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  1. Such a good song @Trentolio! Friday's Child (Nancy Sinatra)
  2. Granted, the antidote is right there in front of you, in a tiny stoppered bottle on a quaint little table. There's even a cute little tag that in a delightful cursive script says Antidote. Unfortunately for you, your bane is that your arms have been replaced with stalks of broccoli. Try as you might, you can't remove the stopper from the bottle with your broccoli arms. But as you are in your dying throes, you kick the table and the bottle tumbles just right so that the stopper is dislodged and the vital antidote trickles into your mouth. And as a further silver lining, you are able to pose your broccoli arms in the most alluring fashion, so much so that you soon become "The guy" anytime anyone wants to shoot professional pictures of broccoli. I wish that I could control the passage of time with my wristwatch.
  3. Can't argue with a fact. Fact: There is a God, and God created man in order for man to selectively breed wolves/jackals/dingoes to become dogs. The teleological principle is perfectly clear, God spelled backwards is dog. This is the alpha and the omega. "Who's fulfilling God's plan? This good boy is, give that good boy a biscuit." God watches and is content. All dogs go to heaven, some people do too.
  4. Good points, the big bang was actually the first attempt to make a sandwhich and as you know it went horribly wrong. You have completely ignored the most important tastebud, that which senses umami. Fact: The human race was created to figure out how to cultivate and grow items with umami flavor (seaweed, mushrooms, etc).
  5. No you're not. Sticks can't type. Fact: All pursuits are meaningless because in the timescale of the cosmos all actions are as meaningless as the fart of a gnat.
  6. theories

    Just to throw this out there, there is the very real fact that Odium already selected his Champion, Dalinar, who he had been subtly pushing into this position with his proxy the Thrill. Really Cultivation's interference in Dalinar's development with his memories returning at key times, made this blow up in Odium's face. But he selected his Champion and it was in the presence of a Bondsmith, the fact that Dalinar very shortly after this did his famous hand clap and brought together the 3 realms seems even better than the signature of a notary public to make this contract binding. This was also the reason that Odium enlisted the help of the double-double agent Mr. T to pursue the mundane war in earnest. I think this might be setting the stage for a noble self-sacrifice on Dalinar's part, namely selecting anyone as the Champion contra Odium and then allowing himself to be killed by this Champion. This seems to me to be foolproof backup plan, in case the tide of the war is going poorly. This would buy time for the KRs and resuscitated Heralds to prepare for the final showdown with Odium.
  7. I was typing this up when @robardin replied, but I agree Scadrial is by far the most likely source, and like he mentions, Stormlight Arc 1 takes place post Catacendre and pre Alloy of Law era, so it most likely was a fish that didn't choke on a bunch of ash too. Prior to Kelsier's destruction of the Pits of Hathsin, canned goods were Scadrial's primary planetary export.
  8. My father in law just informed me that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook merged, so I looked up vaccinations on the new site, You Twit Face, and to my horror I discovered vaccinations cause baldness, ennui, and cravings for sardines!
  9. And and most tellingly of all This is clearly fake news, I posit that Truthless of Shinovar and Frustration are deep fakes, a sign that Russia has been trying to influence the 17th shard. Putin's favorite cosmere story is 6th of the Dusk, and there has been a growing KGB presence on this site to sway more Sanderson fans to this position in order to have Brandon Sanderson write novels about tough dudes that like to not wear shirts.
  10. Well, at a certain point concept art is concept art. You could just do the conceptual work (like Amano for the final fantasy series or Toriyama for the mega man/Dragon warrior series) and have other artists create the sprites/3d models/props/sets. Your work is really good, if you're not already a concept artist at a game studio or a production company your portfolio is well on the way to getting you there.
  11. Just what you'd expect a prisoner of a fixed timeline to say. In your world, the sequence of events seems set because you can't transition to the parallel worlds of alternate history. There's a parallel world where the Kennedy assassinations never took place, and by 2258 the earth is overrun with Kennedys. Just a fact man.
  12. Welcome to the Shard, very interesting piece of evidence, the qoute you were looking for was in Chapter 68, Aim For the Sun, on page 679. A picture of that page is spoilered below for context. The quote you were looking for is this: There's more to the qoute, but the gist is there. After the Traveler came out, I always thought this was a promise that he made after the person that was very important to him died, a way to atone for his failure. But it's very interesting how it so closely parallels the Stoneward vow.
  13. Mirrored Given such oppurtunity, they squandered it foolishly with such greedy hands. Lost in revery, a hyper-intelligent cephalopod looks down upon the dead planet, and recieves the last sentient thought from earth, a pathetic emanation from a dying cuttlefish. "Why with such greedy hands did they foolishly squander opportunity's gifts"?
  14. Exactly, they were time traveling pan-galactic Marxists. The Kennedys were also time traveling aliens. Interestingly enough, every Kennedy was in fact part of a composite being, kind of like how separate cypress trees are part of the same single organism. Their home world of New Clam Chowder is overrun with white toothed, perfectly coiffed politician types, and their expansion into alien reaches of the galaxy was largely due to their desire to make speeches. Let's look at some countervailing facts. Blue is a hononym with blew (they blew their nose), while Red is a hononym with read (the misguided blue supporters read this post). It is clear that nothing truly great comes about because something blew anything (up, out, what have), but the fount of all knowledge flows from what is read.
  15. Granted. The gem is a perfect saphire infused with stormlight, it's roughly the size of a tennis ball, and the light it produces is so brilliant you almost can't look directly at it. Unfortunately it's in the mouth of a very large and very angry cotton mouth snake. I wish Kings_way could safely retrieve their perfect gem without injury to their person or to the snake.