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  1. I think this definitely seems to be the case, and further I think that this self-consuming transformation when bonded with Yelig-nar is symbolic of the main theme of Odium, namely that by fueling your hatred with your passion you consume yourself and are left with a void. It's no coincidence I think that both Aseudan and Amaram's chest cavities were hollowed out wrecks, and also that their hearts had seemingly been replaced with the swallowed Gem. Hatred enflames passion which leads to passion fueled self-consuming acts of hatred which leads to the Void, the whole Odious journey all tied up in a nice visual metaphor. It would be interesting to re-read the Aseudan and Amaram scenes and see if there is a positive correlation between the rate of gem-ification to the apparent magnitude of their hatred/passion. If like @Pathfinder surmises, Yelig-nar also consumes the bonded vessel's spirit web, then Yelig-nar will always only be an auxiliary temporary force, unless the transformation is reversible. Though, since Aseudan is dead and wasn't killed directly, it seems likely that the transformation is irreversible and given the extreme physical transformation (kind of similar to soulcaster's turning into the substance they soulcast) it seems likely that once the transformation has reached a specific threshold it is a terminal condition. That's why I think it would be pretty awesome if the Yelig-nar only consumes the physical vessel. That would opens up 3 of the coolest possibilities in my mind. A Fused like Turash like @Invocation suggests. A Herald like Nale or I think even more likely to succeed Ishar/Tezim A Sleepless. Any of the above three could handle the destructive side effects of bonding Yelig-nar if it's restricted to damage to the physical vessel, and like I said earlier I think the most interesting case would be Ishar. That fact that one of his divine attributes is guiding might help him to control Yelig-nar without the downside of having his physical form consumed, and possibly if Yelig-nar consumes the spirit web as well, Ishar would be able to circumvent this side effect as well? The sleepless are ostensible allies of the Radiants, but really, we don't know too much about them other than that Arclo is super creepy and is capable of making short work of two Skybreaker squires. They could probably also withstand being consumed physically and spiritually, and probably have the best chance of disengaging or reversing the bonding process.
  2. I will edit this post in detail more, but I was just watching a pretty amazing podcast about n-dimensional polytopes. It's a Numberphile podcast with Mathematician Carlo Sequin talking about Perfect Shapes in Higher Dimensions (spoilered below): At about 14 minutes in he talks about the 600 cell, which is a 5-Dimensional tetrahedra. Pretty rad stuff. This is a tesseract, a 3 dimensional unfolded 4 dimensional solid. Just like you can unfold a 3 dimensional cube into a 2 dimensional shape (basically 6 squares with shared edges, in the shape of a cross), you can unfold a 4 dimensional shape into a three dimensional shape with shared edges. There's a great story by Robert Heinlein, House on a Crooked Hill, about a house built in the shape of a tesseract. After all of the cuboid rooms are built, there's an earthquake and all of the cubes fold in on themselves to make a 4 dimensional hypercube. Pretty awesome story. Interesting. I think you may be onto something, but I don't think we have enough information to say for sure. There are some variations of string theory that posit up to 26 dimensions, and the string's themselves are one-dimensional constructs that exist in n-dimensional space. Some of the big mysteries of Quantum mechanics could potentially be explained by strings existing in an entangled state in n-dimensional space, some of the things we percieve (like quantum entanglement) as "spooky action" could be simple translations of force through a linkage in a dimension that we can't percieve. I really don't have a ton more to add to this, but I am interested to see what else you come up with. Your posts @Ripheus23 are always interesting to read.
