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  1. Yep, for example by running himself through with a certain blade holding the power of a herald and becoming Roshar's first (?) and OP Inquisitor. For the record, I very much don't want that to happen, but it looks probable.
  2. Now the big question remains, what is it that he's planning to do, that will take a few books and make Shalladin shippers very pleased while all this still being resolved, but the hints for Shalladin not confirmed to be in our heads... It makes my head spin honestly. Also, still, much more than Shalladin being tossed out, it concernes me that Shallan at the end of OB is considered one capable of making any sustainable decisions.
  3. @king of nowhere It's not about him controlling those emotions. It's about the fact, that too often he simply doesn't have them. And I don't feel like he's just sane and stable either. He actually lacks some reactions a healthy person would usually have. His stability is actually not entirely normal.
  4. The thing is, there has never been much canon evidence that Adolin would get a significant arc. I think the expectations stemmed from two things mainly: murder of Sadeas and readers' sympathy for the character. My theory is, that the first will be addressed later, with more impact (hopefully, I've been looking forward to it). As for the second, having a likeable character has nothing to do with promising them a compelling arc - in fact, such characters are most usually left in the background. Adolin's arc in OB is in line with his arc in WoK and WoR - nothing more, nothing less. And if that's not enough, there's a ton of WoBs that clarify Adolin's meant to be a relatively simple, supporting character. I think Brandon was as clear about it as reasonably possible without spoilering. And still, he added those scenes for the readers' sake, just not so many so that it would become fanfiction. He didn't do that with the SKA.
  5. I kind of like Adolin as a person, but I don't like him as a character, and after OB this second part started to dominate. The fact that he doesn't get much development isn't exactly the main reason - it's ok given he's secondary/tertiary/whatever. First, I have less of a problem with Adolin than with his storyline. It annoys me how everything turns out for the best for him. He got the looks, wealth, power, relatively decent family (except for young Dalinar, obviously, but he doesn't know half of it anyway), talent and pleasant personality, and now he also got the girl, Get Out of Jail Free card and hopes for Radiance on top of it all. Even when the world is ending, his life is as bright and shiny as it gets. Given what the other characters go through, he stands out as the monument of Life Is Not Fair. The problem I have with Adolin more personally is actually connected to that. He's never bothered. He had some worries about Dalinar in WoK, and then got a moment with Sadeas, but that's pretty much it - and it's been a while. I know he's meant to light up the mood, but there are... limits. He murdered a guy? Fine with it. He needs to re-establish his place in the era of wonders? Oh, well, I guess they're awesome. A family member dies? I'll think about it later. My father is going to die? I'll worry a bit (?) but less than Kaladin. My fiancee likes another guy? Well, understandable. Oh, she doesn't? Ok then, let's get married. It makes me want to smack him upside the head to finally get some reaction.
  6. When I read your posts, I totally see how it's possible to see it either way. In-world. But what makes me sway towards the "unresolved" side is the odd mix of Brandon's attitude to writing and our reactions. One WoB that I recall is that he would never make a triangle other than with an obvious outcome. There was a poll after WoR where the predictions for Shadolin and Shalladin were 50/50. A spectacular stormup. If it was unintentional. Then, we know he pays attention to the promises made in the books. There was another WoB recently about how Shadesmar arc was tweaked because of that - it was a fairly minor thing. ASK is a much bigger one, and it turned out to be an empty bubble whose grand finale about 1/3 of people here didn't buy. It would be very easy to leave it out altogether. Or to resolve it better, adding a few lines of thoughts from the characters and building up to it gradually. So it's another spectacular stormup... If it's unintentional. One last WoB I recall at the moment is that Brandon actually took quite good care of the triangle business and was adjusting it using the beta feedback. So I find it very unlikely that he didn't see these stormups coming. Unless, of course, it's all intentional.
  7. We've had a lot of opinions and even arguments on this one. So many, that I am really curious about the one thing that in all this noise we very much still don't have: statistics. Please vote. Don't feel obliged to comment why you chose what you did (in some cases it might be better not to, especially if you have a very strong opinion on the topic). I'd like to keep it as cold and mathematical as possible in order not to discourage input from any side, but to see the full picture. I know I'm opening a can of worms, but I hope we can avoid a cremstorm until we get some results, including the voices that are usually not so loud.
