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  1. Totally agree with all your points, but I personally am a fan of the Ghostbloods and Sebarial & Palona. A good series needs good villains, and this seems like an excellent pairing to me. Or what might even be better, would be to have Thaidikar be a dark eyes of the 10th nahn, but Sebarial and Palona are working for him. A highprince and his consort taking orders from the lowliest of darkeyes would be a nice twist. Anyway, this is just a speculative prediction, kinda hope I'm wrong, kinda hope I'm right.
  2. On one hand, I agree with you it would be great if Sebarial and Palona were just how they seem ( I like them as characters), but on the other it's just bizarre that he has a James Bond villainesque underperforming underling disposal setup in his private apartments. Sebarial's obviously an eccentric, but a pit covered by planks in a luxuriously furnished room, the contrast there has to be significant in my opinion.
  3. Part of me hopes you are right, how many times does the knife have to get twisted into Shallan's gut? But, I was just rereading the chapter that first made me suspect that Palona and Sebarial might be like the 3-fingered spy and her elderly husband from Cloak and dagger, Chapter 32 Company. It's the chapter were Shallan is recuperating after her battle with Reshiphir under the ministrations of Palona. The Chapter Epigraph is: I don't have the ebook, so I'm going to type this out and emphasize the bits that are particularly unsettling [and add annotations in square brackets]. In text they are light-heartedly dismissed, but I still think that having a pit in your private apartments covered with boards is a super villain red flag: This could totally be a red herring, but before I read this chapter, I had the same view of Sebarial and Palona as you @Govir and @What's a Seawolf?, but the fact that Sebarial is having a shady pit installed in his private apartments, and Palona kind heartedly gives Shallan "citrus" tea, and then proceeds to grill her about what she knows about the unmade, makes me highly suspicious of this pair. The effects highlighted above could just simply be that exhaustion is finally catching up to Shallan, but the drooping eyelids, the yawning, and the absent nodding all sound like an effect of a drug, possibly a truth serum administered in her tea to make sure she wasn't holding anything back about the unmade. One other datum, Palona slips into inane yet reassuring chatter after Shallan yawns and nods absently, maybe this is a sign she knows to look for that efficacious period of the truth serum had run it's course (total speculation but could be the case). One other thing, we as readers know that Ghostbloods all have a visible tattoo that shows their allegiance, and for a lot of the book Sebarial and Palona are only covered by towels making it seem like they should be easily de. This could be intentionally done to up the suprise ante when they dramatically reveal their ghostblood tattoo's during the moment of betrayal. I want to like Palona and Sebarial, but looking at the signs and clues in this chapter, I just can't trust them, and moreover I think this chapter heavily foreshadows that they are at the very least in league with the Ghostbloods, if not the secret leaders of the ghostbloods.
  4. Granted! The Nightwatcher proclaims that you are now a Skybreaker of the 3rd ideal, the surges of gravitation and division are yours to command. You meet your spren, a cute little rip in the air blinking stars at you and you decide to name him Twinkle. But before you can lash yourself up into the sky, the Nightwatcher informs you that your 3rd Ideal, the ideal of dedication, has been sworn for you. You are dedicated to following the will of Nalan, Herald of Justice, and treat his commandments as law. Just as the full significance of this begins to sink in, your external moral code pops up from inside a bush, chewing on what you think might have been a chicken, and his head rotates your direction as he says: I was almost done with this post when you 'd me @goody153. Granted. The Nightwatcher has given you a Pathian earing and Harmony hears your petition, and creates a special splinter of his dual powers just for you. It's a perfectly balanced mixture of preservation and ruin, you can summon this sentient bipartite projection of power at any time. Excited to try out your new powers, you summon your di-spren, and are shocked when a little cartoony angel appears on one shoulder and little cartoony devil appears on the other. The angelic and devilish spren immediately begin bickering about what course of action you should take, it seems that they are telepathic and feel that it is their duty to dispense advice on every single thought that goes through your mind. Frustrated at your inability to think with the constant dualistic arguements going on inside your head, you attempt to dismiss the spren, but you can only summon them whenever you want, not dismiss them whenever you want. Eventually, you are unable to do anything, frozen by the well articulated conflicting arguments against and for every thought that crosses your mind. But, you do glow, so you do get radiant powers. Crap, ninja'ed by @Winds Alight Granted, you always know what the right decision is in any given situation. Your bane is that you lack the moral fortitude to make the right decision, so you spend the rest of your life as an emotional wreck, devastated by your consistent inability to do the right thing. But the Nightwatcher feels bad for you, so you also get the power to shoot donuts out of your fingers. I wish that I was wealthy enough to afford a trip on the SpaceX flight slated for 2023 that is going to fly by the moon, and that I could take a large collection of items up with me to do experiments in zero gravity (like steamer trunk sized collection of things).