  3. Granted, unfortunately you don't get to decide which laws of physics no longer apply to you. You realize your dilemma when you try to walk away from the Nightwatcher. Unfortunately for you, for every action of yours there is not an equal and opposite reaction against the force you exert. Your foot pushes against the earth in your effort to propel yourself forward, but the earth does not push against your foot and you slip and fall on your arse. You now live in a world without friction. Your vocal chords no longer are able to vibrate against each other, you have to communicate using Morse code conveyed by eye blinks. Fortunately you have a family that loves you very much, and carts your atrophied, gelatinous body around in a high walled radio flyer wagon. You have to be fed intravenously because, guess what, you can't exert force on the things you are trying to chew, and the big un-masticated chunks of food slide frictionlessly down your throat and get clogged in your plumbing, because the normal peristalsis of your digestive tract is broken as well. But due to the fact that you are basically confined to a world of pure thought and no action, you figure out the grand unifying theory of all physics, and using your enhanced understanding of Quantum mechanics and n-dimensional strings, you are able to travel back in time in your puddled slippery gelatinous state and warn yourself not to make that accursed wish. Then you wake up in your bed, and as you lever yourself out of your bed using your arms to push off from your mattress, you look towards the sky and say "Thank God for Newton's Third Law of Motion". The Nightwatcher says "Umm, Ok", and as the words leave her lips you hear her think to herself "Man, that boon is it's own bane, poor kid". As you are riding the bus back from the Nightwatcher's Valley, you spy a cute girl/boy sitting on the seat across the aisle, chuckling to yourself you use your new found power to spy on their thoughts. You hear the following "I don't think anyone is looking, it's probably an ok time to pick my nose..." then you watch horrified as he/she stealthily picks their nose, pretending that he/she is really just scratching their nostril. Then you hear in horror as he/she thinks "That went pretty well, don't think anyone even saw that. Now I am feeling a bit peckish...". Unable to turn away you see him/her put the boogey in their mouth and you hear him/her think "Umm...delicious". You turn away in disgust and instead focus on the thoughts of an elderly gentleman reading the paper, thinking this will be a safe target for your newly acquired powers. Unfortunately you hear him think "Why does my back hurt so much, I think I wet myself when we went over that last bump. I wonder if I can eat tuna fish, have I had too much salt. What's the deal with salt anyway, how come it's bad for you when it tastes so good. That reminds me of the time I was in the war....etc, etc." It only gets worse from there. You hear every unfiltered, half formed, nonsensical thought emanating from every person around you, and realize that the conscious barrier between thought and speech exists for a reason. Not every thought should be expressed, not every thought is what the person intended to say. There are walls between the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego for a reason, thoughts should be private because intention can only be expressed through filtration of thought. Doh, Ninja'd by @Atium The Nightwatcher looks at you with pity in her green glowing eyes and says "Granted!" Ewe R know a sapeent, self-awar spel cheker (could you check that last line I think you have some work to do Mr. AI). I wish @Atium, the sapient spell checking AI would give @Inklingspren spell checker advice on my spell checker advice thread: *EDIT* Just realized that my last wish was prohibitively restrictive, and that it required a specific person to do one specific thing. So I'm going to open this up with a different alternate wish (don't care which is granted): I wish that I had realistic tattoos on my eyelids that looked like open eyes. And since this is a magical wish, I wish that these were animated tattoos, capable of movement and were able to respond to environmental stimulus. Further I wish that these animate tattoos would maintain the perfect illusion that I am awake and paying complete attention to anyone who happens to be talking to me, while in reality my eyes are really closed and I am most likely sleeping.
  4. Awesome! Thanks Mestiv! Tested the new source link with the longest Event name on Arcanum to see how it looks on mobile, it looks great! (test spoilered below):
  5. I like naps, like reading under my electric blanket, and I'm the same age as Brandon Sanderson. I think I started reading the Wheel of Time series when I was old as Brandon was when he started reading it. Definitely an outlier here.
  6. Granted, you get some scrambled eggs. In fact, you never run out of scrambled eggs for the rest of your life. Only problem is your never ending supply of scrambled eggs comes from the fact that your pockets are always full of scrambled eggs. Every pocket. As soon as you put on pants, shirts, jackets, tuxedos, whatever, the pockets are instantly filled with delicious and nutritious scrambled eggs. So you do what anyone with magically cursed pockets perpetually filled with scrambled eggs would do, you start an all you can eat breakfast buffet. I wish that there was a sitcom called Baby Mama, about a baby who's also the mom of 3 troublesome teens, and I could watch it.
