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  1. @shanerockes if you vote HH or Araris you're at least tied and have a better chance of survival Edit: just saw the edit to your earlier post nvm
  2. I mean, I have been suspicious of Araris the whole time. I also think that knowing his role gives us a lot of information about some of the other players, so I'll put my vote on Araris.
  3. This would be really really helpful. I'll try to get on and catch up by the end of the cycle if not, though.
  4. I'll vote for Araris now, kind of fickle when voting but never jumped on the Ornstein bandwagon, only Asterion¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And his other posts were a little bit off. But @Araris Valerian I'm willing to change if you offer another (better) suspect or defend yourself.
  5. Seonid- started vote on Ornstein, but it was a pokevote- nuetral Straw- changed vote from Steeldancer to Ornstein. I don't know why he changed, but he wouldn't vote on another elim, who was not at risk of being lynched at that point, if he was elim… So this guy is pretty safe Steeldancer- Voted for Ornstein, but I think that was more self preservation HH- Voted Ornstein to protect against vote manip. Doesn't really make me feel that much safer about him, but I guess nuetral- leaning village- for now Spontaneity- Voted for Ornstein when it looked pretty helpless, but switched as soon as another potential suspect (Asterion) was brought up. So I don't have a great feeling about them right now
  6. I'll join the fun as Lyv
  7. Okay, so every house has had one skaa so far. In Legends' house, Drake was skaa and there were only six members to begin with, so it's unlikely that he is skaa. @manukos what makes you vote for him? EDIT: I hope this doesn't make you immediately turn on me, but I honestly just don't want another noble to die.
  8. RECAP N1 Drake Marshal (Belmark Entrone) was lynched! He was a Skaa Zinc Misting! Drake: Lopen, Asterion, Phatt, Alv D2 StrikerEZ has died, he was a Bronze Misting! (skaa kill) Steeldancer has died, she was an Aluminium Misting! Bugsy has died, he was a Bronze Misting! N2 It was Cloudjumper! He was a Noble with no role! (Tied vote) D3 Alvron has been killed! He was a Noble Atium Misting!(skaa) Phattamer has been killed (thrice) he was a Noble Soother!(killed by Hazekillers, coinshot, and Alv) N3 Asterion has been lynched! He was a Skaa normal person! Asterion: Rae, Legend, Megasif, Lopen, BR, Darkness D4 Darkness Ascendant has been killed! He was a Noble Gold Misting!(coinshot) N4 Shqueeves has been lynched! He was a Noble aluminium misting! Shqueeves: Rebecca, a Budgie, TheMightyLopen, Lemonelon, randuir, Roadwalker D5 Roadwalker has died! He was a Noble Pewter Misting!(coinshot) Megasif has died! He was a Noble Nothing!(coinshot) Straw has died! He was a Noble Copper Misting!(hazekillers) N5 Rebecca has been lynched! She was a Noble Tin misting! Rebecca(5): Randuir, Lemon, Shaney, Rae, Arinian D6 Lopen has died! He was a Noble Iron misting!(skaa) Randuir had died! He was a Skaa Zinc misting!(hazekillers/Lopen) N6 Lemon was lynched! They were a normal Skaa. Lemon: Rae, livinglegend, Arinian Doc died! He was a Noble Duraluminium Gnat!(skaa) STILL ALIVE Arinian, Bard, BR, Budgie, Legend, Manukos Rae, Sami, Shaneyrus
  9. No, don't kill me! What happened to all the kill power that was being thrown around the other nights? @TheMightyLopen was this the first time you went to the ball?
  10. I think that it's okay for us to assume that the skaa have a bronze misting, because it seems that no one knew Alv's role. But even if someone did know Alv's role (possibly told through PM), it's not likely that they'll come forward and admit it, unless they have non-debatable proof that they are village, which I don't think anyone has at this point.
  11. "Belmark Entrone is a Skaa." The news of it unsettled the people into a quiet rabble. Darquez heard, but much of what they said did not register. Darquez didn't know much about the politics of Nobles and Skaa, aside from what he had gathered from the lingering rants of street urchins. What he did know was that as long as Skaa were being killed, the world was on the right track. Skaa were different, and they were evil. Just thinking of them sent a shiver down his spine, but here in the company of Joxter, he knew he was safe. The knight stared expectantly. Darquez opened his mouth and five thousand thoughts raced to escape. The result was disappointing: "I am… I mean… Hi… Joxter… Sir Joxter the Mighty I mean.. I just.. Well." And suddenly Darquez longed for the five thousand thoughts to return as he stared up at his hero's face, wordless. After a moment passed, Darquez was kicking himself for not running when he had the chance. Here he was; the one man who could help, the only man he'd ever dreamed of meeting, and all he could manage was a jumble of incoherent thoughts and then to stare dumbly. @Alvron
  12. Darquez noticed a familiar tune floating through the building, Joxter the Mighty had arrived. The arrogance of Joxter's song escaped Darquez' simple child mind. He had to meet Joxter, but how could he approach such a powerful and significant being? Darquez thought about all possible outcomes. Could Joxter really be the man the song heralded? Would Joxter meet his lofty expectations, perhaps exceed them!? What would their magnificent excursions look like: fighting evil, serving kings, the stuff of legends? Darquez paused. Why would such a man want anything to do with him. He had never been anything of importance to anyone. The only song ever sung about him resounded in his head: Dirty feet and smudgey face Little orphan should know his place Tries to play Go away Gets in everybody's way Joxter The Mighty would never pay him any attention. He might as well turn back. It wasn't too late to give up, and he could save himself the embarrassment. But as the sounds of Joxter's tune continued to echo closer, Darquez knew he had to stay; Joxter was just steps away now; Darquez wanted nothing more than to turn and run, but something would not allow it. His idol meant to step by, but Darquez watched, as if a spectator, as his own hand reached out and grabbed the armor on the man's hip @Alvron