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  1. Dude, I already knew this. Check out this picture I got of you: @Arith Matic, what's your new wish?
  2. Granted, unfortunately, the only way the Nightwatcher could accomplish this was by grafting your head onto @Calderis's body, right next to his head (because he freakin' knows all the WOBs, even the ones that have come out yet. I think he secretly has already made a pact with the Nightwatcher, so maybe this really is his retroactively applied boon as well). So now you know all the wobs (by extension) and you and Cal will never be lonely (and conversely you will never be alone either). I wish it would snow in Eugene Oregon.
  3. Well played, well played. Or is it? What's your wish?
  4. Granted! The Nightwatcher declares that you are now a Rock N' Roll God. I wish that were 12 more hours in the day that were set aside just for sleeping, and that these magical twelve hours for sleeping don't add up to shorten human life spans.
  5. Umm, I would totally be ok with this, but they're a little young for this right now. What's your wish?
  6. That is so good! I am a minimalist, the finished piece looks amazing, but this is my favorite stage: Your line work is really nice, and the cream white of the sketch paper looks awesome up against the violet background wash. It's really fun seeing the stages of creation on these, thanks for sharing!
  7. Granted! A wizened Karate Master takes you under his wing, and tells you that he is training you to be the best around. After 20 years of waxing cars, cleaning floors, mowing lawns, and doing other repetitive menial tasks you begin to suspect that he meant "best man servant around", not "best Karate master around". But the nightwatcher gave you a Sony walkman preloaded with a cassette with this song on it to listen to while you work: Could have been worse. I wish that my daughters liked NPR and I could listen to it in the car while I was driving them around.
  8. Granted, unfortunately your bane is that Nightwatcher has switched the functions of your mouth and your anus, but the consolation here really comes down to this wob: For reals, that's the last time the Nightwatcher (as channeled by myself) will use that horrible bane. I wish that I get a puppy for christmas.
  9. Totally agree! I hated volumes 1 and 2, but this one looks like we'll actually get to see visually what sand mastery looks like. This art looks freaking amazing, and the number of ribbons of sand actually matches the book! Drile has a ton of ribbons and Kenton has a super powerful looking single ribbon. I went from dreading this volume to actually being really excited about it! Didn't think I'd ever say this, but I am going to be pre-ordering Volume 3.
  10. Granted, the Nightwatcher hands you an 8 mb thumb-drive which you can use to store your photographs. Unfortunately, she has reversed the functions of your anus and your mouth. On the plus side you're now the poster child for logerrhea, so you have that going for you... I wish that @Rasarr's bane is one of those where he/she wakes up and realizes it was all just a bad dream.
  11. Why did the bartender ask to see the one armed Herdazian?
  12. A bright lady, a thief, and a Knight Radiant walk into a bar. And then Shallan orders a drink.
  13. Granted! As the last words of your wish leave your lips, you find yourself transported to the deck of a small dinghy. Looking around you notice that all you can see are the icy blue waters of the pacific ocean. After realizing that you are stranded in the middle of the ocean on a motor-less dinghy, you notice that a blue whale has materialized in the air, 80 feet above your head. With the 2.23 seconds of life you have left, you realize that your pain and your wait for the next book of Stormlight Archive will be of remarkably short duration. I wish that when our AI based, artificially intelligent robot overlords take over they realize that the best things Human's have done is create artwork (books, video games, paintings, etc), and as such, force all humans to live lives of ease and contemplation, while being well fed and medically taken care of, so that humanity can focus on making great artwork. I wouldn't chafe too much under that yoke.
  14. Thanks for the edifying advice @Ookla the Gray's spell checker, if I want to doom Roshar to eternal desolation I'll set up a shop where I sell items based on their mass. Dear Soft-Haired Thief, Your brother and his family and the thing that makes it easy to follow up with the platter shield on a regular basis should be able to transition to the Beyond. I'm sure that you are using the Internet behind your back to channel your savings into speculative positions in the cosmere after ascending. Best of luck with your own chains, Sincerely Google. Ok, my Google spell checker has been working hard dispensing advice, I'm going to let it ask for some advice this time. Dear Siri, Can you help me with this problem, I think there is no way to get the metal to fix the issue of my variably brilliant mind. Can you send me the most profound and amazing books ever written by a large Colonial power? Sincerely, Google Spellchecker
  15. Great advice @TwiLyghtSansSparkles's Google. Dear Frozen in Wyoming, You love the snow, but hate being cold, can you please let me know what time works best for your Sword's debts? I have a completely different computer and it is in the oven. I'm sure that you can be made to order a few days, but I now realise that I am married to a spool of string. I think this fact alone makes it easier to find humans to bind with the exception of yourself and others. Hopefully we will find a place where high school and I will survive the prick of the Odious knife. Sincerely Google. Dear Google, Christmas is my favorite time of year, but every time I hear Willy Nelson's version of Frosty the Snowman I get really sad, what should I do? Please help, Worried about Willy this yuletide.