  7. The Nightwatcher gets a very peculiar smile on her face and snickers a bit to herself before she says "Granted". With much anticipation, you go back to your domicile and discover that you have indeed been given a "Chicken Nugget". You soon discover that this is in fact no ordinary chicken nugget. You have been given an Awakened Chicken Nugget, that was awakened with 10,000 breaths and given the command "Rule well". Seeing as this chicken nugget bears an uncanny resemblance to the first president of the United States, George Washington, you decide to set up a presidential campaign office for your awakened sentient Nugget. Here's one of the more popular presendential campaign poster for your canidate, George McNugget: Needless to say, when your awakened chicken nugget makes the most brilliant political move since Karl Rove used micro-targeting for political ads and picks BBQ sauce as his running mate, George McNugget wins in a landslide victory. And because he is a candidate that comes from the heartland of America and is a composite of many different animals and many different parts of those animals, he governs as a true consensus builder. And since he is technically your Chicken Nugget, you get to move into the White House with him. The campaign had a bunch of memorable buttons too, but I'll let you fill those slogans in for yourself. I wish that my canidate for the 2020 presidential Election won instead of George McNugget, Barack Toastbama:
  8. Did you know your acronym, Itiah, is a palindrome for Haiti?

    1. I think I am here.

      I think I am here.

      Yeah, I realised when I typed Itiah.com into google and found a webpage for Haitian music :P 

  9. I've been using Arcanum more recently, and one feature that should be pretty easy to add that would be helpful when viewing copied WoBs is to have the Event Name and date appear in the source link at the end of the copied WoB. Here's an example of what I mean: Instead of just having the link to the source WoB say source, it would be nice to have something like this: It's information that should be pretty easy to pull into the link, and the date of WoB is an important piece of information. Arcanum is amazing, I just noticed that it would be helpful to know how fresh or stale a particular WoB is. Thanks for all your hard work, Arcanum is amazing!
  10. Totally see your point, I just really like the God Priest of Tukar and think it would be great to see him Yelig-Narrred up. Thanks for the WoB, I'd seen that Jezrien one before, just forgot about it. And extracted, the bit about the heralds makes you wonder who is growing these bodies for the Heralds? This whole mechanic is interesting, but based on WoB's we're probably going to have to wait until the back 5 before some of these questions get resolved. Who knows though, maybe we'll see an ardent from the Devotary of Herald Body Farming in book 4.
  11. So found these WoBs (spoilered below) are there others? The fact that the Herald's don't need to consume investiture to maintain their form would imply to me at least that their bodies are more durable than the Returned's or that the mechanic for anchoring their cognitive shadow into their bodies is at least more efficient or more permanent than for the Returned. I think this just means that their cognitive shadow is a separable and discrete component of the composite entity that is the herald. I.e. that in place of a soul (that a normal human would have) the Herald's have a cognitive shadow (that is made of fossilized Investiture). I really don't think we have enough information about how Yelig-nar works to do more than make reasoned conjectures about how this all works, but I don't think that should stop us from speculating. That's the fun part, I think.
  12. In SW, I'm at the part where Bakune is being sprung from prison by the priest of Fener and his buddy Manask. The part where Manask "dissappears" using his amazing thieving skills and the Ipshank uses the following analogy to describe his amazing disappearance, is one of the funniest scenes in Malazan (I thought). "Like a fart in the wind".
  13. Cool 3d model of doomslug! Are you going to animate it? If you are, it would be great to see it crawling over a Super Mario style mushroom. Really nice model.
