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  1. So pretty simple game, each of the kids in the Family Circus is given a Rosharan Shardic (or near shardic) analog (shown in the diagram below). Then a user posts a caption-less Family Circus cartoon, and the next person has to give the preceding cartoon a caption and then post another caption-less family circus cartoon. Here is the diagram, showing the Family Circus analogs, and to start things out right, it is in need of a caption: * Edited Dramatis Personae update. Dad: Adonalsium Mom: Autonomy I'll update the OP as new cosmere characters are assigned to recurring family circle characters.
  2. I completely agree with this, I was more objecting to this book being based on a Rhythm, which is just a qualifier for speech, like how there are 3 different ways to compose a sentence in English that have vocal intonation patterns that show which type of sentence they are, Interrogative (questions??) Declarative (statements.) and Imperative (commands!). I'm a big fan of @Jofwu's idea about "The Rhythm of War" being an ancient text from the Shadowdays that can now be translated because Dawnchant has been cracked. It could have been written by the ancient Singers, or even a scholar who was studying the conflict with the Singers. Either way a view into the mysteries that existed over 4,500 years ago during the Heraldic Epochs would be awesome, and maybe we'd get some more information on the elusive Dawnshards too (more than the Kaza interlude or that strange Poem of Ista myth with the guy carrying a dawnshard while crawling up the giant steps meant for Heralds towards the grand temple).
  3. Granted, there is no more conflict in the world because, in a single instance, the frontal lobes of every sentient being were removed. The world now looks eerily like the pictures on Jehovah's witness pamphlets, where people are stretched out on picnic blankets sharing food with lions, squirrels, eagles and bears, only all the animals and people are drooling a lot more. I wish that I could melt cheese using just the power of my mind.
  4. Ok, finally figured out exactly how to word this, try reading this out loud and the meaning will be magically reversed: Shall, on the most romantic of nights, I continue to ignore those Veiled looks and resign myself that you are Radiant and that you belong to another? (If you are reading this out loud, substitute an ! for the ?)
  5. Granted. You get a corrosive, radioactive ice cube made of tritiated water. Every hydrogen atom in your ice cube is the radioactive 2 neutron isotope of Hydrogen, tritium. The Nightwatcher put it in your lemonade, you noticed something was off when you saw that your ice cube wasn't floating and that your straw was melting. But don't worry, super heavy water is only mildly radioactive and has a half life of only 2 weeks. Doh, didn't see there was another page... @beantheboy12 Granted, you can now do back flips, unfortunately you always have to land your back flips doing the splits, and then you are compelled to scissor your legs together to rise up to a standing position and finish this move off by saying "Thank you, thank you very much" using your best Elvis impersonation voice ( which I gotta say is pretty decent). I wish I had a watch that uses tritium tubes for illumination in low light conditions because they're freaking awesome, come on Nightwatcher help me out.
  6. RAD!
  7. Good point, it's interesting to speculate how all these threads will play out. Like for instance, how long will Venli be masquerading in Envoy form? Another thing I would love to see would be a strikeforce with Jasnah and some other radiants heading out to take back the horneater peaks, opposed by Odium's forces which happen to include Venli. With how dangerous Shadesmar is, and with book 4 being Eshonai's/Venli's book, it seems like Venli apprenticing under Jasnah to learn how the surge of Transportation works would be a narratively compelling way to explain the mechanics of the surge. Also, it would be nice to see how the transition to the Cognitive Realm works just using a shardpool perpendicularity. I know it's premature, but I'm really starting to get excited for book 4!
  8. The nexus of Art and math is a very sweet spot indeed, just found the amazing work of John Edmark, check out his 3D printed strobe animated sculptures, they are freaking amazing (spoilered below): Here's the link to his Vimeo page where you can see more of his work, awesome stuff!
