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  1. @Toaster Retribution, I'm not Swedish, I just googled Swedish Traffic planning and saw that Sweden seemlessly switched from driving in Left hand lanes to right hand lanes in one day on "Hagen H", and was suitably impressed. I'm from the US, and I think we should a "Hagen M" day where we join the majority of the civilized world and switch to the metric system. I know all you anglophile purists will probably brand me as a Crypto-Socialist for trying to take away your pecks, bushels, hectacres, drams and hogsheads, but you can all take a 50 foot walk off of a 15 meter pier. Here are some really sad Singer forms. Waits patiently in long lines form. Usually attunes the Rythym of Easy Listening. Gets quite uncomfortable in elevators and around large axehounds form. Pretty specific form, not used very often. Can fart with their armpits form, used mostly by adolescent Singers.
  2. Is this the only form capable of this, or is this like mateform where the Singer with this form would become particularly adept at this? I could see how this would be useful if a Singer had inadvertently attuned the Rythym of Constipation. Without direct shardic intervention this form would be doomed to fail, because clearly god-like powers would be necessary to pull off the Rosharan equivalent of Högertrafikomläggningen (the day on September 3rd, 1967 when Swedish traffic switched from driving on the left-hand of the road to the right). Given the rapid pace of developments in fabrial science, this form might be essential for the future of Roshar as the Rosharans are probably not too far out from developing self driving chull carts. I think this form was first created when a Singer accidentally bonded a brochure on the proper fastening of bicycle helmets. Here are a couple of other awfully useful Singer forms: Wokform: The right arm terminates in a fire resistant steep walled carapace pan, the left arm ends in a spatula, and the Singer so bonded is given the special ability to attune the Rythym of Teppanyaki and the ability to fling edible crustaceans with extreme accuracy. Tailgate form: The Singer, after bonding an Alespren, undergoes some fairly drastic modifications to their carapace. Dual drink holder rings capable of holding two mugs of ale sprout from their head. A projection at the back of their elbow can be used as a bottle opener, and their left pinky can be used as a corkscrew. From their waist, 1 wide and 2 narrow shallow trays extend, perfect for holding chips, dip, salsa, guacamole, etc.
  3. Long time no update, but I have finished all of the Path To Ascendancy books, and they definitely are good. The character dynamic between Kellanved and Dancer is really fun. I was a bit disappointed with Dassem Ultor's backstory, but he's still a great character and his brief romance was well handled. But more importantly, I am cruising through my re-read/re-listen to Malazan Book of the Fallen. Gardens of the Moon is such an amazing book! It's crazy how much of the full story is in the first volume. I loved Deadhouse Gates the 2nd time through, it's a lot stronger book than I remember it being. Also, there's one point where Felisin is making predictions when she opens the book of Prophecy, and she makes a prediction about Karsa which I think will be played out in the Witness Trilogy (based on Erickson's statement on his website that Witness is really the consequences of Karsa's actions catching up to him). I'll edit this post later and add the exact quote, pretty interesting though. Memory of Ice, is, of course amazing, but the real reason I am posting is because of a line from House of Chains. It's when Trull and Onrack are investigating the hound statues and talking about the power behind the Edur, and Onrack is going on about how the Crippled God is either going to abandon the Edur after they are no longer useful to him or destroy them outright, and Trull says: "There is the unpleasant ring of truth to your words, Onrack". To which, Onrack replies: "I am generally unpleasant, Trull Sengar". "So I am learning", Trull replies. So good.
  4. Granted! Attached to your wrist is a steel braided cable that extends up to a mylar balloon containing your megaton of helium. The megaton of helium (1 billion kgs of it) has a volume of 5.6 billion m^3, which means that the mylar balloon you are attached to has a diameter of 2.93 miles. Unfortunately, you have precious little time to enjoy your helium as you rocket up to the airless expanse of the stratosphere attached to a balloon that's nearly twice as wide as the Golden gate bridge, and that has a lifting force capable of lifting 441 million pounds (which incidentally is enough to lift you and 100 blue whales). I wish that blue whales would start sightseeing using derigibles with glass walled, copper strutted steam-punk style conveyances.