  14. Good point I agree in the main, but there are a couple of fundamental differences between the Fused and the Heralds. The Fused are cognitive shadows that use the gem hearts of singers as anchors to staple in their spirit webs to the physical body of the body snatched Singer. Heralds are not body snatchers, so the only alternative explanation (I think) is that their physical forms are created from investiture to house their cognitive shadows. The exact mechanic of this is unknown, but I think that they probably have advantages as hosts for Yelig-nar over the Fused. Namely that they don't have a competing anchor of fusion for their spirit webs. I am not up to date on the WoB's regarding the mechanics of the Fused, but how I've described it is how it seemed to me to be implied in the text of OB (and the one WoB that describes cognitive shadows being stapled into bodies). It could be that the Heralds, because they are also Cognitive shadows stapled into a body, would likewise be unsuitable hosts for Yelig-Nar, and it could easily be too that Yelig-nar as a parasitic entity destroys the spirit web that it is fusing to (it definitely seemed like Amaram's body was being consumed by yelignar, and maybe this extended to his spirit web as well, which if that is the case, poor Amaram). So, if I was Odium, I would experiment with the Fused first and if there was no adverse effect to the Fused's spirit web after fusing with Yelig-Nar, I would have my new buddy Tezim swallow Yelig-Nar. Now that I think about it, because Yelig-nar is a splinter of his own power, Odium would probably know what would happen without having to experiment. And with his recent decision to "Vyre" Jezrien, he might not be unhappy with the outcome where Ishar's spirit web would be consumed by Yelig-Nar. The more I think about this, the more I see no reason that Odium would have for not letting Tezim swallow the Yelig-Nar pill. It's a win win, and Ishar as Tezim definitely is not lacking in self-confidence, so I don't see him hesitating to do it either.
  15. So here are some WoBs spoilered below with emphasis that address this point: Terminology WoB, Innate investiture: Investiture seepage, perpendicularity tipping point: The Shards are a'movin: Shards reside in the Spiritual Realm, but their essences is in the Physical Realm, also splinters and invested entities have difficulty being far away from the Invested shardworld: Kind of older WoB (2015) but states very explicitly that a Shards influence of power is based mostly on Physical distance, it's paraphrased, but it's not a very technical question or technical answer: Very Old WoB (2012) but with a significant detail about a Shards power being built innately into the world they are invested in (this type of fundamental mechanic probably hasn't changed in the intervening years): The above spoilered WoBs imply one thing very strongly, namely that though a Shard's consciousness (the thing it would refer to as itself) resides in the Spiritual Realm, it's Essence is projected into the physical Realm. And further, any significant concentration of Essence ties entities composed primarily of that Shard's essence to this pooling of Invested shardic essence. This is what is referred to in the terminology WoB as Innate investiture, and I think it's really as simply as it's the bits of Power associated with a shard that has been converted to either Cognitive matter or Physical matter. It still retains the particular "spin" of the investiture that was used to create, and is the projected Essence of the shard that made it (or if it was existent at the time of the shattering, the matter that had the particular "spin" that was associated with the component intent of Andonalsium (like Patji was associated with Autonomy's "spin")). In the realm of pure speculation, I think this is an incredibly interesting idea and while their isn't a ton of proof other than the circumstantial variety, the fact that Roshar's moons are incredibly weird and that they seem to share a lot of common traits with the shards invested in the Rosharan system (detailed below) does seem very significant. As far as explaining how a Shards might go about Investing in a more or less non-permanent way and moving between solar systems (which we know is happening as shown by the Shards are a'movin WoB) this is a great possibly non-catastrophic solution, and a moon could be positioned so that it is proximate enough to the new planet that the shard desires to influence so that the physical essence constraint can be overcome. As a discrete and moveable focus for physical essence, a moon would be ideal, and another point in favor of the moon theory is that Brandon has stated that the Windrunner power set would be perfect for getting out into space (and by extension allowing KRs to check out the moons). The color of the moons has always struck me as significant, Salas is violet, Nomon is a light pale blue, and Mishim is a green. Voidlight is violet, honor spren are blue and the Nightwatcher is green. This seems like it's not just coincidence, this seems like intentional symbolism which hints at a fundamental mechanic. The one problem I see with this theory though is that the orbits of the moons around Roshar should have some kind of noticeable effect on the magic systems at play. While this might be slight, it should still be noticeable, especially given the difference in distance between apogee and perigree in the moons' eccentric orbits. With the ardents investigating the properties of spren (like the quantum mechanics like effect on the frozen flame spren after they have been measured) this orbital effect of the moons on Surgebinding/Fabrials might be something that will be noticed in the future, and possibly a goad to explore the moons in person. All in all, this is a very fun thing to think about and I'm looking forward to see where this discussion goes.