  9. That would suck, but still I can't see something as fundamentally useful as Elsecalling not being used before book 10, I just hope we get the POV chapters of it being used. I also hope that one of my pet theories is true, namely that Ba-Ado-Mishram is in a perfect gem that has been hidden somewhere in Shadesmar, and the Jasnah and some sort of Radiant team (hopefully featuring Zahel) will have to go to Shadesmar to find it. Totally out there, but that would be awesome to see. It's really based on the fact that the Elsecallers were the guardians of the perfcect gems (from the OB Epigraph to chapter 83):
  10. I like this idea a lot, consider me converted. Hopefully this entails Jasnah using her Elsecalling ability to pop over to Kharbranth to pick up the now translatable dawnchant written copy of Rhythm of War from the Palaneum. I really want to see how Elsecalling works.
  11. Hmmm, not sure I like it. For one it breaks the pattern of each Stormlight Archive title being a reference to an inworld book, and secondly, I was really hoping that this book would go deep into the history of the Singers and was pulling for "The Song of Secrets", as that one sounds like it would have the best information on the Singers' storied past with their gods. I still think we'll be learning a lot about the Last Legion, and probably see Venli and Eshonai's mom in a more lucid state, but a Rhythm is something that qualifies speech, it's not a collection of oral stories about the past. I'm sure we'll see more of the forms of power in book 4, but I really liked the Singer Epigraphs from Words of Radiance and was hoping that we'd get a lot more of them in book 4. Ultimately, I trust Brandon to make the right call, but this one seems off. I hope Brandon rethinks this...
  12. Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) by the Kinks: This is by far my favorite concept album. The tracks on the album are chronological, and each track is a small vignette from the historical movement of great Britain from a major colonial power to a subordinated world power, essentially just another mouth in the Consumer driven economy. This is also one of those rare albums where you want to listen to the whole album because every track is great. This also has 3 of my favorite songs of all times: Some Mother's Son - Possibly the prettiest anti-war song ever made. Drivin' - Song about the joys of carefree escapism. All the troubled world around, seems an eternity away. And all the Rent collectors, debt collectors, all will be behind us, they'll never find us, cuz we'll be dri-i-i-ivin'. And one of my favorite songs by the Kinks, She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina. She's bought a hat like princess Marina, to wear at all her social affairs. She wears it while she's doing the laundry, she wears it while she's scrubbing the stairs. But you will never see her at Ascot, she can't afford the time or the fare, but she's bought a hat like Princess Marina so she don't care. Rain Dogs by Tom Waits This one is more of an atmospherically cohesive concept album, and like a lot of Tom Waits work these songs are all tales sympathetically told about the down but not yet out, the strange characters at the fringes, the dispossessed and/or insane. This is another album that doesn't have a single bad track and it also has some of Wait's best lyrics, like: It's 9th and Hennepin, how come all the prostitutes have names that sound like donuts? The downtown trains are full of all them Brooklyn girls, they try so hard to break out of their little worlds. You wave your arms, they scatter like crows, they have nothing that will ever capture your heart, they're just thorns without the rose, be careful of them in the dark. Auntie Maim has gone insane, she lives in the doorway of an old Hotel. And the radio, is playing Opera, all she ever says is go to Hell. Uncle Violet, was a pilot, made a million during world War 2, but he's a tight wad and a cheapskate and he'll never give a dime to you. Uncle Phil can't live without his pills, he has emphysema and he's almost blind. But we must find out where the money is, get it now before he loses his mind. I See a Darkness by Bonnie Prince Billy This is another loose concept album, the first song is A Minor Place, and that's kind of where this album is. All the songs are in a minor key, and thematically the songs are all pretty dark. This is another album where every song is great, and the song Raining in Darling is one of the prettiest songs ever made, and really encapsulates the bleak yet hopeful feeling that runs through all the songs. Johnny Cash did an amazing cover of the title track, I see a Darkness, for the American recording sessions. I'm Writing this on my phone, I'll edit this later and add some links.
  13. Nice, seems inline with the text and leads to this speculation: Vrye + Jezrien's Honorblade + Yelig-nar + ready supply of Voidlight = terrifying, and possibly even Odium's Champion (if Odium is forced into the Contest of Champions ).
