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  1. Jump over to the stormlight archive forum on the main page and it should be the 4th or 5th link down from the top
  2. please correct me if I'm wrong but, so as far as I understand it. A thunderclast is a certain type of voidspren? spren? that instead of inhabiting a parshman body inhabits a body of stone? or am I completely wrong and it's another type of fused? anyways. what I'm trying to say is that when a thunderclast is killed do they actually kill the thing that's inhabiting it or do they just kill/destroy the rock entity so that it is no longer capable of doing anything significant? So would whatever is inhabiting it be able to go and just make a new thunderclast out of the next available bit of rock or what's the go?
  3. Is it possible that we will see hemalurgy being used in roshar? imagine someone like Mr T learning of this magic and using it to further the direction of the diagram?
  4. @Leyrann thankyou for that WoB Actually makes a hole heap of sense
  5. Yeah something has to happen. What I'm trying to say is that odium is a known "enemy". Ruin was a known "enemy" to a point. As in they knew about the shard towards the end of the hero of ages. So what um trying to say is surely Brandon can't introduce something completely out of the blue to be the big bad for the stormlight archive without somehow foreshadowing or even bringing up something that might be cosmere deadly in his previous books. Now that I say that though. We still have a lot of material to wait for until all of this is complete. I could and most likely am so wrong
  6. Well to me, I don't feel like odium could /would be the main antagonist throughout the entire SA. That's just milking it. But then again I could be wrong and it could be odium or even another shard we are yet to see. Butt from what we have seen im more convinced that a shard that has previously been talked about or written about is going to start making a proper appearance. Rather than just throwing a new shard into the mix Sorry if this makes doesnt make sense but I'm a few beers deep and hope everything kinda makes sense And hey I learnt how to quote
  7. Okay. Hello everyone. I'm a long time lurker and I love reading the forums , but this is going to be my first post. I am unsure if I'm doing everything right and I don't know how to quote anything too back up my assumptions but here it goes. As we all know (another assumption here for people that haven't read everything there's to know) that SA is going to be broken up into 2 quintets with a 10-15 year gap in between. I would like to propose that autonomy is going to take over/be very influencil in the back half of the SA. To be fair I don't actually have any evidence of this but to have odium as the big bad the whole way through the complete SA arc is a big stretch. And seeing as we know that everything is going to culminate in the mistborn era4 books, I can't help but think odium will have run his chapter and a new villain will have to emerge. So on that note this is what I propose 1) odium is going to be a prevalent force throughout the rest of the cosmre books 2) Odium is shattered or taken up by a "less threatening" vessel 3) Odium is shattered and a new shard is going to come and wreck some havoc (ie autonomy) 4)autonomy comes along and just decides to go "yeah you guys are cooked, you should have done what I have done" and just sweep everyone aside with her endless avatars 5) Autonomy cruises past and sees odium either weak as a cremling and decides that she can do better or that odium is shattered and autonomy comes to fill in the void 6) Odium is shattered. Gets taken up by someone and helps the continual effort to defeat whatever big bad is prevalent in mistborn S4 I know this isn't much to go on and these are just the thoughts I had in my head. So please go large and debate, Disagree, agree and or prove me wrong.