  16. This theory is really a reaction to 3 things, @WeiryWriter's thread on The Expanse of Densities, a couple of WoBs, and the extended view of the Rosharan sub-astral we got in Oathbringer. I think the Cognitive Realm is a contiguous topology, like the model for gravitation's effect on space time. It's a large continuous surface that is elastic and is stretched by densities of thought. To put this in terms of the analogy of the warping of space time through gravitation, thought would be like mass; a dense accumulation of thought in one area would warp the topological plane, but unlike with space time, this warping wouldn't manifest as a dimpling of the surface of the cognitive realm, because it really is a two dimensional construct, instead the elasticity of the system would spread outwards, like a balloon being pulled on both ends stretches in reaction to the force. The exact shape and nature of the Cognitive Realm in relation to the Physical Realm I think is best left to the Scholars at Silverlight to determine, until we get the 3 Dimensional map of the Cosmere that Brandon has hinted that they are making, but there are a number of topologies that are surfaces that are fully contiguous, where it would be possible to circumnavigate the surface of the topology in a near infinite varieties of ways. One example of an interesting topology is the Klein Bottle (which can be non-intersecting with a time component, spoilered below because the animation can be distracting unless you want to look at it). The thing is that is compelling about this formulation is that it allows for the Cognitive Realm to change and adapt over time, depending on where cognitive densities occur, like this animation of a Coffee Cup transforming into Torus (spoilered too, because it's animated): So the Cognitive Realm, as I see it, is a modified plane, a plane that is in continuous transition to form a changing 3 dimensional surface. And the Spiritual Realm is a single point, the single Point of Pythagorean thought where all infinity is encompassed. Everything is connected to this point, but this point exists outside of time and space, it is a one-dimensional construct (the Great I-Am of the Cosmos). Certain points are more connected to this singular point, and because everything is connected to it as well, sentient beings can use these points of high thought density to access the point outside of time and space, and through cognitive will, reach another point in time and space (most likely this transition occurs from the Physical Realm with an intermediary stop in the CR before the being is transported to the Spiritual Realm, and process repeats in reverse (to CR then to PR). So here are the WoB's that I think support this general idea: First this WoB, which implies that the Cognive Realm is like a flattened version of the Physical Realm (emphasis added): And this WoB, which I think gives the best idea of what the Cognitive Realm actually is (emphasis added): Here are the rest of the supporting details (spoilered so you can read them if you want to): Here are some general thoughts about why the Cognitive Realms manifest in such different ways on different Shard worlds (spoilered again, read if you want): And Here is the most important part, I am going to be getting some signed copies of Brandon's books for my birthday (coming up in February) and I'll have 3 questions to ask, I already know what I want to ask for the first one, but I would love to hear your guys' thoughts on what I should ask for the second two. I do have to say I want the suggestions restricted to Realmatics (cognitive realm, spiritual realm, linkage between 3 realms, etc). Excited to see what some of the smartest sapient lifeforms on this planet come up with!
  17. Like @Toaster Retribution said with his suspicion that Nale might be the one to bond Yelig-nar, I think we have seen characters that have both decided to side with Odium and who won't be bothered overly much if their fusion with Yelig-nar temporarily destroys their physical vessel. Nale is still taking his orders from Ishar and his decision to fight on the side of the Singers was made with Ishar's blessing. My hope is that Tezim, the God Priest of Tukar is going to be the vessel Odium chooses for Yelig-nar. I think it would be awesome if Ishar, bonded with Yeligar, leads his Tukari troops and some of Odium's Singer and Fused forces in an assault on Urithiru. He has already threatened that he plans to take back the tower in his spanreed communique to Dalinar in OB, and being bonded to Yelig-nar would give him a tactical advantage I think, and being the Herald of the Bondsmith would give him the greatest possible ability to survive the bond (or at least maintain the bond for the greatest possible duration).