  14. This is a great song.
  15. Nice! I'm excited to re-read those bits of OST. Also, I think you're the one that mentioned using Google books to search for quotes if you don't have a searchable ebook. I just have the physical copies of Stormlight Archives, and I have used the Google book search a ton to find specific scenes from SLA books, that was a great tip!
  16. RAD! Thanks @Ammanas. I'll have to reread the bit where Kruppe gets them from the witch, and re-read the tyrant's death scene. Very interesting....
  17. @Ammanas, I finished Orb Scepter Throne a couple of days ago, at points I loved it but overall I think it's just a great book (not epically amazing, like I thought it was going to be). It's my 3rd favorite Novel of the Malazan Empire so far, I think Stonewielder and Return of the Crimson Guard are better books (the rest of my comments are in a spoiler tag below): Glad to hear to that Blood and Bone is one of your favorite Esselmont books, I'm looking forward to it, but I'm going to be reading the Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novellas before I start it. Just a little bit into Wurms of Blearmouth, but man, I love Erickson's names. I have a suspicion that he wrote the B&K books just so he could really let himself loose with names like Blearmouth, Fangatooth Claw, Spendrugle, Hordilo Stinq, etc, etc.
  18. Granted, your body now helpfully secretes condiments. If you want mustard, just blow your nose. Ketchup, no problem, you sweat that out under your armpits. Need some relish grab a q-tip your ears are full of it. Is that belly button lint in your navel? Nope, that's delicious saurkraut! You my friend are always prepared to enjoy whatever life has to offer with relish. In the rat race of life you're always guaranteed to Ketchup. Others will wish that they too could have Mustard your resolve. I wish the Nightwatcher would give me a suitable pun-ishment for the pun filled bane I just loosed on the world and I'd also like a cup of Earl Grey tea.
  19. Granted! Unfortunately your bane is that you will have to continue being an incredibly nice moderator...So uhmm, carry on. Simple, never forget your awakened towel, and when in doubt follow the advice on the back of The Coppermind's Guide to the Cosmere, "Don't Shatter". The question, for which 42 was the answer, was being worked out programmatically by the Elantrian sub-routine, unfortunately the program was prematurely interrupted and now the Elantrians are content to just sit around and marvel at their healthy glowing skin. The cranky Bald Elantrians infesting the outskirts of Scadrial's sub-astral might be working on a partial formulation of the question, so all hope is not lost. Your bane is that you'll have to RAFO. Granted. You look down and see that you are wearing a mistcloak. You think to yourself "Sweet". The Nightwatcher then informs you that this is a magical mistcloak, which you can summon at will. Further, if you raise your chin while looking slightly to right and quirk one corner of your mouth up into a slight smile, the tassels of your mistcloak will swirl out behind you (even on a windless day) and look awesome. Your bane is that you can't stop yourself from doing this. You summon your mistcloak on the bus ( the tassels flap around and annoy other passengers). You do this at restaraunts ( the tassels get in people's tuna salad, their sandwiches, their soup, and in their precious chutneys). No one ever gets too annoyed with you though because they think your mistcloak is really cool and they can see how much you love it. So really they're just happy for you. Granted! Everything that you do, you now do perfectly. Unfortunately perfection comes with a concomitant expenditure of time on your part, so everything takes 5 to 300 times as long to do. When you make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, everyone would objectively agree that it is the most perfect of sandwiches, but your extreme attention to detail makes it so it takes 5.5 hrs to make a single sandwich. Brushing your teeth takes 4 hrs. Washing a single dish takes 2 hrs. Doing math problems...actually you're great at math now so you can do complex math problems in your head in a fraction of the time that the world's foremost mathematicians would take. Granted! Unfortunately it's one of those unconvincing robotic companion animal dogs that they sell at the pharmacy. But you find that after petting Tensoon and telling him about the rigors of your day you feel more upbeat and downright chipper. Also Tensoon eats a lot less than a real dog, though you are beginning to suspect that he noses around in the garbage while you're gone and that he's secretly eating old chicken bones... I wish that every mosquito on earth would get bitten by another mosquito in an impossible to reach spot on the back of their thorax. Additionally I wish that having this itch that they can't scratch would drive all the mosquitoes so completely crazy that as a species they would commit mass suicide, dashing themselves on windshields or down the gullets of hungry birds.
