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  1. Ill agree with that. I mean it made me crack open my eyes from a deep deep slumber of inactivity.
  2. Brilliant name. Finally, someone else on this forum has played a Metroid game!

    Which is your favorite?

    1. MonsterMetroid


      Definately Super metroid! After that probably fusion.

    2. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      I've played a little of Super Metroid, but my expertise lies in Metroid: Other M (because it's on Wii). I can finish that game in eight hours, I think, but I might've done seven or six at some point (I've finished that game at least five times).

  3. I MonsterMetroid do hearby bequeth my pass to... *Drumroll*
  4. Haha yeah I made that point in the spec doc too. Actually throughout the sepc doc a couple of us said it seemed too easy for autonomy to pull it off compared to the others but at teh same time HH did take full advantage of the ruin panic and remained ignored whihc I think the point of this game is to never ignore a shard ( whic when there is eleven of them hurts your brain) I think seonid said it though that it looks like the shardic individual win cons might need some balancing but overall the flavors of the shards felt fun and satisfying and I dont think Autonomy will win next shard game to say the least after this one haha.
  5. Congrats HH and Pyro it was fun to play and observe everything unfold, see how much chaos and distraction ruin unfolded and HHH take advantage of the rule change so thoroughly. Edit. Just curious @Megasif why?
  6. Congrats to certain individuals I will give more specific congrats after the actual finale is posted but I'm going to bed now
  7. Hey guys I am sorry for my inactivity but due to some real life stuff that has come up I no longer have the time necessary to keep up with this game in a fashion that feels respectable. I know that the mods are currently looking for a pinch hitter. Sorry to everyone. In the meantime though I will be on bare minimally (AKA I don't have time to do proper analysis on everything posted over the weekend) but I noticed that I did have a vote on me, so let me know if you have any questions for me in particular by tagging me in a post and I will try to get to them.
  8. I didn't say that I strongly believed, just that I believed him. I think that last cycle I may have tunneled a bit too hard onto Pyro because there was too many things that he said that didn't make sense to me. Now that I have reevaluated things a bit I feel like I am getting a clearer picture of things. the post Pyro made here really resonated with me specifically where he says A lot of the time I assume that teh reason peopel are making posts is to play optimally and thats a bad assumption on my part. That being said While I believe now that he is survival I do acknowledge the possibility that he could have used preservation.... my gut is just saying that he didn't though. I don't know if that makes sense but I will contine to revaluate and whecther he is survival or something else I dont really trust him not to betray the village either way. As for the strange read for me I don't really know what to say to that besides I did rush my posts a bit yesterday for the blue reason I stated in thread and today I have been hanging out with my brother in town which is why I haven't been as active as usual. Thanks for the tag though as I forgot that I really need to participate more but since it is nearly midnight I will have to find time to catch up tomorrow :'( If you need me to respond or would like my thoughts please tag me otherwise I will try to catch up and vote before cycle end tomorrow.
  9. May the odds be in no one's favor! *salute*
  10. RP time like i said this was supposed to be posted last night but yeah RL... anyways have patience with me haha ----- Willie had been cleaning the containment room all day and the room was beginning to show it. The room was by no means sparkling clean, the burn marks from the various tools ensured that wouldn’t be the case without some paint, but it at least didn’t look like a highstorm had been through here now. All 11 of the containment chambers were polished to perfection again, though 8 did have big breaches of the crystal clear aluminum shards sticking out at the points of failure. The other 3 unbreached ones glowed with their shardic power in the fading light creating far more sense of awe and wonder than the best mood lighting in the cosmere could. It was entrancing to watch and it took real effort to draw his gaze away. To stop thinking of what it would be like to be a holder of one… well willie considered himself a good man but that was impossible to stop daydreaming about. Willie was gathering the last of the metal fragments strewn about the ground when he noticed through the hole outside it was dusk and there were people lounging about with black hoods under their arms. "Willie shoods hae knoon they woods be back." He didn't let that deter him though he set up as best as he could. He put a wet floor sign near the hole entrance emptied the garbage cans and placed strategic "No littering" signs around the room. Lastly in what he was sure was a vain attempt he taped "No touching" on the three remaining containment fields. Willie dusted off his hands "It will hae tae dae". Willy finished cleaning up, gathered his supplies and left waving goodbye to the guards that he knew wouldn’t be there in a few hours. Why didn’t they guard it during the night. Were they being bribed or otherwise affected? It didn’t really matter to Willie.
  11. Ok I lied about not posting I guess but I really want to know why do you want Steeldancer or someone else returned tonight? I figure it might be best to let the people in the dead doc collect knowledge from each other then return. Also just curious what charge did you use? most of the investiture that targets other people isn't exactly villager friendly, maybe I am still carrying over suspicions last game but you definitely seem suspicious devotary.
  12. So my cubicle neighbor is out of town and my bosses boss accidentally left his computer at home. So guess who is sitting next to me right now! Anyways I'm not gonna post a lot today guys sorry to let you all down
  13. Hmmm I guess I can agree with rand for now... though if Autonomy makes another aspect I might change my mind. You dont think autonomys win condition is just having an aspect on every planet do you?
  14. Really? thats interesting. The question is would it be better for the thread to know in general (assuming pyro is willing to share) or is it best to keep auto secret for now?
  15. Yeah definitely agree with this. I apoligize for bringing up and pushing the Pyro lynch so far yesterday. I do think we learned some valuable info from it namely that I believe Pyro is indeed who he said he was, and Odium doesnt seem super interested in splintering survival... at least right away. Granted there is a possibility that pyro used preservation to survive but thats not the feeling I get now but the possibility shouldnt be discarded. In other news I had an awesome RP post (at least I liked it) for last night... that didnt get posted due to some issues but I will be posting it soon so just pretend I did so before turnover haha. I want to reevaluate a lot of things before I post a vote especially I want to take a look at Straw and HH myself since a lot of people were pushing that way.