  5. I actually think he's going to be a pivotal character, and that his true character is far different from how we've seen him presented so far. My gut feeling is that he is a senior member of the ghostbloods, possibly even Thaidakar. The scene were Shallan meets with him and Palona in his quarters in Urithiru while he's having his floors redone was vaguely sinister and ominous. Why is he really having his floor redone, what's he hiding? I think he plays the crass buffoon to hide in plain sight, so to speak. The other high princes were quick to dismiss him at the Alethi war camps because of his pull my finger kind of jokes while he was quietly building a second center of economic power. This is intentional misdirection, and the fact that he is willing to project such an unflattering public persona is a clear indicator to me of the lengths he is willing to go to to achieve his ends (most likely power through wealth). The fact that the Ghostblood bunker is in Sebarial's warcamp seems to me to be a significant detail. The tenement style building was built with a basement (which is incredibly uncommon and expensive because of the highstorm flooding) and this was built on top of a pre-existing basement structure. This seems like something that at the very least a capable administrator like Sebarial would be aware of. Also, the trophy case collection might in fact be Sebarial's private collection of Cosmere trophies. As evidenced by his quarters in Urithiru, he is a collector and he relishes rare and exquisite items. And since his true genius is in administration, he might be that rare type of collector that sees conquest as the employment of the proper people to secure the items in question, like a wealthy british colonialist from the 19th century that paid someone to go out and secure a tiger pelt for them. I'm going to be rereading Stormlight again pretty soon, and I'll keep my eye out for signs that Sebarial and Palona are more than what they seem. If he really is Thaidakar, then having Shallan stroll so blithely into his confidence must have made him quite happy. I think there will be a moment when Shallan is very vulnerable, and these surrogate parental figures will betray her, kind of like the scene in the 80's movie Cloak and Dagger, where the kid who played Elliot from ET discovers that the kindly old man and woman that have been helping him out are really the evil super spies. Here's a video of that Scene, I saw this when I was a kid and this still gives me chills when I watch it: *EDITED: Added a bit more to the middle portion, I actually really like this theory. The thing that makes Sebarial sympathetic is his relationship with Palona, but that's a closed circle. Horrible, Machiavellian villians can still have a single person that is outside of the cruel logic of the ends justify the means that applies to everyone else. What is the use of power, wealth and prestige if you don't have anyone to share it with. I think Sebarial is like Dr. No, but instead of having a white lap cat, he chooses to have Palona by his side while he gets ready to roll in the dough while the world burns.
  6. Dude, I already knew this. Check out this picture I got of you: @Arith Matic, what's your new wish?
  7. Granted, unfortunately, the only way the Nightwatcher could accomplish this was by grafting your head onto @Calderis's body, right next to his head (because he freakin' knows all the WOBs, even the ones that have come out yet. I think he secretly has already made a pact with the Nightwatcher, so maybe this really is his retroactively applied boon as well). So now you know all the wobs (by extension) and you and Cal will never be lonely (and conversely you will never be alone either). I wish it would snow in Eugene Oregon.
  8. Well played, well played. Or is it? What's your wish?
  9. Granted! The Nightwatcher declares that you are now a Rock N' Roll God. I wish that were 12 more hours in the day that were set aside just for sleeping, and that these magical twelve hours for sleeping don't add up to shorten human life spans.
  10. Umm, I would totally be ok with this, but they're a little young for this right now. What's your wish?
  11. That is so good! I am a minimalist, the finished piece looks amazing, but this is my favorite stage: Your line work is really nice, and the cream white of the sketch paper looks awesome up against the violet background wash. It's really fun seeing the stages of creation on these, thanks for sharing!
  12. Granted! A wizened Karate Master takes you under his wing, and tells you that he is training you to be the best around. After 20 years of waxing cars, cleaning floors, mowing lawns, and doing other repetitive menial tasks you begin to suspect that he meant "best man servant around", not "best Karate master around". But the nightwatcher gave you a Sony walkman preloaded with a cassette with this song on it to listen to while you work: Could have been worse. I wish that my daughters liked NPR and I could listen to it in the car while I was driving them around.
  13. Granted, unfortunately your bane is that Nightwatcher has switched the functions of your mouth and your anus, but the consolation here really comes down to this wob: For reals, that's the last time the Nightwatcher (as channeled by myself) will use that horrible bane. I wish that I get a puppy for christmas.
  14. Totally agree! I hated volumes 1 and 2, but this one looks like we'll actually get to see visually what sand mastery looks like. This art looks freaking amazing, and the number of ribbons of sand actually matches the book! Drile has a ton of ribbons and Kenton has a super powerful looking single ribbon. I went from dreading this volume to actually being really excited about it! Didn't think I'd ever say this, but I am going to be pre-ordering Volume 3.
  15. Granted, the Nightwatcher hands you an 8 mb thumb-drive which you can use to store your photographs. Unfortunately, she has reversed the functions of your anus and your mouth. On the plus side you're now the poster child for logerrhea, so you have that going for you... I wish that @Rasarr's bane is one of those where he/she wakes up and realizes it was all just a bad dream.