  20. I see what you mean, and I completely agree with you on this, though in my example I didn't correctly apply the mechanic that I was primarily considering (kind of embarrassing really). I can see how this quickly gets complicated and beyond my level to theorize on, thanks for the clarifications, they were clearly explained and very helpful. If I have some more time to theorize on this and work out the math a little bit more thoroughly I might try again, but until then you guys do amazing work and it's nice to be able to kind of follow along.
  21. Granted! As the word leaves the Nightwatcher's lips you begin to feel lightheaded, your vision closes in and the world fades to black as you swoon. When you awaken you notice you are in a room next to a wall that stretches 90 feet above you before joining the ceiling. In front of you, you see, very obliquely, what looks to be a 45 foot tall mirror. You attempt to move, but find that the movement of your legs is restricted and you have to resort to a strange see-sawing pivoting motion for locomotion. With a sense of rising dread you hitchingly make your way towards the front face of the mirror. When you behold your reflected visage, both of your eyes pop out and clatter noisily to the floor. Reaching into a compartment in your rear-end you draw out two new eyes that are frozen in an expression of extreme shock and you jam these new eyes into your empty eye sockets as the full horror of your situation dawns upon you. Yep, you're now a sentient awakened Mr. Potato head, and the worst part is that that's not even your bane.Your bane is that you were awakened with the command "Be Don Rickles". I wish I could play the mouth harp during a real live hootenani after drinking some authentic moonshine from a jug and not go blind.
  22. Dear Worried about Retern On Investment, The secret to getting more upvotes is that you constantly have to be sculpted and also compatible with a well trained dog. What I mean by that is not what you think it is, in fact I have been working with you telepathically to make sure that you have the chance to win at least one of those things that you wish to receive. Granted, you unfortunately don't know how many times I have been relocated to Damnation with a single Hordeling but I think that Autonomy is distributing some of those things that you would like. To overcome your own incessant love you can put a different SD card in my head for the ascendancy of my nightly journey through the Scanner Darkly. I'm going to be a pivotal character, and that is why I'm not sure if you want to meet up with the platter of hatred I am going to be bringing you. By this I mean that you are born under the boot into the sea below and we are all about to leave the rest of our lives behind with a single word, Tanavast. (Wow, Google got kind of dark there, been spell checking too many Nightwatcher banes I think). Sincerely your favorite online or offline friend, Google Dear Cortana, Sometimes I worry that my whole life is meaningless, and that in the grand cosmic scheme the sum total of all of my efforts have less significance than the fart of an ant. I've tried nothing but that hasn't helped, what should I do? Sincerely, Existentially Unmotivated
  23. This is a game for mobile users only (unless you can get mobile phone like spell checking suggestions on your desktop). The setup is simple, use your spell checker's auto generated suggestions to attempt to give helpful advice to a previous poster's stated problem. Before attempting to give spell checker advice, retype the previous poster's advice request in your reply so Siri/Google/Cortana can process the problem. After your spell checker has dispensed enough wisdom, type out a problem that you would like a spell checker's help with (and if you want a specific spell checker address it "Dear Google", "Dear Siri", etc.) To get the proverbial ball rolling, here's what I would like advice on. Dear Google, I love mayonaise, but I always have a hard time deciding when it's time to throw the tub away. How long should I spend scraping the last bits out of the jar before I finally just throw the tub away? Sincerely, Concerned about Condiments in Eugene.