  8. Challenge accepted. My current headcanon is Kwak Dong Yeon:
  9. And we got to the conclusion that this cannot be (the end). Which I stand by Haha, if any of these turns out to be a broken promise, it'd probably indeed be better if both do. For the sake of balance in both the story and discussion.
  10. Edit: you've managed to change the topic as I was typing xD but there it is: I'm a bit conflicted on this one. I hate the thought of Adolin becoming a Radiant. For three reasons. First, he already has all perks and privileges a person can have apart from Radiancy. If he gets also that, it'll be too much. Second, at this (rather late) point in the story, given current scope of the whole series and Adolin's pagetime, it's unlikely we'd get a huge Maya revival arc. If it happens, it won't be anything too long or complicated. To me, it would diminish the struggle other characters had to go through. They started really low and gradually built themselves as Radiants, and Adolin would suddenly jump on this train in the middle of the journey? Even though he doesn't even need it? I don't like it at all. Finally, Adolin's purpose is to be a non-Radiant. To provide a different perspective is one part of it. To me, another one is to show the clash of the worlds, of the one that is fading away and the one that is emerging from chaos. He's the model of what used to make a man stand on the top of the world and a contrast to the emerging caste of the troubled superhumans, who will dominate the new one. I'm quite attached to this interpretation because it puts his character in a very broad context and gives justification for Adolin's oversimplification and perfection. That said, I can't agree that nothing will happen with Maya. If not for any other reason, then for one that Brandon wouldn't leave void hints for something that many readers were looking forward to so much. It would be a strikingly malicious breach of the "fulfill promises made to the reader" principle. My theory is that we'll have a bit of mirroring of what happened to Elhokar. There were hints he would become a Lightweaver and they did pay off, even if not entirely as one might predict. He was used to make Hoid a Lightweaver and give us a tragic moment. I can see something similar happening to Adolin. He could revive his spren to pave the way for others. But if he does, I can't see him staying around to enjoy it for too long.
  11. One additional thing that strikes me in this, is how it relates to that Brandon's video about crafting romance. Apart from braided roses, the thing he recommends to do, is to take two characters who seem completely not right for each other, and then tweak it bit by bit to completely turn it over. So it's exactly that, an artist and a soldier, two different worlds... but then not really. Brandon has used it a lot in the past too. And I think Shadolin is this turned 180 degrees... I didn't remember she was different around her brothers. Time for a reread. This is interesting, they might actually be capable of noticing that she's doing it again and that it means nothing good. I would like that twist - a happy ending with a wedding and a family reunion... only to have one of these blessings undermine the other one next.
  12. I think that accepting the full truth about her mother's murder should simply be a part of her fourth ideal - including that she's not to be blamed. This fourth truth, she has spoken it, but she never came to terms with it. So I think that getting over her guilt should be an integral part of completing her progress on that stage, not a separate Ideal. The last one should be more general than that too.
  13. Ahh sorry. I'm talking about Shallan's cool stormlight maps. Might be nothing. Might be something.
  14. Because we still happen to come upon new stuff, that's why! You guys have already explained everything beautifully, I just have one more little gem to point to (sorry if someone mentioned it, I might have missed sth). When Kaladin says he only had time for utilitarian pictures, he doesn't mention his surgery folios - which must had taken a lot of his life. He specifically mentions maps for some reason, even though we never saw him using them that much. But then there's that another character that I immediately think of when someone mentions maps in the context of OB. Now I wish we saw Kaladin's reaction to one of these ahh.
  15. It's a sort of scenario that came to my mind immediately after reading some part of the sample chapters. After OB came out I discarded it... until someone spotted that Kaladin had never actually seen Veil. It's not like there were no occasions. Even when Shallan was Veil around him, she specifically never looked like her. It's so convenient and also rather against probability, that it screams intentional to me. Although the implications can get a bit... too cringy.