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  1. @Jofwu, the fact that the CR is described as an infinite plane doesn't preclude it from being a continous topology which can be traversed in infinite paths. Say you have a torus that is very large (like a planet sized donut), and your movements are confined to the surface. To you the expanse you are walking across would seem flat, but there are an infinite number of directions you can walk and never encounter an edge because it's a continuous topology. The surface of a sphere would likewise be a continous topology, but a topology of a different form I think is necessary for encompassing the predominant feature of the CR, namely the expansion and contraction of the surface plane based on densities of thought. From that WOB you quoted I think Brandon's idea of an infinite plane is just that the plane would seem infinite for someone traversing it. To say that the plane has edges is to acknowledge that it's not truly infinite. To say that these edges are weird I think is a hint at the mechanics of how this works, namely that one apparent edge of the plane is connected to the same plane at a different point. I have a post where I discuss the nature of the cognitive realm , and I haven't seen any WOBs that directly contradict this assessment.
  2. I think the thing that is operatively different in this case is that this is the True Desolation. Though the Fused are flawed and broken, they still are the Singers. Maybe the advent of the Everstorm and it's obvious function to destroy will help Leshwi and some of the other sane Fused realize that Odium is not in this for the salvation of the SIngers, and that this is a much more dangerous game. The callousness with which Odium destroys Singers to give the Fused life probably tips his hand that he will pursue his objects regardless of the cost to the Singers, and my guess is that his Machiavellian tendencies are only going to get more pronounced as the war continues. The case for not siding with Odium is pretty clear, looking around at her drooling Ancient One friends, seeing the strange indoctrination of the Singers that flows from Odium, and witnessing the new cycle of Destruction unleashed on Roshar through the Everstorm paints a pretty compelling picture that Odium doesn't give a crap about the Singers or Roshar. Simple vengeance is not enough to sustain a movement, what good is the struggle to rid Roshar of the Humans if there's no Roshar left for the Singers and the Fused.
  3. I think Leshwi and possibly some of her fellow shanay-im are being setup narratively to switch sides. Some of the details that setup this arc are the Honorable way the shanay-im fight, Leshwi's fascination with Kaladin, Leshwi's being a leader of the shanay-im, Venli being the Voice of Leshwi, and Venli's explicit plan to tell Leshwi about her desire to create an independent splinter group of Listeners. In the last chapter we found out that Leshwi values compassion greatly: And then Venli's explicit statement of her plans, and Leshwi's role in her plan as the Litmus test to see whether the Fused will go along with the splintering off of a new group of Listeners. Kaladin is compassion incarnate. Leshwi's fascination with Kaladin really comes down to 3 things, his prowess with his powers, the honorable way that both he and his Windrunners fight, and Kaladin's compassion. Here are the Chapter 6 excerpts that show the above: I think this is more confirmation that Kaladin, and more specifically Kaladin's compassion, will be instrumental in bridging the gulf between the Singers and the humans.
  4. Yeah we have friends that lived out on the McKenzie highway who have lost their houses, just sucks how quick these fires rolled in. Looking forward to it!
  5. Hahaha, yeah, I live in Eugene Oregon, and with the world suddenly becoming a giant ashtray I thought about how depressing it would be to live in the Final Empire. Or Dickensian London for that matter. This is what the sun looked like last Tuesday (which was about the worst day for us) spoilered below. Your map is looking great, excited to see the updates!
  6. Sorry, I know this is a double post, but this is freaking amazing! So I went to Office Depot, and printed out 3 of my favorite posters from the NASA Solar System and Beyond poster page, and they look ridiculously amazing! It was $1.18 for each of the 11x17 color prints and $.29 extra for the 11x17 card stock, so for $4.41 I got 3 of the prettiest posters of 3 of the coolest planets/moons in our solar system! Here are all 3 posters: And here is a better shot of the Mars poster, such amazing detail! And here's a better shot of arguably the coolest moon in our solar system, Saturn's moon Enceladus: And here's a better shot of the beautiful high resolution Moon poster: In other news, I'm also reading "The Discovery of Our Galaxy" by Charles Whitney (the Harvard professor of Astronomy who also made the Whitney's star finder). It covers the history of our evolving understanding of the Universe and our place in it from Copernicus through the early 1970's, and since it details the progress of knowledge about the components of the night sky, it's also a great resource for figuring out what interesting stellar objects are accessible to amateur astronomers with binoculars or small objective telescopes. You can pick it up at AbeBooks.com for as little as $3.70! It has great illustrations too, like this view of Tycho Brahe's observatory built on the Danish island Hven: And Kepler's garden sculpture that represented the orbital distances of the 6 innermost planets as the platonic solids circumscribed in spheres. By an extreme coincidence the ratios of the radiuses of the spheres corresponds pretty closely to the ratios of the radiuses of the planets' orbits around the sun. It's a great book!