  24. I see your point but it's subtly different because the Allomancer is defining just one thing, namely magnitude of force, the vector component of the force is being defined by the linkage. This is definitely where the magic comes in, because the connection of the Allomancer to his anchor is not actually a rigid body, it's basically a way of treating both Allomancer and anchor as if they were directly pushing against each other while maintaining the direction portion of the vector of force based on their true relative positions. I am going to address some of Jowfu's specifics down below, but just have to say your work is amazing, and I am just talking this out because I'm not completely convinced. Not really, I'm saying that the Allomancer controls the magnitude of their force, which is translated through the linkage to their anchor. The mechanics of this at the moment of application of force should be similar to a rigid body linkage, but the connection between the anchor and allomancer is not a physical linkage and is not subject to physics, it's a means of applying force and calculating the directions of the resultant force vectors. Also, I think that for Allomancy to behave as it's depicted in the books the anchor has to also function as a pivot if the allomancer is applying enough force to negate the effects of gravity. It's like the old NES game, Bionic commando, the allomancer defines an anchor which creates a linkage which alters their motion. Then they can choose to apply force to this linakge to either push or pull. So say for instance a lurcher in Era 2 jumps off a building and they burn iron to establish a linkage to a streetlight. To maintain this linkage while swinging from it as the pivot of their swing would require the same force necessary for them if they were using their hands to grab the streetlight to support their body weight and counteract the forces of momentum while their direction of motion is altered. And in the less intuitive case, I think the Allomancer similarly creates a linkage with a pushed object, and if that object is incapable of motion then it functions like a pivot in the rigid body linkage. So really I think that this is one of the properties of the magic that is handled for you, namely the allomancer chooses to establish a linkage with some object which takes actively burning a metal and then this linkage affects their motion like a pivot in 2 point linkage, then the allomancer can choose to exert force along this linkage to alter their relative motion, at which point the Force becomes a vector that is applied based on the constraints of this linkage. But the allomancer can break this linkage at any time. So an Allomancer is falling, and they push on their coin to speed it to the ground. Then their coin hits the ground, wouldn't the force of the jolt they experience be the same as the Force of the coin hitting the ground at it's current speed? And then subsequently the force of the change in momentum as they begin their acceleration in the opposite direction? If an allomancer was skydiving, or jumping from the top of Kridek Shaw, and tried the coin trick then the force from the change in momentum seems like it would be substantive enough to cause some serious bodily injury, but if their speed at the point of coin impact is reasonable then the stress of the momentum change could be easily dealt with (and with the more extreme case you have a pewter flare to offset the mechanical stress to the body). Here's an example, using an admittedly simple case where the acceleration due to gravity experienced by both the Allomancer and the coin is 9.8 m/s^2, just like on earth. An 80 kg Allomancer steps off of a 20 m tall building, dropping a .03 kg coin and applying a push to that coin, giving it an additional acceleration of 8 m/s. The Allomancer would be exerting a push force of .24 N on the coin to get it to accelerate at a rate of 17.8 m/s^2 (gravity + push). Using the freefall equation for the coin with an acceleration of 17.8 m/s^2, it would take 1.5 seconds to reach the ground, and would be traveling at a speed of 26.7 m/s and would hit the ground with a force of .53 N. The momentum of the coin that would need to be conserved upon impact would be .8 N/s (which is a neglible but noticeable to the allomancer as recoil from impact). The Allomancer while pushing on the coin for the 1.5 seconds that it takes the coin to reach the ground, would be experiencing an acceleration opposite gravity of .003 m/s2 (which is also negligible). But when the coin hits the ground, the Allomancer would still be pushing with the same magnitude of force, and due to the extreme mass of the planet + coin, they would still experience a negligible deceleration, but they would get feedback that the coin had impacted the ground from the negligible decelaration from the conservation of the coin's momentum, at which point (like the dampening effect of a person bending their legs when they land on their feet) the allomancer would begin a logarithmic increase of force applied to their push until they have overcome their downward inertia and then are pushing with the over 