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  1. Happy late-birthday?

  2. Hey dude. What's up? You went inactive on us all of the sudden.

  3. Septimus stepped off the train into the scorching heat of the roughs. Septimus hated heat, it had the tendency to ruin fabrials, and hygiene. The sun warped the sky, waves of fire filled the air. Storms.... Night began to fall as Septimus exhausted from the days trek under the sun came to see a large bonfire. Storms Soul, could’ve used Gravitation about 8 hours ago. Septimus trudged onward, until he reached where they all sat. Septimus promptly fell face first into the dirt. “ Give me 5 minutes... I’ll kill you in a bit.”
  4. Septimus sat on a rooftop in Elendel, mistcloak fluttering serenely in the cool night wind. It looked out of place in the modern city, a fairytale of old, and there was a certain appeal that came with that. Despite being old fashioned Septimus had done a little upgrading. He picked up the long deadly looking rifle. It had cost money and time to acquire, the white body gleaming in the moonlight. Interlacing networks of fabrials and other enhancements webbed around the guns exterior. Septimus peered through the lens, adjusting it to the proper focus. He spun a bullet between his fingers, aluminum of course, though the true force of the weapon came from regular bullets. He slung gun onto his back and lept down from the roof. Septimus sat on the train to the roughs, doddering with a spanreed. It looked like fiddling anyway, in reality he sent a message to Soul. I’m coming soon, find me.
  5. Septimus smiled. “ Nei’en, er, Gancho.” Septimus glanced at Naermen. “ I was trying to get you to bring me to her...” Septimus proffered a hand to help Naermen up. “ So your the one Gancho chose... I was a close friend of Nei’en’s. If you’ll help me, we need to find Rhazien, but first I’ll tell you about what’s been going on...” (Tells Naermen about events)
  6. Septimus stood in the alley. He had discovered the others were on Roshar, but Rhazien would come back here evetually. He spoke softly to himself. " Nei'en, or whatever his soul was. Have you chosen another? I need your help. Take me to them if you can." He thought backto all of the antics Nei'en had provided, the laughs, and the facepalms. He must preserve that. he would protect whoever he had chosen. He let his thoughts become Beige, attempting to signal him. " Please..."
  7. It's blocked at my school! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Septimus was back in the alley. He wore a strange combination of clothes. A white Alethi Uniform and a Mistcloak. He breathed in the cold air, it had been too long. He leapt down from the roof he was perched on, and shot forward on 3 lines of sand, his maximum. He looked at a small fabrial, one paired to another that Nei'en held. Due to them being paired they would point towards each other when in a sensitive environment, in this case water. He made his way through the winding alleys, the pull getting stronger. He came around a corner and stopped. Nei'en lay there, his eyes cold, blood pouring out of a hole in his chest. His coat was gone too. No.... Nei'en.... Septimus boiled. He came to the only logical conclusion. Rhazien. Septimus fell to his knees over his friend, and began to cry. Duel emotions raged inside him as he was torn between despair and rage. They had kept it blood free until now, but Rhazien had just changed that. Septimus stood and leapt into the sky. It was time to right some wrongs.
  9. Septimus watched as Tevarah fell from the sky. He stopped abruptly however as he began to float into the distance. Slowly. Whoever had saved him obviously had little experience with their surges, only able to get a bit out of them. Septimus rode forward on a ribbon of sand, and launched himself with rock towards Tevarah. He arced upward and grabbed Tevarah, taking the stormlight from the lashing. He turned the floor to liquid, cushioning their fall. He turned it back into a solid trapping Tevarah up to his neck in rock. He didn't need to kill him. Septimus went back to the monastery to collect his allies
  10. Septimus drew his bow. It had been made by him for the sole purpose of creating as much force out of as little as possible. Strength augmentation fabrials, steel and ettmetal, gravity fabrials. He could only fire a few shots with full power, then he could only use the bow normally. He drew an arrow back, the draw strength incredible. He tapped speed and launched the arrow at Teverah, the arrow ripping through the air. He pulled it back three more times, the sound of the reinforced arrows flying at speeds faster than bullets crashing through the air. The power ran out, fabrials running out of stormlight, ettmetal being consumed. All that was left was a bow with a strengthening fabrial. It would do.
  11. Septimus cursed, tapping speed and compounding Zinc. Most Steelrunners could move at incredible speeds, but couldn't focus too much on what they were doing. Zinc cured that. To Septimus it was almost as if everyone else had frozen. He couldn't however lash like Tevarah, he was a Willshaper after all, moving with leaps. Tevarah was a Windrunner, and have a serious advantage up here. So he needed to ground him. Septimus took a handful of sand and threw it at Tevarah still tapping speed, he then controlled it inward surrounding Tevarah in a bubble of sand. He used this to force him down when he stopped tapping.
  12. Septimus sucked the Stormlight from his lashings, collapsing in Shadesmar. The Dor surrounded him, the clashing intents of the 2 dead shards washing over him. The power was incredible. His spheres, his sand, his body were filled with pure shardic investiture. He had to leave before it ended up killing him. He quickly transported to the Physical Realm. And collapsed, a faint glow around him. Temporary, but nonetheless useful. His spheres had recharged, his sand glowed with intense heat, and he himself held a miniscule piece of this power. He couldn't maintain access to it like an Elantrian, and he couldn't even think about drawing Aons, but for now it gave him an extra boost. A last resort. Rhazien flew into the distance. He stood. Storms that man... Septimus began to follow.