  18. @Arash.F Here's my wish for the Nightwatcher. I wish that everyone in the world would be unable to swear for one full day, and further if anyone tried to swears during this 24 hour period the foul language that would normally be coming out of their mouth would be replaced by a butterfly or a fragrant breeze redolent of roses or some other such substitution. I would be very interested to see what effect this would have.
  19. Granted! You are now the most amazing chef in the world, unfortunately that's a short lived distinction. Your bane is that you are transported into outer space without a spacesuit. As your lungs collapse from the equalization of pressure between your lungs and the vacuum of space, a single tear falls from your eye and freezes in the form of a perfect sphere while the oxygen in your blood boils away. Fortunately there is an afterlife and you are still a good cook in the here after. If you end up in heaven you can cook like an angel. If you are reincarnated, then you cook amazing vegetarian dishes. If you go to hell, well, it's always BBQ night.
  20. It is your turnip-ment, after all.
  21. You could just read about the Pythagorean cult, did you know that one of their Religious Precepts was to "Abstain from beans"? Sage advice if you live in close proximity with other sages I guess. The link included is to a new-agey type of website, but the precepts are there. They were a mystery cult and there most sacred teachings were based on math, imagine if there was a church today where to be a member you had to do math homework and not eat beans. The Wikipedia article on the Tetractys is totally worth reading, it's pretty amazing how dense the information packed into that one symbol is. And if you are a Math nut, obsessed with perfection in the universe, it's a pretty perfect symbol too. It's a perfect triangle containing more perfect triangles (all angles and sides are equal), it has 10 pts (the only base number that is self extendable), it's a hexagon extended on alternating sides by isoceles triangles, and if you wanted to you could tesselate that shape infinitely. Pretty rad stuff. Boredom is a call to action brother. Excited to see what you have to say about all this, I think it's incredibly interesting myself. I was looking up information about the Julia Set in reply to one of your comments @Quantus, and saw this remarkable video by Mathologer on the Times Tables and the Mandelbrot set (spoilered below): The visualizations of what he is talking about are amazing, and it's incredibly interesting under the hood kind of stuff about how Numbers work. Pretty rad, check it out if boredom sends you another clarion call to action.
  22. That pronunciation makes a lot more sense, and is a lot better than saying it like the past participle of the verb "hoe", like "The ska farmer Hoed his turnip patch to get the ash off". That's a great rhyme, by the way, and I can see it now that I have the pronunciation key. I love those rhymes where you rhyme a 2 syllable word to a pair of 1 syllable words, very satisfying.
