve always loved Marsh, but I don’t really know why since I like reading about the other characters more. Sazed is my favorite then probably Marsh. (I’m also right now biased towards Sazed, since I’m writting a paper on him.)
  19. haha thats so true! I forgot about him. edit: he is now added
  20. Good question. Idk probably @Stormblessed Dolphin forgot.
  21. So they wrote about it in their handy dandy notebook.
  22. Which made IT unrelevent, as @Gancho Libre would say.
  23. @Stormblessed Dolphin then screamed, “I will win, @Apollyon. Come fight me!”
  24. So Narrator SD cursed in all the Sanderson ways, “Storms, Rust and Ruin, Lord Ruler, Colors, Ash’s Eyes, Harmony, etc.”
  25. oh sorry I wasn't around when the LA was a thing, so I didn't know. hum. . . .maybe you have a point on how you are a traitor.