  7. Granted, you're now 2 mm taller. With your added height you get a very real yet imperceptible increase in the distance of your subjectively viewed horizon. Your bane is that you fart loudly and uncontrollably at the most inopportune times (you have to sit on special acoustic dampening cushions at church, on dates, etc). But over time you gain mastery over your gaseous emissions, and you can modulate the frequency and pitch. So in your later years you accompany the Church Organist on Handel's Messiah, and your rendition of Ode to Joy is known to make the sensitive members of your congregation weep from the sheer beauty of your performance. I wish someone would pull the Nightwatcher's finger (Answering the deep realmatic mystery, Does her gas glow with Cultivationlight?)
  8. @Koloss17, so I had my daughter finish this up. Just as a refresher, spoilered below are PART THE FIRST and PART THE SECOND. And now, I proudly present the ridiculously amazing cartoon stylings of my daughter for: PART THE THIRD Wherein the enlivened Wig does perforce dispense a judgement most ironic (my daughter came up with the punchline too!) @The Awakened Salad turns out I had time to do your drawing after all. I proudly present to you a humble sketch of the Awakened Musical that is taking Nalthis by Storm, Spamilton. My daughter came up with "La Baguette" for Lafayette. So funny!
  9. I think you can just pick a character and let Ghander know that you want to be in a later round, there are usually four preliminary rounds, and Ghander is super nice! If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll ping you next week.
  10. I've got a pretty good idea on how to do this, I've got to get some work done now, but I'll ping you when it's ready.
  11. Awesome! Just pick a character and ping Ghanderflaffle to let them know (Ghanderflaffle's running the tournament, and doing a smashing job of it too)!
  12. The basic idea is ~16 people sign up to represent characters from Brandon's books, and in the voice of their selected character they roast the other characters represented in that round in verse, and when the round is over people vote for their favorite roast. The winner (and sometimes winners) go on to the next round and fun is had by all. The very first post in this thread explains it better than I have. As to being the Bard of the Shard, that is an honor that you have earned for your numerous brilliant parodies, and if all you had written was "Bye,Bye, Tanavast What a Guy" the appellation would still likewise be yours. Brilliant stuff!
  13. Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in... @Ghanderflaffle sign me up as Edgli, I feel some poetry Awakening in my soul. I'll see if we can't drum up some more Roasters. @Personification, the bard of the shard, do you want to participate in the Cosmere/Non-Cosmere Character Roast Tournament? It's a ton of fun. @Herowannabe, creator of Awesome Koloss emojis and prince of perspicacity, the Cosmere/Non-Cosmere Character Roast Tournament is on, wannabe a participant? @Zath, the possessor of the cutest profile picture on the shard, and poetic genius, the Cosmere/Non-Cosmere Character Roast Tournament, want to sign up? @Archer, creator of, in my humble opinion, the bests roasts ever (the annotated Allomancer Jak ones), the Cosmere/Non-Cosmere Character Roast Tournament is on, want to join up?
  14. Rad brother! I liked this idea so much I did the most involved awakened cartoon yet, here it is the Tale of Two Puns. It was the worst of puns, it was the best of puns...
  15. Rad idea, I love it! PART THE FIRST Wherein the honorable Lord Barriston Barrister doth preside with a fearsome mien of sombre solemnity, setting the stage for the hijinks to come. PART THE SECOND Wherin the honorable Judge, Lord Barriston Barrister be not privy to the fact that his stately wig hath been awakened with the command "Cause disorder in the court" Stay tuned for the exciting climax in PART THE THIRD, wherin the stately wig thus awakened will smite the gavel mightily.