  23. And @Quantus, @SwordNimiForPresident, and @ILuvHats First off, thanks for replying, I feel kind of like you replied out of pity, but I'll take it, I love talking about this stuff. Firstly, Brandon has said that the Platonic ideas were a primary inspiration in the creation of the Cognitive Realm, specifically his philosophy of Ideal forms. Like the notion that for every existent thing there exists in the realm of abstract thought an Ideal form of that thing, and every specific thing in the material world is an imperfect projection of that Ideal (the analogy is the ideal form say of a chair is held up before a fire in a cave, and the specific perception of the material manifestation of that ideal chair would be like the shadow of the ideal chair projected by the fire onto the cave wall). Plato, Aristotle and the Neo-Platonists were inspired by the metaphysical philosophy of Pythagoras, and some of the central ideas of the strange religious cult that the Pythagoreans developed were based on sacred Numerology, and were symbolized by a mathematically awesome symbol called the Tetractys. This is an Isosceles triangle containing four levels of points that describe 9 smaller isosceles triangles, and one of the abstract qualities that the points of the Tetractys represented was organization of space (you can read more about this on the Wikipedia article, the following list is from that article): the first row represented zero dimensions (a point) the second row represented one dimension (a line of two points) the third row represented two dimensions (a plane defined by a triangle of three points) the fourth row represented three dimensions (a tetrahedron defined by four points) How I see Realmatics in the Cosmere working is that the Spiritual Realm is the apical point of the Tetractys, the realm of complete unitary being, without extension, without dimension, it just is. Connection is the second row of the Tetractys, like a line comprised of two points, it is that which connects all things to the spiritual realm, it flows from everything to the one point of Unitary being, namely the Spiritual Realm. The third Row is the cognitive realm, it's essentially a topology (a plane with topographic features (that if you were a 2 dimensional being you wouldn't perceive because it's a continuous topology). The Fourth row is the physical realm where you have true 3 Dimensional space. My guess is that the apparent 3 dimensional features of the cognitive realm (like a lake of glass beads with a definite depth) were created by the perceptions of sapient beings who lived in the 3 dimensional physical realm, but that these are only apparent 3-Dimensional features. If A. Square from Flatland went to Shadesmar, in order to interact with the beads that are the souls of the ideas, they would have to be arranged on the plane, and since they are spheres, they would most likely present as circles (a cross section of the sphere intersecting with the plane), they couldn't have depth because the sapient being normally exists in 2 Dimensional space. But because 3-Dimensional beings are the ones visiting the Cognitive realm (and the Spren became 3-Dimensional because of the recursive effect of perceptions shaping thought) the Cognitve Realm adapted to a 3-Dimensional percept system. I think where the whole idea that Spiritual Realm exists outside of time and space gets confusing is when a being that normally exists in time and space perceives it (like Kelsier when he sees the Infinite series of connections radiating and propogating out from all things, or when Kaladin sees the swirling mass of roiling temptuous color on his vision of the future in Shadesmar, or when Dalinar hears the dislocated voice of Evi forgiving him). This is the same phenomena of a 3 dimensional being experiencing a 2 Dimensional plane, they have a finite capacity to experience the totality of the Spiritual Realm, so their experience is directed along lines that they are familiar with, namely they perceive the Spiritual Realm in a manner that their limitations of existence dictate (they are of finite mind, confined in finite space experiencing time as an arrow moving always forward, they carry these biases with them to the spiritual realm and their perception is then filtered through these biases). @Ixthos has a great thread where there's some interesting discussion about traveling from one subastral to another subastral, and here's a link to the post that I made with some animated diagrams that shows how I think this all works: Some of this is definitely speculation, but here are some supporting WoBs that along with the WoBs in the OP make a pretty good case for this interpretation (spoilered for length, with a brief description): Shadesmar is a boundless contiguous plane (implied interpretation because you can circumnavigate Roshar without crossing a hard boundary): WoB about the Spiritual Realm being based on Platonic Ideals and not really a place: WoBs about the nature of the Spiritual Realm I have to get back to work now, for reals, but when I have some time I'll come back and edit in some more supporting WoBs, because they are out there.
  24. Thanks! Have been livin' the Shard life for 1.13415... years now. My 1000th post was to tell you how good your Roast was, I loved the Hoed choir. Do you ever read Hoed like it's the word Coed? Like on a college campus in Elantris they might have a Hoed dormitory.
  25. So I read the sample they have of Midnight Front on Amazon, the opening was good and the prose would work well for an audiobook (have 1 audible credit, and the audiobook narrator sounds decent). So AnglEy3, does book 1 have a good ending? Have been spoiled with Malazaan and Sanderson to expect a satisfying conclusion, and I don't know if I could get this book if the ending isn't good. As to the second part, Stonewielder is a great book so far, I'll post on the Malazaan thread when I finish it. I'm really, really liking it so far (with the exception of the Ivanr from Antr parts which are kind of boringr, unpleasant flashbacks to the start and middle parts of the Rivvy snake from DoD)