  5. Turn back time, 300 baud modem... paying 15 dollars a month to do daily polls of message boards . Crazy. Ahhh, to pay 50 cents to transfer 3k of data, or buy 16 bit-o-honeys or 50 jolly ranchers. Here is the soundtrack of nostalgia:
  6. Awakening is the perfect art for cartoonists, and as such I think it would be nice to have a place to put cartoons about awakened items that are rendered in a cartoony manner. Cartooning is not just about the drawing, even if you aren't a cartoonist, feel free to add suggestions for what you would like to see an awakened cartoon version of. Would probably work best if you are specific, by saying something like "A Banana, awakened with the command 'Go Skinny Dipping'" or some such. To start this off here are a couple of awakened objects rendered in cartoon form: 1. Mustache: "Feed Me" 2. Match stick man: "Light the Fuse" (spoilered because it's an animated gif) 3. Glove: "Be a cutie-pie-'lil boon companion" (some of the cute things Glovey the Awakened glove does):
  7. Granted! After you make your wish a balloon shaped like a chull and obviously filled with helium drifts out from behind some foliage. Attached to the balloon by a thin string is a box that appears to made from soulcast metal leaves, cleverly joined and hinged at the top. The Nightwatcher beckons for you to take the box from the very light bringer of the box. As you open the lid, your're dazzled by the brilliant sapphire blue light pouring from the box. Your heart races in anticipation, finally a blue seed crystal will be yours! Unfortunately as your eyes adjust, you find that it is merely a small chunk of sapphire, shaped like a sesame seed that has been infused with stormlight. The Nightwatcher's luminous eyes then blaze as your bane is visited upon you. You now have puppy heads for hands and cat heads for feet. The upside is you can get puppy kisses anytime you want and mice run away in terror at your approach. I wish I had puppy breath.
  8. Interesting pairing, I would say that it comes done to a couple of things, spoilered below because it has some spoilers for Malazan Book of the Fallen (safe to read if you've read up through Toll of the Hounds) and Oathbringer spoilers. Don't know if you're Malazan obsessed or not Aon Ati, but if you like deep dives into Malazan related stuff, there's a great thread started by @Ammanas: Would be interested to see how some of the regulars on the Malazan thread think this match would go down, how about it @AngelEy3, @officiumdefunctorum, and @Orlion the Platypus?
  9. Right after you said that Warform comes with built in umbrellas, this image popped into my head. Brilliant! I also like imagining them being able to open and close their umbrellas by furrowing and unfurrowing their brows. So if you startle a singer in Warform, by sneaking up behind them and saying "Boo", their umbrella would pop open and hilarity would ensue.
  10. Great Podcast! Since this podcast covered the songs of Listing and Revision, I didn't think it was going to be that informative, but as per usual you guys had some great analysis. In honor of @Argent's penchant for homonym hilarity, here's a little picture of Warform with the built in carapace Umbrella: The Warform singer can collapse/open their carapace Umbrella using their frontalis forehead muscles, and keeps their hair and beard dry even during a High Storm. So the Singer ladies can have super dry beards...
  11. Sorry to interrupt the raging dog debate, but I have been drawing a lot of zombie squirrels, and I think this is a pretty good design for Fallen Rope, the scourge of the Court of Gods: Soon to appear in the Cosmere spinoff, The Squeaking Dead.
  12. Here's a little sketch of what is, without a doubt, the cutest thing in the Cosmere, Vasher's awakened lifeless squirrel, Fallen Rope (that's the command phrase, so might as well call this little cutie that). Awakened with the command "Run around. Make noise. Bite things which aren't me." I think Zahel would be great at kids' birthday parties.
  13. Looks great, only I think this might be Towelenel, Herald of the Beefcakes (or would that be Chullcakes?) Your Kaza drawing is amazing, some really nice line work in that one. I think it might even be my favorite of your drawings.
  14. Picking up the marble, which had but moments before flashed with a brilliant internal burst of light, the young Andy Nolsium felt the internal warmth of the marble flow back into his fingers. Once again it was just a sphere of cloudy, variegated glass, albeit now it was cracked and bitterly cold. It filled Andy with a profound sadness when he gazed into its smoky depths. With fingers still warm, Andy removed another marble from his pocket and held it close to his eye. Small specks of refracted sunlight glowed within and to him they seemed to shine like new born suns. In his mind's eye he saw matter accreting into planets around these blazing new stars. From the fertile loam of his imagination life varied and strange sprang forth, and as it had happened countless times before, the first life form that was created in awareness of it's creator was given a name and a simple task. "Hoid, see my work and know that it is good." THE END?
  15. Awesome work! It's really fun to see a Bollywood style take on SLA. The havah designs are great, and I love your stylized incorporation of the glyphs too. One thing that would be great to see is infused gems in the costume designs, I'm excited to see what else you come up with!