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  1. Hmmmm, then that would make perfect sense given the universities that are there. i feel pretty stupid for not considering that...thank you! Ha
  2. One thought I have had with ingenuity is that if it is a shard that presides over a planet wouldn't those people be by far the most advanced civilisation? i think from memory Taldain was by far the most advanced setting (at least up until the enforced isolation)? can we then assume if it is a shard then it hasn't been influencing people? In which case it probably is the shard that has hidden itself away?
  3. Yeah he's done something to pick up at least some of the allomantic powers, I wouldn't go as far as saying he's used up all the lerasium though.
  4. I'm sure in the letters Autonomy confirms that Hoid has been trespassing. It doesn't prove or disprove anything either way though. Im also not sure we have confirmation he has used the Lerasium.
  5. Has anybody put forward Iyatil as perhaps being the Kandra (or more accurately the Kandra imitating Iyatil)?
  6. Thanks all. just noticed in the Szeth interlude he talks about walking in stone and using Stormlight for illumination as being unholy, I mention it purely due to the connection above.
  7. Ok so go easy, my theories don't usually stand up to much scrutiny but during a reread of way of kings something caught my attention and I wondered if this had been brought up before and whether you guys had any thoughts. During the first vision that we see Dalinar having he asks for light and a lantern is turned on and he remarks it is primitive as it isn't powered by storm light. my understanding is that the civilisations were more advanced before a desolation and the desolations actually set them back? now if that's the case and these people did have stormlight lanterns why not use them? have they realised a connection to Odium with stormlight? was it protected seen as wasteful to use it for such a mundane purpose? or am I just wildly over thinking this? i look forward to your WOB's of theories! cheers
  8. Frost for end boss and big bad. In the traveller he was way too laid back and calm for a dragon, don't trust him
  9. Has anybody proposed The One being Ambition?
  10. Just speculation at this point I think but it seems likely.
  11. You could chop his head off and he would survive.... also need a citation on the wizened women edit: not to say that nightblood couldn't mess him up. Something that destroys/consumes on all 3 realms is pretty bad chull
  12. You really couldn’t though.
  13. Weird that Aviars exist this early in the timeline when Autonomy seems like she’s only just got involved with the planet
  14. Something sneaky bout those shin though ......