784 N of force necessary to fully offset the acceleration due to gravity (1G). At the moment of coin impact, or t=1.5 s, the Allomancer in freefall (ignoring the negligible deceleration from the coin push) would be traveling at a speed of 14.7 m/s, giving the Allomancer a momentum of 1176 N/s, and the Allomancer would have .5 seconds to overcome this momentum. So since F=dp/dt, they would need to apply a total force of 2352 N over that half second to offset their momentum and after their momentum has been negated they can begin applying greater force to accelerate away from their anchor, but the linkage is maintained and force is directed using the axis of the linkage. If the momentum was overcome instantaneously that would be 3G's of force to deal with, but the allomancer has half a second to distribute this force, and like any system with feedback, the allomancer would 1) recognize from the recoil of force that the coin has stopped moving, and 2) would use a natural, logarithmic application of force to achieve the desired outcome, minimizing the bodily strain from changing momentums. Feeback would inform magnitude of Force, and there's the fail safe of Pewter if the G forces become too great. This is a great analogy, but it's addressed in the above. I think maybe one of the problems in your model is that you are assuming that the force of the push of the coin before the coin contacts the ground is going to be the same as the force necessary to compensate for the Allomancer's momentum and to push against the force of gravity. There would be a negligibly straining feedback that the Allomancer would feel when the coin is no longer free to move unimpeded and the situation has changed. It's not a matter of the Allomancer trying to manipulate the displacement, the distance between them and their anchor (by growing of shrinking their force pole) it's more a matter of the pole being a spiritual construct that transfers force and direction from the Allomancer's center of mass to the anchor's center of mass.
  25. This is one of my favorite threads on the Shard, though admittedly the math is a bit beyond me, I haven't used differential equations since high school. I don't know if you have considered this model yet, but to me at least it seems to resolve most of the apparent problems with the physics of Allomancy. When an Allomancer burns Iron or Steel, perceptible lines extend from the Allomancer's center of mass to the center of mass of all the metal objects that they can apply force to. These are described in text as anchors, and I think this terminology is significant. From the text it seems like when an Allomancer steel pushes, they are applying force to an object through a rigid body linkage connecting their center of mass to the pushed object's center of mass, with the caveat that the rigid body linkage applying the force is itself a magical construct and that the linkage only exists when the Allomancer is actively pushing on the object. When the Allomancer pushes on an object, the force is applied to the object at the end of the linkage (like the acceleration experienced at the end of a pole when you push it forward). The magic part comes in from the fact this rigid body connecting the Allomancer and the object retains it's rigidity but changes its length based on the positions of the Allomancer's center of mass and the object's center of mass, effectively allowing the full sum of the vectors of force to be transferred along this magical linkage, as if the final force vectors were applied directly to the object's center of mass and the Allomancer's center of mass. When the object's forward motion is resisted, the force of the push cannot impel the object, the energy of the push is instead directed back along this rigid body linkage causing the Allomancer to move. To describe this in terms that could be programmatically simulated, when an Allomancer burns Steel or Iron, they are creating a linkage with the object being pushed or pulled on, with one fixed point of linkage at the allomancer's center of mass and one pivot point of linkage at the anchor's center of mass. As long as the Allomancer is burning their metals and maintaining the linkage, the force of their push/pull is directed along this linkage. The benefit of this model is that Allomancy behaves like it does in the books, allowing the otherwise nonsensical mechanics of Vin's horseshoe flight to work, because a push force applied to the rigid body linkage between Vin and a horseshoe in front of her could be continously applied to just balance out the force of gravity allowing Vin's forward momentum to carry her past the Horseshoe until the she could then apply a greater push on that horsehoe to gain altitude and impel herself forward (helping to counteract the retrograde motion of pulling on the trailing horseshoes). The only other variable that I think would need to be accounted for to give Allomancy the exact behavior that we see in the books, would be the introduction of a force diminishing effect based on the distance between the Allomancer and the anchor being pushed/pulled on, possible using the inverse square law.